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Become my sidekick

Max deems Scarlett "un-useless" and takes her on-board as his sidekick, much to her chagrin.

As a self-proclaimed "evil genius", Max sees himself as the one with the brains and the skills to win, but most of his inventions and ideas turn out to be busts. However, when he is placed on Pimâpotew Kinosewak, he ends up encountering a true genius in the form of Scarlett. Using her scientific knowledge, she works together with Max to help him succeed; however this partnership soon gains tension as Max's incompetence begins to greatly anger Scarlett. As the season continues, Max constantly refers to Scarlett as merely his "sidekick", and she eventually grows a huge animosity towards him due to the lack of respect Max has towards her. In Scarlett Fever, Scarlett is revealed to not only be a genius, but an evil genius; willing to sacrifice Max, the cast, and the entire island just so she can get the million dollars. This turns the tables on Max, and he is forced to join the other contestants against his former partner to foil her plans. He ultimately tricks her himself, helping to lead her to her defeat. In the end however, both Max and Scarlett are eliminated together as Chris is fed up with the "evil" contestants by the end of the episode.

Total Drama: Pahkitew Island


Scarlett smirks after anticipating Max's robot was doomed to fail.

Opening sequence

In the opening sequence, they are seen together as Max attempts to activate a robot with a remote. However, it malfunctions and sparks begin to fly. Scarlett smirks at the camera as she pulls out an umbrella just before the robot explodes.

So, Uh This Is My Team?


Max ordering Scarlett as she drags him along.

While attempting to construct their team's shelter, Scarlett assists Max out of the junk pile by pulling the cart he is sitting in, while evading the tennis balls. In response, Max claims that she is his minion and shows a higher status to his assistant.

I Love You, Grease Pig!


Scarlett tells Max to cheer up.

While walking to the challenge, Max tries to show Scarlett an evil invention he has created, but is cut off by Chris. Later, when the two are at their respective spots on the obstacle course, Scarlett asks Max curiously what he has created and Max explains it is a helmet that turns any animal into his evil minion, to which Scarlett sarcastically replies that she has goosebumps when it fails. During the challenge, Scarlett realizes why Max's helmet couldn't work earlier and easily fixes the problem while Max is limbering up. When their team wins the challenge and Max refuses to cheer with the rest of them, Scarlett cheerfully tells him to cheer up since they won.

Twinning Isn't Everything

Max is seen digging through a pile of "evil inventions". Scarlett then walks over to ask him what he is doing; however he is startled by this, causing him to jump into a bush. When Max tells Scarlett of his invention to hit the other team's with his balloons by attaching them to a long stick, Scarlett instead suggests that Max should find a sharp object to fire at the other team's balloons. Therefore using the other team's balloons against them.

Eye roll

Scarlett rolls her eyes at Max when he claims her idea as his "genius."

Max then claims the idea as his own, to which Scarlett rolls her eyes. Max states in a confessional that Scarlett is "hopelessly in love" with him, although he decides to ignore it, saying "evil doesn't date." Later in the challenge, the two are walking through the forest and Max proclaims that as long as Scarlett is with him she is safe. However, the two are immediately hit with balloons fired by Shawn.

I Love You, I Love You Knots

After Max lies during the challenge, his entire team gets shocked, resulting in Scarlett and the rest of his team glaring angrily at him. 

A Blast from the Past


Scarlett tells her plan to Max.

While walking to the challenge, Max is trying to come up with a new "evil" name for himself. Scarlett notices what he is doing, and she asks him about it. Max tells her that he has already created his catchphrase, but is having trouble deciding which name to pick. This causes Scarlett to ask him how he will decide, but Max scoffs at her, telling her that an evil name chooses you and not the other way around. During the challenge, after Topher and Samey have had their turns, Scarlett tells Max to go next, but he responds that he'd rather the bear eat the others first. Scarlett says that he'd be missing out on the chance to be "evil" and gives him the idea to electrify his baton by using his wire. When Max queries about how he would shock the other team but not himself, Scarlett explains that if he holds the baton by the rubber he won't get shocked. When Max runs at Ella with his baton, Scarlett uses another to throw him an electric eel, which Max uses to attack Ella. Later, Max thanks Scarlett for her "minor" contribution to his invention of "supreme evil", to which Scarlett tries to tell him it was no problem. However, he interrupts and deems her his "sidekick", causing Scarlett's eye to twitch. In the confessional, she is much more agitated than she was in Max's presence.

Mo Monkey Mo Problems

Good morning sidekick

Max awakens his "sidekick" to serve him.

When Max orders Scarlett to wake up and "fetch food for my face" for him early in the episode, Scarlett reveals that he is beginning to annoy her in the confessional. During the challenge, Scarlett advises Max on how to get Jasmine and Topher to respect him. In reality, Scarlett intends to get Max eliminated by letting Jasmine and Topher get caught in one of his traps and getting the blame on him for costing their team the challenge.


Scarlett glares at Max after he gets caught in his own trap.

However, the entire team ends up getting caught in the trap after Max forgets where he placed it. The plan backfires, and Scarlett realizes she needs to make her team figure out that it was Max who created the trap. Easily enough, Max stupidly claims responsibility for the trap, sealing his fate that night. However, much to her displeasure, Max is saved as Ella is disqualified by Chris.

This Is The Pits!


Max demands Scarlett suck the poison out of his behind.

When Max discovers ants swarming his bed, he immediately yells for Scarlett to get up and take care of them. Scarlett groans in irritation and expresses in the confessional that she needs him gone. She also concludes that everyone will soon realize who the true mastermind is when they realize how "dense" Max is. As he uses a magnifying glass as a "death ray", and accidentally sets his bed on fire, she smiles smugly, clearly satisfied that she is one step closer to her expectations. During the challenge, Scarlett leads Max into a nearby cave away from Jasmine and Topher, who have been sealed off in another. Max aggravates Scarlett even further, making comments while she tries to figure out their situation.

Max Scarlett Breakup

"I'd say it's been a pleasure, but we all know the truth, you're inferior."


When Chris alerts a crocodile to their presence, Scarlett sees this as a chance to finally eliminate him and tells him to make the crocodile his minion. Upon realizing that the crocodile is a robot, Scarlett uses its parts to create a remote control that activates a nearby elevator, but Max throws it away declaring its uselessness. It is this incident that makes Scarlett officially decree in the confessional that she hates him. Meanwhile, their partnership has made everyone else to believe that they are in a relationship to the point that Jasmine says that "they are practically married". Chris elects to split them up, with Max switching teams, because he too has observed that they are seemingly in a relationship and are on the verge on "moving to smooch city." Scarlett is speechless that everyone thinks that the two of them are a couple and attempts to correct them but Chris cuts her. Max's final words to Scarlett are that she's inferior to him, and working with her hasn't been a pleasure.

Hurl and Go Seek

Now that the teams have merged, Scarlett decides the best option is to stick with Max, believing that his incompetence would end up leading to an easy elimination for him, thus protecting her. When she discovers a control panel hidden behind a tree revealing that Pahkitew Island is actually a fake island, she tries to figure out how it works, only for Max to vomit on top of it, thus preventing her from figuring it out completely.

Scarlett Fever


Scarlett finally reveals her true self to Max, much to his terror.

Scarlett and Max end up paired again in the challenge to shut down the island's self-destruct sequence. She takes full advantage of his stupidity, getting him to do all the work while she stands by and watches him suffer. Once the security door to the control room is open, Scarlett reveals her true nature to Max and sends Scuba Bear to get rid of him. Max eventually gets even with Scarlett by teaming up with the others to formulate a plan and finally stops her scheme. After the island is finally saved, Max taunts Scarlett one last time and brags that with her gone, he would be the only "evil genius" left on the island. Chris, however, puts him in the cannon too, already sick of "evil geniuses" ruining the show. As they are shot away from the island, Scarlett begs to go with anyone except him.


  • They are the second pair of contestants to take the Cannon of Shame together, the first one being Amy and Samey.
  • Their relationship of an incompetent villain who relies on a "sidekick" to do everything, is very similar to that of Dr. Evil and Number 2 from the Austin Powers series, the former of which Max's character is a parody of.

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