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Valentina "MacArthur" Escobar is a supporting character in Total DramaRama who takes up different jobs in every episode she appears in.


Like her original counterpart, MacArthur is a loud and brash woman who takes her job seriously. Depending on the episode, she is either fond of the kids or find them annoying.

Total DramaRama

MacArthur first appears in Duck Duck Juice as an employee at a juice shop. She appears to be tired of serving the Rainbow Pegasus Juice Mix to customers, as the juice machine makes a mess each time a drink is served. MacArthur begs Duncan and Courtney not to order the juice; however, unfortunately it is exactly what they wanted. Reluctantly, MacArthur makes the juice and serves it to them, declaring that she hates her life moments after they leave.

In Cluckwork Orange, MacArthur is now the zookeeper at a mobile petting zoo. During a visit to the daycare, she first demonstrates to the kids on how to milk a bear before letting them play with the animals. She also warns them about the chicken she has, as it is highly aggressive. Once it is time to leave, MacArthur orders the animals to return to the truck. She then hands them hand sanitizer to clean themselves before driving off. Unbeknownst to her, two animals are left behind; the chicken and an alligator.

In The Date, MacArthur appears as a pizza delivery woman, sending pizzas to the daycare when Chef receives gifts from his secret admirer.

In Cone in 60 Seconds, MacArthur is now an ice cream truck driver. She parks her truck at the daycare and departs at 2 o'clock for her next destination at the park. Owen spends an entire day making two dollars in order to buy a chocolate ice cream cone from her. By the time he is about to pay for the cone, MacArthur leaves after noticing that it is 2 o'clock. On the way to the park, she gets held up by what appears to be a traffic accident. While waiting for the traffic to clear, she is chased by the kids but she manages to escape from them. As she is about to reach the park, a cat on a skateboard is appears and slashes one of her her tires as it passes by. The kids finally catch up to her and she reluctantly gives Owen the ice cream cone before driving away with a flat tire.

At the end of That's a Wrap, MacArthur, as a hot dog vendor, serves a hot dog to a mummy paid by Duncan as punishment for his prank, but her job as a hot dog vendor appears the same in Duncan Disorderly when Duncan asked her for a link of sausages at the zoo.

In Not Without My Fudgy Lumps, MacArthur also appears as a chiropractor.

Later in There Are No Hoppy Endings, MacArthur, as a delivery woman, delivers the mittens to Chef when he realized it was snowing on Easter.

In The Price of Advice, she works as a construction worker.


Total DramaRama season 1

Total DramaRama season 2


  • Unlike most characters, MacArthur is actually older than her original self during Ridonculous Race, since she mentions in Robo Teacher that she has kids at home.
  • MacArthur mentions in Dude Buggies that Jen Masterson used to be her babysitter, indicating that she is younger than the main cast of 6teen. In this continuity, she is older than them.


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