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The following is a list of vehicles seen and used on Total Drama and its spin-offseries.


Airplane (Transparent)

ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle)


The ATV is a red, four-wheeled vehicle with an orange and yellow flame design on the side of it. It, like the plane, is mainly driven by either Chris or Chef. It is also the first recurring vehicle to appear in the series (besides the Boat of Losers).

It debuts in Not So Happy Campers - Part 2, when Chris uses it to keep up with the scattered members of the Killer Bass, who are mainly falling behind significantly in the challenge.

Its next appearance is in X-Treme Torture, where Chris is seen casually riding on it over the course of the episode. He mainly rides it in the third challenge, where he announces that Harold had lost the challenge along with the game, for his team, whereas Lindsay won for her team.

In That's Off the Chain!, Chris rides up to the Arts and Crafts Center on it to explain the challenge to the remaining campers. Later in the episode, he is riding it alongside the starting/finish line of the race track that the campers have to race their bikes on, as he explains the second half of the task.


The ATV in front of the Arts and Crafts Center in That's Off the Chain!

The ATV's last appearance in the original season is in Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island. When Chris and Chef see that Courtney has found a wall with a fake forest backdrop on it, and starts to scale the wall, Chris tells Chef to stop her before she gets to the top. He immediately jumps onto the ATV and speeds off into the woods. However, he does not reach her in time. Instead, he is seen much later in the special, riding up to Gwen, Trent, and Leshawna and asking if they've seen Courtney go by in the hot-air balloon. As he explains the situation, Leshawna knocks him out with a log and hijacks the ATV, telling Gwen and Trent to join her, and they use it as a faster way of getting around the island. Towards the climax of the episode, the three ride into the campgrounds on the ATV, but Leshawna notices Heather and Harold also running into the campgrounds. She decides to get back at Heather for insulting her earlier that day and revs up the ATV. At the last second, Gwen and Trent jump off just before she speeds straight towards the duo. She chases them onto the Dock of Shame and they jump right into the lake. Despite this, she continues riding at full speed, crashing the ATV into the lake as well, which presumably destroys it.

The ATV is the first vehicle from the first three seasons to appear in Total Drama: Revenge of the Island, which confirms it wasn't destroyed after all in the events of Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island. In Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er!, after Jo and Lightning arrive at the finish line in first place, Chris rides up on the ATV and makes his further announcements from on top of the ATV. It is then seen again in Truth or Laser Shark, when Chris announces the first challenge.



All of the final nine contestants (minus Izzy, Leshawna, and Gwen) on their bikes.

In That's Off the Chain!, the nine remaining campers need to build bikes for a motocross race. Leshawna decides to hitch a ride on Izzy's bike to avoid building her own, but Izzy goes crazy and ends up driving both of them all over the island for the whole episode, thus missing the challenge (and inadvertently giving the two immunity for the episode). At the end of the episode, they were seen riding off a cliff and crashing into the lake. The other seven all competed in the race and switch their bikes, with the following results: Geoff getting Gwen's bike, Owen getting Duncan's bike, DJ getting Geoff's bike, Duncan getting Lindsay's bike, Lindsay getting Heather's bike, Gwen getting Owen's bike, and Heather getting DJ's bike. Eventually, Geoff's, DJ's, and Gwen's bikes all crash in a massive pile-up, leaving the other four bikes to reach the finish line and move onto the invincibility race; the last one to finish the race in this second stage was eliminated. These four were Owen's bike, a simple tricycle with large tires, Duncan's, a motorized bike with a skull on it, Lindsay's, a simple bike with a pink pony head, and Heather's, another motorized bike which was also built by Lindsay. During the race, both Owen's and Duncan's bikes are destroyed. The remaining two bikes were still intact and crossed the finish line, but were presumably dismantled afterwards, since their usefulness had ended, and they were never seen again.

Two seasons later, in Total Drama World Tour, the bicycles were featured prominently in the first half of the challenge in Chinese Fake-Out. It was one of several modes of transportation that the final seven contestants could use in the race along the Great Wall of China. There were two different bicycles: A regular bicycle, and a tricycle. The bicycle was chosen by Duncan, who managed to tie for first in the race alongside Alejandro. The tricycle was chosen by Courtney, who rode over a pack of dynamite on it, which destroyed the tricycle and thus caused her to lose the race, thus being unable to compete in the next round. A bicycle is briefly seen one final time in Planes, Trains, and Hot Air Mobiles. After the Total Drama Jumbo Jet was accidentally blown up by Sierra, she and Cody were rummaging through the remains of the first-class area. While there, Cody pulled out a bicycle with a green body and several rust stains on it. He thought that perhaps he could use it to get to Tijuana Beach, Mexico, but the front tire suddenly fell off at that moment, and he tossed it away. These two bicycles bore no resemblance to any of the first eight bikes seen in the first season, and had a much simpler and more commonly-seen design.

Boat of Losers


Dirtbags Bus


Chris's green boat


Chris declares a musical number while riding on his green boat.

Chris's green boat is a boat that is identical to the original Boat of Losers except for the fact that it is green. Its first appearance was in Newf Kids on the Rock, when Chris first pulled up alongside the entire cast after they had been pushed out of the Jet and into the ocean by Chef. He explained their new destination to the cast, as well as their first challenge. Before riding off, he started off the musical number.

Its second appearance was in Niagara Brawls. When Chris explained the tightrope-walk challenge, he pointed out the number one danger for those who fell off the rope: The boat was in the area at the base of the Falls, beneath the tightrope that the contestants had to walk across, with sharks circling around it, and two sharks actually in the boat, driving it. At the end of the episode, after Duncan and Courtney won the challenge, the three other couples were seen in the water, swimming for their lives to get away from the approaching sharks.

Its third and final appearance was in Hawaiian Punch, where it did not appear until the very end of the episode. After the winner had been decided and the entire cast barely managed to escape the erupting volcano, Chris, along with Chef, stood on the boat as it floated in the water and attempted to sign off the season. However, before he could finish, Ezekiel (who had fallen into the volcano earlier) was suddenly shot out of the volcano at high-speed and flew screaming right through the deck of the boat, creating a hole in the bottom that caused it to sink rather rapidly and taking Chris and Chef with it, with the entire cast laughing as it did.

Chris's jetpack


Chris using his jetpack.

Chris's jetpack is commonly seen throughout the fourth and fifth seasons as Chris's major mode of transportation throughout the season, and also has one appearance in the third season. It has two yellow tanks on the back with flames shooting out the bottom, plus two long gray bars sticking out the sides with flames shooting out the ends of each. There are also several more bars acting as a harness around Chris's body, plus two black handles in the front for him to grab onto, with a red button on top of each handle for acceleration. Occasionally, whenever flying with the jetpack, Chris wears a red and white helmet with a red visor, and red gloves on his hands. A different jetpack also makes an appearance in the third season.

Chris's jetpack first appears in The EX-Files, in which he uses it to hover over the minefield upon which Team Amazon is trapped. He teases them and orders them to sing before getting shot at by lasers and promptly flies away

Chris's jetpack next appears in the opening sequence of the fourth season, in which Chris hovers over Dakota on the Jetpack and dumps a bucket of water on her to ruin her photoshoot. His burst of fire from the Jetpack then transitions the scene from day to night.

Chris's jetpack appears next in Ice Ice Baby, where he uses it to fly up to the top of Mount Looming Tragedy and announce that the Toxic Rats have won the challenge.

The jetpack reappears in Runaway Model, in which Chris uses it to make a dramatic entrance into the Amphitheater before explaining the day's challenge to the contestants. Later, the Sasquatchanakwa, after kidnapping Lindsay, takes Chris's Jetpack and uses it to fly off to Boney Island with her. At the end of the episode, Chris uses his jetpack to fly up to the top of the scaffolding and announce that the Mutant Maggots have won.

Up, Up And Away In My Pitiful Balloon (14)

Heather is strapped onto the jetpack.

The jetpack reappears in Up, Up And Away In My Pitiful Balloon, when Chef shoved it onto Heather and promptly had her demonstrate the first part of the challenge: Flying through flaming hoops. This revealed that the Jet Pack can also be remotely controlled in addition to being flown manually. After it ran out of fuel and crashed to the ground, it deployed a parachute. It appeared once more at the end of the episode, with Chris once again sporting the helmet and red gloves as he rode it, when he flew up to Lightning as he fell from the sky and took the million dollar briefcase from him.

The jetpack reappears at the very end of Eat, Puke and Be Wary, when Chris drops in on the Dock of Shame with the Jetpack, once again wearing the gloves and helmet, to watch Scott take the Hurl of Shame.

The jetpack reappears in Heroes vs. Villains, where Chris uses it to gain an aerial view of the contestants during the challenge so he can give them updates as to who is in the lead. 

The jetpack appears again in You Regatta Be Kidding Me, once again used by Chris to gain an aerial view of the contestants during the challenge so he can give them updates as to who is in the lead during the boat race.

The jetpack appears once again in The Final Wreck-ening, where Chris uses it during the final challenge to scold them for all their hugging and kissing before changing it so that anyone who can get to the million dollars wins the season. He later uses it to scold Chef for his poor aim with the spaghetti gun before Chef shoots him with it.

Chris's jetpack appears yet again in So, Uh This Is My Team?, where it is used by Chris to survey the building of Pimâpotew Kinosewak and Waneyihtam Maskwak's shelters. He also uses it to stay clear of the herd of moose he unleashes onto the teams to see if their shelter manages to stay standing.

Newfoundland chris has an epic jetpack

Chris's first jetpack, as seen in Newf Kids on the Rock.

In addition to his usual jetpack seen in the fourth and fifth seasons, Chris owns another jetpack, which was seen exclusively in Newf Kids on the Rock, when Chris used it to rocket down to shore to congratulate Team Victory on coming in first in the boat race. In contrast to his second, more brightly-colored jetpack, this jetpack has a darker color scheme, with its main colors being black, dark gray, and orange. However, its overall design is the same as the second one. 

Civilian train

Heather and french girl

Heather and a passangar on the train.

The civilian train was another train that appeared and served a key role in Planes, Trains, and Hot Air Mobiles. Heather, while trying to find a fast and effective way to get to Mexico, stumbled upon the train station and the soon-to-depart train. She quickly boarded it, and discovered, to her satisfaction, that it was embarking on a non-stop trip to Mexico. However, both Alejandro and a now-feral and rabid Ezekiel ended up on the same train just as it departed, and this resulted in a rather epic Mexican Standoff, with Ezekiel and Alejandro both fighting against Heather. The fight spread quickly from inside the car, where Ezekiel chased Heather up to the door before vanishing. Heather and Alejandro then started to fight on the roof of the cars, with Alejandro attempting to disconnect the coupling between his car and Heather’s car with his belt. Eventually, Heather managed to knock Alejandro off the train and climbed back inside, only for Ezekiel to reappear and, after a brief fight, throw her out a window as well. Although Ezekiel did not appear again for the rest of the episode, it is presumed that the train was how Ezekiel managed to get to Hawaii, and thus appear in the finale. The presence of the train in this episode was one of the contributing factors to the title of the episode.

The train appears once again in None Down, Eighteen to Go - Part 1 when some teams travel by a train to the first location.

Golf cart and trailer


TDA039 402 T1

The Screaming Gaffers' go-kart in Ocean's Eight - Or Nine.

The go-karts were featured in Ocean's Eight - Or Nine, as they were part of the third and final part of the episode's challenge. The two teams had to build their own go-karts out of scratch, and then race them down the replica of the 1,000-foot cliff and cross the finish line first.

While the Gaffers were able to build a successful go-kart and get a strong head-start, the Grips had a much harder time, and basically had to hold their pieces together and run them down the mountain. At one point, the Gaffers' engine stalled, and the Grips passed them. Just when it seemed that the Grips were about to win, their go-kart suddenly fell apart, and the Gaffers were able to push their disabled go-kart over the finish line and win the challenge.

Some smaller, more modified versions of the go-karts appeared in Total Drama: Revenge of the Island in the episode Grand Chef Auto. These go-karts, being smaller, fit only one person, and are a plainer light gray color. For the second and final part of the challenge, the final six contestants had to get a go-kart and race to three locations across the island, tagging each one with spray paint.

Mike is blackmailed by Scott to tow his ruined go-kart in Grand Chef Auto.

Four of the go-karts - the ones picked by Cameron, Zoey, Mike, and Lightning - operated perfectly, while Jo's go-kart was repeatedly halting, moving forward, then halting again. The sixth go-kart was a gold one that was picked by Scott, who, having found a large golden key that he assumed went with the kart, believed that the golden go-kart was the best. However, he found that the first two wheels had been removed and replaced with cinder blocks. He managed to get this go-kart moving from location to location by having Mike tow it behind his own go-kart.



Leshawna's trailer


Dwayne rickshaw

Dwayne carries Junior in the Rickshaw.

The rickshaw was one of the main modes of transportation for the contestants in the Great Wall Race in Chinese Fake-Out. Unlike all the other vehicles, this vehicle's only appearance was in this episode alone. It was chosen by Blaineley, who, due to being too lazy to try to win by herself, simply sat in it and waited, appearing to let all of the other contestants get a significant lead ahead of her. However, due to an an alliance she had with Chef Hatchet, Chef pulled the Rickshaw for her, and managed to get her across the finish line first, long ahead all of the others.

The rickshaw also appears in New Beijinging, where one team's member had to pull it to the great wall of China. The Sisters and Reality TV Pros share a rickshaw after the Sisters' rickshaw breaks.



In Not Quite Famous, Geoff was shown to own a skateboard, which was pink with yellow stripes on it. His talent was doing multiple tricks with it, which earned him a spot in the talent show for the Killer Bass, alongside Courtney and DJ. However, just as he was supposed to go on for the final act by the Bass, he tried a quick practice jump and landed on the skateboard too hard, breaking it clean in half. As a result of this, Harold was selected to be his replacement, which ended up winning the task for the Killer Bass.

Al jumping yea..

Alejandro skateboarding down the Great Wall of China in Chinese Fake-Out.

In Total Drama Action, Chris lies to castmates by telling them that Owen could not compete in that day's challenge due to being punished, claiming Owen snuck out to go skateboarding in Crouching Courtney, Hidden Owen. In Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special, an intern is seen riding an orange and yellow-striped skateboard all the way to Ezekiel's home on the farm to get an interview with him for Celebrity Manhunt.

In Total Drama World Tour, a skateboard was one of the prominently featured modes of transportation for the contestants in the race on the Great Wall of China in Chinese Fake-Out. Alejandro chooses the skateboard, which was also orange with yellow stripes, and managed to tie for first in the race, alongside Duncan on his bicycle.

In You Regatta Be Kidding Me, Chester, who has been forced by Mal to sell skateboards inside Mike's subconscious, is holding a purple skateboard. Mike smashes Chester's chain with the skateboard and sets him free.


A military tank makes it appearance in Inglorious Toddlers


CARE1008271500006406 004 1280x720

The available taxis in A Million Ways to Lose a Million Dollars.

The taxies play an important role in the spin-off, Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race, and appear in several episodes as one of the most frequent forms of between locations.

In A Million Ways to Lose a Million Dollars, teams have to drive taxis themselves through the streets of New York City, as part of the challenge. The final three teams end up crashing their taxis at some point, due to another team colliding with them.

Total Drama Jumbo Jet




The train was the main vehicle featured in Get a Clue. It consists of the engine and two cars. Also, unlike most other vehicles, it actually appears to be in normal condition, and is not a cheesy mock-up of a real train, but is seen to be a perfectly real and operational train running on a seemingly-endless line of track. In the second half of the episode, the final five castmates (Duncan, Beth, Courtney, Harold, and Lindsay) were supposedly being treated with the reward of a first-class dinner on the rear car of the train while it was in motion. However, it went horribly wrong when all the lights on the train suddenly blacked out, and Chris was heard apparently resisting someone, then screaming. When the lights came back on, Chris was lying dead on the floor.

TDA046 195.01 T1

The train that the castmates were stuck inside in Get a Clue.

After realizing the situation they were in, the castmates' (particularly Courtney's) main concern was to get off the train. At Harold's suggestion, Beth attempted to phone the engineer, but she said that the line was dead. Courtney initially believed that it wasn't even real, and was simply on a rig to make it bounce and rattle like it was moving, and that the passing objects and scenery seen out the windows were simply holographic images. Courtney attempted to get Duncan to prove this true, and had him climb up through a hatch in the ceiling so that he could escape and go look for Chef, a producer, or any staff member who could help them. However, just as he climbed out, the train passed right through a tunnel, which knocked him right back into the train. Duncan was able to convince them that it was, in fact, a real train. Their new main concern was to stop the train. They attempted to throw random objects through a trapdoor they found in the floor so that they would get caught in the wheels and derail the train. However, everything they threw was completely destroyed, and did not stop the train.

Courtney told Duncan to check the other car to see if there was anyone else on the train with them. He did so, and presumably searched the engine as well, but when he came back, he told them that they were truly alone on the train. Eventually, Lindsay figured out that Courtney was the one who murdered Chris, and the real Chris (who, obviously, was not really dead) came into the car at that moment to declare that Lindsay had won the challenge, due to being the first to solve the mystery of his so-called murder. After this, it is presumed that the train was finally brought to a stop to allow the castmates and Chris to get off.

Darjeeling express

A view of the Darjeeling express.

The Darjeeling Express that appears in Darjeel With It is a train that transports animals and there's a different animal in every second cart including a bull, chickens and a goat. The teams need to get to the front kart and pass through the train. The Sisters and then Best Friends decide to jump over the karts instead of through them. The Ice Dancers unleash the front kart from the others but the Sisters and Best Friends still manage to jump to the front one.

White jeep


Chris and Chef ride up to Alejandro and Heather in the White Jeep.

The white jeep is an open roof, four-wheel drive vehicle primarily driven by Chef from Total Drama World Tour onwards.

The White Jeep was featured briefly in African Lying Safari. It was a short, simple Jeep with many noticeable grease and/or rust stains all over it, as well as various pieces of equipment (such as a shovel) attached to it. After Alejandro successfully captured Ezekiel, Chris and Chef rode up to him and Heather in the Jeep so that the former could officially announce Alejandro's win. The entire remaining cast then (off-screen) climbed into the Jeep to race back to the Jumbo Jet and take off before Ezekiel woke up, as Chris was desperate to get rid of him. Despite this, Ezekiel still managed to get in.

The White Jeep appeared again in Total Drama: Revenge of the Island. Its first appearance was in Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er!, when the paparazzi arrived and attempted to get photographs of Dakota for the second time. The four photographers were in the White Jeep taking pictures of Dakota when Chris cut down a massive tree that dropped between Dakota and the photographers, blocking their view.

In Ice Ice Baby, the white jeep appeared again when Chris explained the first part of the challenge, although neither he or Chef were actually seen using it.

The White Jeep appeared in Grand Chef Auto, when Chris and Chef drove up to the totem pole first to declare the winner, until Chris realized that everyone was gone. They then sped off towards Mount Chrismore shortly before it was blown up by Duncan.

The Jeep reappeared once more in Eat, Puke and Be Wary, after the first part of the challenge was complete. Chef explained the entire second half of the challenge while sitting in the Jeep, and he used the Jeep to travel around the island and hunt down the final four, most prominently when he used it to corner Zoey and shoot her off a cliff. Eventually, he drove the Jeep right through a tripwire set up by Zoey, which caused a massive log to swing down and knock the Jeep right out from under Chef.

The Jeep returned in Heroes vs. Villains, when it was driven by an intern and used to drive Chris to the base of the 1,000-foot cliff for the beginning of the first challenge.

It also appeared in The Bold and the Booty-ful, where Chef uses it to bring Gwen back from Boney Island.

The Jeep reappears in A Blast from the Past, where Chef drives off in it to search for Shawn. He later tosses Shawn into it once he finds him.

In My Way or Zimbabwe, the teams must drive the jeeps to Victoria Falls. After the Cadets angered Stephanie, she drives her and Ryan's jeep off the road which ends up getting them get to second place.

Wooden rafts

The wooden rafts appeared in The Treasure Island of Dr. McLean, when the two teams awoke in the middle of the lake. Both rafts were of a simple design, simply consisting of logs tied together with a single mast and sail bearing each team's respective logo. When they were given their first challenge - making it to the beach first - Lightning used the Rats' mast to row while Jo got in the water and kicked. Sharing this idea, Mike, Cameron, and Scott all started kicking for the Maggots as well until they were attacked by Fang. At the same time, the Rats were attacked by a giant squid and lifted off their raft, which disappeared shortly afterwards. Soon, the Maggots were attacked by the same squid, and Cameron tricked it into slamming the raft with a tentacle, flipping all five members of the team to the beach first. The Maggots' raft wasn't seen again after this, and was presumably destroyed by the squid.


Cameron, Duncan, Scott and Zoey share a raft.

A third, similar wooden raft appears in Total Drama All-Stars, in the episode You Regatta Be Kidding Me. After the two speedboats are taken by Alejandro, then Gwen and Courtney (respectively), three more were destroyed by Mal and a fourth taken by him, the only one left was the small wooden raft. Thus, the remaining four contestants - Scott, Duncan, Cameron, and Zoey - all had to use the wooden raft, which was easily the slowest vehicle. As expected, they came in last place in the challenge.

The teams need to build a raft and sail it to the Don Box in Shawshank Ridonc-tion. The Best Friends sail fast and get in first place, while the Ice Dancers and Cadets sail neck-in-neck and Josee eventually hits the Cadets off the raft and get before them to the Chill Zone.


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The contestants are introduced and arrive to Camp Wawanakwa through a yacht in Not So Happy Campers - Part 1.

A luxurious yacht appeared in Brunch of Disgustingness to take DJ, Duncan, Geoff, Owen, and Trent to their five-star spa resort as an reward. In the following episode, the yacht returns the five contestants and a second one carries Eva, who returns to the competition.

Yacht with new cast

The yacht with the new cast.

Another two massive, luxurious yachts appeared in Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er!; one being colored red and white, the other plain white. The red and white one first appeared when the original cast is revealed, where many of them are dancing or otherwise celebrating the new season, only to find out that they are not competing in the new season as their yacht speeds right past the Dock of Shame. Chris then introduces the new cast, who are riding on a similar yacht as it pulls up to the Dock. However, Chris detonates a bomb on the underside of the yacht that blows it up and forces the entire cast to swim to shore.

A different yacht, claimed to be owned by the Prince of Monaco, appeared in Mediterranean Homesick Blues, in order to bring the Fashion Bloggers to the next challenge.

Yellow raft

Jo and Zoey on raft

Jo and Zoey on the raft.

The yellow raft was a poorly-maintained, barely-floating raft that first appeared in Backstabbers Ahoy! It was given to the team that lost the first part of the challenge, and was equipped with a seagull cannon, a wooden steering wheel, and a crudely-attached outboard motor. It was much slower than the Speedboat and performed poorly in the challenge, eventually crashing on the rocks after Zoey lost control.

The yellow raft also appeared in You Regatta Be Kidding Me as a possible vehicle to be used by the contestants. Although Chris already warned of it being one of the few boats that was in danger of sinking easily, it was destroyed when Mal unscrewed the air tube and sent it flying away, eventually deflating off-screen.

Several non-motorized versions reappear in My Way or Zimbabwe, where each team must paddle one down the falls for them to take a selfie and later use it to go to Zambezi National Park.

Prop vehicles

These are all "vehicles" that appeared in the series that were actually just props, and technically not really capable of going anywhere.

Fake airplane


Izzy prepares to jump off the Fake Airplane in Full Metal Drama.

The fake airplane appeared in Full Metal Drama, where it was the centerpiece of the first part of the challenge: Jump out of the plane just like World War I paratroopers. While most of the cast was initially reluctant to do it in the first place, they were even more frightened when Chris threw the box of parachutes out the door. Ironically, Izzy (who might have conquered her fear of flying the first time) was the first to do it, saying that there was only one way out. Owen was motivated to go next when Chris threw a corned beef smoothie out the door, and Owen immediately jumped after it. While none of the other castmates willingly did it, the rapid change of weight after Owen jumped out caused the plane to slant to one side, and everyone slid right out the door. It was then revealed that they all landed on a giant mattress, and the "Plane" was just a prop within a studio that was barely off the ground.

In Get a Clue, the plane is briefly referred to by Courtney, when she sees that she could only watch the others jump out of the plane, wishing that she was in the competition with them. She referred to the fact that the plane was fake to try to convince them that the train they were stuck on was also fake, even though it was proven that it wasn't.



The final five sleep inside the Spaceship.

The spaceship in 2008: A Space Owen had a role similar to the Fake Airplane in Full Metal Drama; it was the setting of the first part of the challenge. The final five castmates had to spend the night in a space simulation rollercoaster, which was a replica of a typical spaceship on a track that would ride around so fast, they would be suspended in mid-air just like zero gravity. While things initially seemed to go along smoothly, Owen still had an obligation to fulfill to cause drama. Thus, he took Harold's pair of nunchuks from home, which floated by him at that moment, and used them to break open a nearby window. The uncontrolled decompression started sucking everything out of the ship, including their oxygen. An alarm came on, and Chris told them that they had to plug the hole and stop the ship. Beth and Courtney, at that time in an alliance, looked at Owen, still hovering near the window. They used Owen to plug the hole, while Duncan threw Harold over to the control board so that he could grab the main joystick and stop the ship.



The Screaming Gaffers inside the Submarine after finding out about Leshawna's deception.

The submarines were two identical sets built like submarines for the second and final part of the challenge in Masters of Disasters. The two teams were locked inside the Submarines, which then began filling with water. It is inside these Submarines that a very crucial scene takes place: The Gaffers find out that Leshawna had faked her crying in One Flu Over the Cuckoos just to win the reward. In both Submarines, there were two exits in the form of metal tubes: One in the ceiling and one in the floor. However, on both Submarines, the top tubes were proven to be booby-traps, as the one in the Gaffers' Submarine was filled with fire and the one in the Grips' Submarine had a shark in it. Thus, the bottom tubes were the escape route. While the Grips were given the combination to the dial on the bottom tube, Justin and Lindsay fought over it and eventually ended up dropping it into the water, which washed the ink off and ruined it. Eventually, just as it seemed that the entire cast was actually about to drown, Harold managed to open the bottom tube by using several straws as a snorkel and a stethoscope to listen for the vibrations as he turned the dial. Upon opening it, he drained all of the water out of both Submarines and saved the entire cast, not to mention also winning the challenge for the Gaffers.


  • Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island features the most recurring vehicles, with four: The yellow airplane, the ATV, a canoe, and the hot-air balloon. Noticeably, three of these vehicles (the plane, the ATV, and the balloon) are destroyed by the end of the episode.
  • It is worth noting that all of the vehicles that are often used by the contestants (including the plane, the canoe, and the go-karts) are the ones in poor condition. However, all of the vehicles owned and used by Chris and Chef themselves (such as the ATV, the jet-ski, and the golf cart/trailer) are in fine condition.
  • The train seen in None Down, Eighteen to Go - Part 1 is a reference to commuter train railroad GO Transit in Ontario, Canada.


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