The teams travel to the south of France where they must fight sharks and build sandcastles, before racing to their next stop in Iceland. Someone tries hard to prove himself to another and succeeds, even though they end up penalized from taking total victory giving it to another team. While a duo with tiny brains go through much to survive, a duo with the biggest brains take too long to calculate their means and end up stranded in defeat.



MacArthur uses her police badge to stop the traffic.

The episode begins with the Ice Dancers arriving at the start of the leg trying to depart first, even though the Police Cadets came in first place last episode. After a scolding from both Don and the Cadets, MacArthur vows to keep a closer eye on the Ice Dancers as she does not trust them. For the challenge, teams must take a train to Calanque de Maubois, where they can find their next tip. As the first few teams depart, the Best Friends' tip is stolen by a mime, from whom Devin tries to take it back from. Meanwhile, Junior falls in love with Carrie, and tries to get her attention. However, his efforts to talk to her are ruined by his father who barges in with his own greeting. The Police Cadets have trouble getting a taxi, so MacArthur takes advantage of her police badge to hijack one, allowing them to reach the train station in time. As more teams find a way to get to the train station, the Father and Son fall behind due to Dwayne's lack of energy, but they are still among the first five teams to make it to the train station.

The Geniuses are relieved at the chance of getting to use their knowledge of urban maps to navigate their way to the train station, believing that it'll help them gain a lead in the challenge. While the other teams wait at the train station, the first train arrives and the contestants must compete in a "Botch or Watch," in which they must get their tip from the dorsal fin of a shark. Although most of the teams are nervous about having to compete, Brody is excited about the challenge, believing that being a great swimmer will help him in the challenge. However, he is unable to collect the Travel Tip due to being chased by the shark. The Ice Dancers gain a lead due to Josee's exceptional swimming skills, as train two arrives with four more teams. The Fashion Bloggers take a detour route and arrive via a yacht owned by the Prince of Monaco. The teams must now build a sand replica of the Palace of Versaille, which will be judged by Sandy McCastles (a name which Don thinks isn't his real one), a sand castle making pro, who will give them their next tip.

Wicked witch scares sharks

Mary uses science to deal with the sharks.

More teams manage to get their tip using unorthodox methods, such as the Geniuses, who use their intellect to retrieve the tip from the sharks. In the confessional, the Geniuses explain the science behind using a magnet, and Don cuts them off due to their boring explanation. Crimson scares another to surrender its travel tip to her. Only Brody continues to be chased by one of the sharks, pushing the Surfers back as the final teams arrive. The teams begin making their sand replicas with different strategies with the Police Cadets believing it should be big and Emma deciding to go with their example and the Geniuses think that excessive planning must be used, making them fall behind. Meanwhile, the Vegans decide to start a preservation fund for sharks, but Miles immediately changes her mind after getting mauled by one.

Team3Out (2)

The Geniuses get cut from the race due to being late on the challenge.

Father and Son are the first to complete their sand castle and must now take a speedboat to Iceland where Don awaits them at the next Chill Zone. More teams continue to finish their sand castles as the Surfers start working on theirs. The Geniuses also fall behind as their plans they made for their sandcastle get washed away by the wave, and they are unable to build it without a reference. Along the way to the Iceland, the Best Friend's boat suffers a motor problem, delaying them. Father and Son are the first to arrive but receive a twenty-minute penalty because Dwayne read the tip before he reached the shore, this allows the Ice Dancers to take first place. The Fashion Bloggers arrive in second but also receive a penalty as they didn't take a train to the beach. As more teams arrive at the Chill Zone, it is now down to the final three teams; the Geniuses, Surfers, and Best Friends. Although the Surfer Dudes' speedboat breaks down, Brody is able to get it moving again by holding some wiring in the faulty motor, although as a result he gets continuously electrocuted. The Surfers believe that they are the last team to arrive and accept their defeat, only for Don to announce that they aren't, much to their relief. Back at the beach, the Geniuses are still trying to build their sand castle until Don arrives via helicopter to announce their elimination. The Geniuses accept their defeat and leave with Ellody making a joke about how "science isn't everything," followed by laughter from both Geniuses.


Voice actor Role(s)
Terry McGurrin Don
Scott McCord Brody/Jacques/Owen
Kristin Fairlie Carrie
Darren Frost Chet
Jeff Geddis Devin/Tom
Neil Crone Dwayne
Emilie Claire Barlow Ellody
Stacey DePass Emma
Dan Petronijevic Geoff
Ashley Botting Jen
Jacob Ewaniuk Junior
Stephanie Anne Mills Kitty
Carlos Díaz Lorenzo/Rock
Evany Rosen MacArthur
Katie Griffin Mary/Miles
Nicole Stamp Sanders
Nicki Burke Stephanie





  • The title is a reference to the Bob Dylan song Subterranean Homesick Blues.
  • Don reenacts the Coppertone logo when his swimsuit is grabbed by a crab.
  • MacArthur's improbable parking skills are likely a reference to a scene from The Blues Brothers. This is further backed up by her mentioning that she once saw this being performed in a movie.
  • MacDonnell's, as mentioned by Dwayne while trying to bribe Don with coupons, is a parody of fast food chain restaurant McDonald's.


  • The Rockers get their first Travel Tip before the Sisters, even though Rockers ranked fifteenth place and Sisters ranked tenth place in the previous episode.
  • When Chet is reunited with Lorenzo after the two chose two different means of transport, Lorenzo is standing in front of a poster with Arc de Triomphe on it.
    Mediterranean Homesick Blues (1)

    Chet's facial hair is missing.

    However, once there's a close-up on Lorenzo, he is standing in front of a wall, with the poster he is watching being next to him, off-screen.
    • In the next scene, Chet's facial hair is missing.
  • After Josee gets her Travel Tip, her hair is dry, even despite she was underwater for a brief moment.
  • The Sisters are building their sand castle when they are first seen at the beach. However, a later scene shows Emma taking the Botch or Watch challenge.
Ellody Hair

Part of Ellody's hair has a gap in it.

  • When Ellody complains to Mary that she can't improvise, part of her hair is briefly not attached to her, showing a gap in between it.
  • When the Ice Dancers are celebrating coming in first, they are back on the beach in Calanque de Maubois.
  • Father and Son and Fashion Bloggers' penalties end at the same time, even though the Fashion Bloggers got theirs later and both of their penalties have been twenty minutes long.
  • When the Stepbrothers fight over who gets to drive the speedboat, they have each other’s voices.


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