Loki is a black bunny adopted by the Goths and is unofficially dubbed by Don as the third member of their team.

Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race

Loki pops out

Loki, before being adopted by the Goths.

In Down and Outback, Ennui uses his ability to attract animals so he can easily capture ten bunnies for his team. Though he usually dislikes cute animals, he takes a liking towards a black bunny after realizing the destructive capabilities of his species on the Australian environment. After the challenge, he later decides to keep the bunny, giving him heavy Gothic makeup and names him after the Norse god of mischief and chaos; Loki.

Loki is shown to have aggressive traits, growling at almost anyone other than the Goths, due to being quite fond of the latter. He prefers to cling onto Ennui's shoulders, though he is sometimes seen inside his shirt. Loki proves to be useful in several challenges, as he helps Ennui and Crimson locate a ring hidden under a pile of snow in Lord of the Ring Toss.

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Ennui links with Loki.

In Got Venom, despite the Ice Dancers attempting to sabotage Crimson and Ennui by getting rid of Loki, he decides to stay with his owners. After "linking" with Ennui, he comes up with a plan to collect a Komodo dragon's venom. At the top of a tree, Loki attracts the attention of a Komodo dragon and lets it drip its saliva into a bucket, winning the challenge for his owners. In the second challenge, Loki quickly helps the Goths locate their rug and securing them a first place win.

Loki the hero

Loki jumps to the lion's mouth.

In Dude Buggies, Loki jumps into a lion's mouth during the magic challenge. However, Ennui manages to pull him out safely. The magician overseeing the challenge is impressed by this and lets the Goths pass, allowing them to reach the Chill Zone first.

In El Bunny Supremo, Loki is stolen by the Ice Dancers and is hostile towards them during his capture. The Goths are very distraught upon Loki's absence, especially Ennui. Upon realizing Loki's absence, the Goths subsequently stop performing in the challenge and desperately look for him. He eventually breaks free from Jacques and scares the Ice Dancers' burros away, as he hops away and rides the burro back to the Goths. This delay causes the Goths' elimination, which pleases the Ice Dancers, until Loki makes a cut-throat gesture at them, very much to their horror.

Loki is last seen in A Million Ways to Lose a Million Dollars, watching the final outcome of the race with his owners, and is also seen sticking from Ennui's shirt during the final group photo.


  • Loki is the third bunny to be adopted by a contestant, the others being DJ's bunnies.
  • Loki's connection to destruction is associated with the concept of rabbits as an invasive species in Australia, where they are not native.
  • As mentioned by Crimson, Loki is named after the Norse God of Mischief.