The McLean-Brand Chris Head is a small wooden carving of Chris's head hidden in the campground in Total Drama: Revenge of the Island, and on Boney Island in Total Drama All-Stars. The holder of this may use it at any campfire ceremony in order to save themselves from elimination, resulting in invincibility against the vote. Once played, the contestant with the second-most amount of votes is eliminated.

Total Drama: Revenge of the Island

Chris first mentions the McLean-Brand Chris Head in Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er!, and says he hid it somewhere in Camp Wawanakwa. He then continues on and says whoever finds it will become the most powerful contestant in the history of the game. In Truth or Laser Shark, Scott admits to have already started searching for the Chris Head, referring to it as an "immunity idol." However, he gets chased by mutant beavers, that even find him in the confessional, meaning Scott didn't find the Chris Head yet.

Fake invincibility

Dawn holding Scott's knock-off McLean-Brand Chris Head.

Although it is never mentioned in Ice Ice Baby and Finders Creepers, the McLean-Brand Chris Head returns in Backstabbers Ahoy! When Dawn is declared eliminated, she reaches into her massive garbage bag and withdraws the Chris Head, referring to it as the "McLean Invincibility Statue", in an attempt to save herself. However, Chris says that it lacks the "McLean Seal of Approval". It is then revealed by Scott that Dawn has one of his replicas, which he had whittled in his spare time with his lucky shark tooth. Out of anger, Dawn throws this replica at Scott's head and accepts her fate. Thus, Dawn is eliminated anyway.

The Treasure Island of Dr. McLean (49)

Scott reveals to Zoey that he found the real McLean-Brand Chris Head.

In the beginning of The Treasure Island of Dr. McLean, Chris announces at the beginning of the challenge that someone found the McLean-Brand Chris Head, but he doesn't reveal who found it or how they got it. Later on in the episode, Scott reveals to Zoey that he found the Chris Head, and tells her to not reveal it to anyone. Thus, he secures Zoey's trust. When he ends up getting voted off, he uses the statue to send Dakota home instead.

Total Drama All-Stars

TDAS Chris Heads

Several Chris Heads in a treasure chest in the opening sequence.

The McLean-Brand Chris Head returns in Total Drama All-Stars. The Chris Head makes a quick appearance in the opening sequence, as Heather and Sierra are fighting over a treasure chest underwater. When the chest opens, Cameron emerges from inside, holding several Chris heads while several more (and Mr. Coconut) float up around him.

During the first elimination ceremony of the season, Chris reveals that the idol has returned and is hidden somewhere on Boney Island. Every night, the winning team must send a player there to try and find it. Four contestants attempt this, but none of them succeed, even with one of them attempting twice.

You stole it

Alejandro reveals he stole the Idol from Heather, resulting in her elimination.

In No One Eggspects The Spanish Opposition, Chris reveals that the immunity statue is in the "Fun Zone" of Boney Island. During the challenge, Heather accidentally breaks an egg, only to find the immunity idol is inside of it, with Alejandro nearby watching her. She hides the idol behind a rock, so that no one will know she has it until the end of the challenge. When the challenge is over, Heather goes back to get it only to find out it is missing. Heather first blames Chris for stealing it. Alejandro initially was eliminated, but he used it he stole from Heather to eliminate her. She later finds out Alejandro is the one who stole it from her to save himself from elimination, causing her elimination in return.


  • The McLean-Brand Chris Head serves a very similar purpose to the Hidden Immunity Idol from Survivor.
    • However, unlike the idols in Survivor, this idol is not hidden again after it is played the first time.
    • Additionally, the rules in Survivor state that no one is allowed to steal the idol from the person who found it. This is the reverse of Total Drama All-Stars, in which Alejandro steals the idol from Heather's possession and eliminates her.
    • There are multiple types of idols in Survivor, while the McLean-Brand Chris Head most resembles the Super Idol, which is played after the votes are read.
  • In both seasons it appears in, the statue is found and used in the same episode.
  • Every contestant that has found or played the invincibility statue has been a member of the Villainous Vultures.
    • Despite it being said that the player can use it at anytime, they don't use it again after using it the first time.


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