One kid wants a new toy, and shows the others in hopes of encouraging them to want one. But the teacher has told them that they already have lots of toys. The kids go on a mission to destroy the toys with the exception of two. But their mission is all in vain when the toy is bought and destroyed.


The episode starts with Izzy reading to Cody, Jude building a block castle with Harold, and Leshawna playing with her Baby-Burps-it-Up doll when everyone hears Beth, running into the daycare, shout, "GUYS!". She begins looking for her classmates.

Beth then gets exhausted from all the running. Izzy tells her that she looks like she's about to spew. Excitedly, Beth tells Izzy that she saw a commercial for the EVERYTHING HORSE! That "Wow!"'d the students.

In the confessional, Beth says she needs to get an Everything Horse before her cousin does because she hates her cousin.

Jude asks what it does and Beth replies to him with an "Only everything!" She shows the kids a video.

The video starts with a little girl with a bored expression on her face reading a book. Then a man makes an appearance and tells her that she's bored only because she doesn't have the Everything Horse.


Jude is skating through the daycare within a video game. He loses all of his lives when he crashes into a pink blob.


Voice actor Role(s)
Deven Mack Chef Hatchet
Sarah Gadon Beth
Wyatt White Cody
Lilly Bartlam Gwen
Darren Frost Harold
Katie Crown Izzy
Christian Potenza Jude
Bahia Watson Leshawna
Scott McCord Owen
Sergio Di Zio Everything Horse Salesman
  • Bridgette, Courtney, and Noah appear in a flashback, but they do not speak, however, they can be heard cheering.
  • Duncan appears in the ending credits, but has no lines.
  • A little girl speaks in a commercial, but it's unknown who voiced her.



  • Beth states that she has a cousin that she does not like.


  • The girl in the commercial mistaken pirates with Vikings, using pirate slang while on a Viking ship, similar to Owen in Sweden Sour.
  • Cody states that he loves candy, a trait his older counterpart showed in Total Drama World Tour.
  • The Killer makes a cameo appearance, albeit with a few changes to his design. He now has pink hair instead of blue, tanner skin, and no hook.
  • The cops who arrest the Killer are the same ones who arrested Duncan in You Regatta Be Kidding Me, albeit also with a few design changes.


  • The title is a reference to the Beatles song, Helter Skelter.



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