The eight teams head to the Arctic Circle to play ring toss with narwhals and to build an igloo. Someone has confidence issues with the initial challenge, further aggravated by another who tries to make them lose, but the confidence of their partner allows their team to continue their winning streak. Meanwhile, one who has become tired of a partner ends up making a shocking move that hurts both of them, throwing them from leading to last place in a non-elimination round.


Bf goths

Devin reaches yet another next stage of heartbreak: depression.

The teams must fly via Cessna to the Arctic Circle to find their next challenge. While the Surfer Dudes are excited about being in the lead, the Daters play the blame game with one another, over their placement in the previous episode. Meanwhile, Carrie deals with Devin entering the next stage of heartbreak, depression. The first plane lands in the Arctic Circle, where the teams must now compete in a Botch or Watch, which involves finding rings in the snow and tossing them to the narwhals. If a team manages to get one of the rings onto the horn of the narwhal, they can move onto the next challenge. 

Ice dancers surfer

The Ice Dancers try to manipulate Geoff.

The Daters manage to get a boomerang and further their lead after Ryan manages to ring one of the narwhals on his second try. While Geoff struggles with the ring toss, more teams arrive at the challenge and manage to find their rings, with Ennui's connection with animals helping him ring a narwhal (it was just pure luck). The Ice Dancers taunt Geoff about his performance in the challenge, making him feel bad. Meanwhile, the Daters arrive at the location of their next tip, where they start bickering over using the boomerang, causing the Goths to take the lead. The next challenge is an All-In which involves sawing out blocks of ice from the ground and assembling an igloo with them.


Stephanie boomerangs her own partner.

After Ryan greatly annoys her, Stephanie ends up using the boomerang on him, shocking him because they are on the same team. Don arrives, and after confirming there is no rule against a team boomeranging themselves, he allows it. He adds that Stephanie will have to do the Botch or Watch this time, sending them both back to the previous challenge. Crimson and Ennui are impressed, saying that the Daters boomeranging themselves is very dark. The Ice Dancers' plan to manipulate the Surfers backfires after they share an emotional moment and Brody's motivation helps Geoff ring a narwhal. As more teams start the next challenge, the Daters and Cadets struggle to finish the ring toss due to Sanders and Stephanie's inability to ring a narwhal. The teams start building their igloos, with the Goths eventually trying to hollow out the snow due to the ice blocks melting before they can assemble them. Josee manipulates Geoff into believing that Brody is upset with him, which makes him speed up his assembling and results in their igloo falling apart. Devin offers an alliance to the Goths, who decline due to a dislike for Carrie's quirky and optimistic personality. The Surfers console one another about their performance. This new optimism helps them assemble the igloo, much to the Ice Dancers' anger.

Cadets complete daters

After the Cadets make it to the chill zone, Don announces it was a non-elimination round.

After numerous tries, Stephanie finally manages to ring a narwhal and takes a snowmobile to the next challenge, leaving Ryan to run after her. While the Ice Dancers and Surfer Dudes battle it out for first place, the Police Cadets are still stuck on a block of ice, but a narwhal starts pushing it, helping them pick up speed. The Surfers are the first team to reach the Chill Zone, which results in Brody crying happily and hugging his partner and Don. They reveal that they now know of the Ice Dancers' tactics, but vow to play the game fairly. As more teams finish assembling their igloos and check in at the Chill Zone, the race is on between the Cadets and Daters, but their teamwork gives the Cadets the upper hand with the challenge. To speed things up, the teams are allowed to race by snowmobile to the Chill Zone and due to a mishap involving a giant ball of snow, the Cadets secure seventh place. The Daters arrive in last place but Don reveals that it is a non-elimination round, much to their relief. However, their reconciliation doesn't last long before they start arguing again.


Voice actor Role(s)
Terry McGurrin Don
Scott McCord Brody/Jacques/Owen
Kristin Fairlie Carrie
Stacey DePass Crimson/Emma
Jeff Geddis Devin
Carter Hayden Ennui/Noah
Dan Petronijevic Geoff
Julie Lemieux Josee
Stephanie Anne Mills Kitty
Evany Rosen MacArthur
Joseph Motiki Ryan
Nicole Stamp Sanders
Nicki Burke Stephanie

Still in the running

Tennis Rivals
Fashion Bloggers
Mother & Daugther
Adversity Twins
Father & Son
Best Friends
Ice Dancers
Police Cadets
Reality TV Pros
Surfer Dudes





  • The title is a reference to the Lord of the Rings franchise.
  • The reference to a living snowman living at the Arctic Circle with Santa Claus refers to the interpretation of Frosty the Snowman from the 1969 Rankin-Bass Christmas special.


  • Brody says two teams are ahead of him and Geoff, even though there are actually three: Daters, Goths, and the Reality TV Pros.
  • The sleeves on Geoff's jacket disappear after he tosses a ring on a baby seal.
  • Ryan's leggings disappear after Stephanie fails to throw her first ring.
  • After Josee ruins the snowman "Chilly Billy", the top hat that the snowman was wearing appears tattered, but when Don screams at the sky over the snowman's destruction, the top hat is intact.
    • When the Police Cadets and Daters arrive at the chill zone, the top hat appears tattered again.


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