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  • Please Check out this link!

    The top bog is a Total Drama Island where you get to decide who goes home for each episode!

    I'd love to see who you want to go home each episode!

    Thank you for your time! :)

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  • Hi I just wanna tell you I like your season.

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  • Please help get Total drama renewed for another season on Netflix. We only need 25,000 signatures to make it happen. Here are some links I can show you to find proof. So please, spread the petition out to everyone and have them sign it.

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  • Hey G&C. Once your season reaches the final four, is it ok if I write a side episode similar to Haute Camp-ture that doesnt affect the main story in anyway other than the eliminated contestants mentioning who will they be supporting or might be supporting for in the finals? It's practically ep 21.5.

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  • Hey guys, sorry but I've been a little behind this week. The good news is that thanks to some rallying, I have most of the episode done. the bad news is that it still might take a little while to actually finish. So this week's episode may come out late tonight or tomorrow morning. It'll definantely be out by tomorrow though at the latest.

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    • Update: I do have the episode done and in the can. However, I've gotta go now, an I will post it when I get back.

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  • I know I haven’t commented in a while but that’s cause I’m on vacation. I just want to say that I’ve caught up with every episode and i loved the fact that Nathan, my first OC, made a cameo in the episode were(spoiler alert) Lucas, my second OC, got eliminated. They both got very well received and I loved the episode and gave it 5 out of 5. Keep up the good work!

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  • Hey everyone, just posting this so that you all will see this. Today's episode will be out, but there's gonna be a delay, so it's going to come out later than usual. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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  • As promised, I finally got around to making this. I cut from reviewing Cruiz and Becky, as once again I haven't gotten time to read it. If I do re-read it, I'll update it. Also, instead of letter ranks, I'll just do an overall rank in the end. ttM and oaT will be very short, with only 2-3 episodes out.

    Jim: TD:SS (3/22) and TDWC (TBA/24)

    Jim is one of, if not the most recognizable OC on this wiki, and is seemingly a staple to every season since SS. Having been in every episode of SS and making MANY cameos, he seems to work well in every episode he's in. Jim works well as the antagonist, yet there's one glaring issue with him. He is overused and way too protected. Using 2 idols to save himself, surviving both double eliminations and appearing in the bottom 7(!!!) times, there was a sense that he was being overly forced. Jim's overall character seems to only shine in the cameos and acts as nothing more than a villain while competiting. There's a lot to love about Jim, if only it was toned down.

    Nick: TDGT (8/18)

    Nick was probably the most unique villain that has been written so far, as he didn't follow the same qualities as other villains. Nick played a lay-low style game, without appearing in the bottom two once. That was, until the merge hit. It seemed like after uniting with Sarah and Jessica, that he had potential to go far. Except everything backfired, he lost immunity and was subsequently voted out, throwing many off loop. Nick was, while somewhat undeveloped, a very strong contestant overall, making some of the less enjoyable Insane Eagles have decent plots.

    Veronica: TDGT (12/18)

    Veronica was written exactly how you would expect her to. She was ignorant and arrogant, used by stronger contestants and booted off midway through pre-merge. She had many great moments and was an amazing pre-merge boot.

    Daisuke: TDC (7/18)

    Daisuke was the best character in TDC, hands down. While he wasn't too useful pre-merge, his interaction with Norville was amazing and I loved his performance in the merge, it was just godly. He felt like he needed to win, so when he was robbed I felt very dissappointed. Daisuke's ninja personality wasn't nearly as used as I thought, yet it was used to perfection.

    Jessica: TDC (12/18)

    Jessica was... meh...? I don't really care for characters that have supernatural abilities, and her plots weren't that interesting. I feel that if she got a second chance, she should for sure be revamped.

    Salem: TDoaT (TBA/12)

    Salem falls in the same category as Jessica, except seems to be taking a better route with his abilities. With only 2 episodes released, there isn't much to rate about them, but I can tell I'll enjoy him more.

    Sophia: TDoaT (TBA/12)

    Again, I don't know much about Sophia, but her leadership role is great and I want to see more of her.

    Nate: TDttM (TBA/22)

    Nate seems cool right now. Love the mob boss stereotype, hopefully we get a lot more of it.

    Rose: TDttM (TBA/22)

    All she is right now is a reporter, literally nothing more, and it's already starting to annoy me.

    Troy: TDttM (TBA/22)

    Troy, my oh my, is he aggressive. After being on a team with Makenzie for what, a day? He starts making his moves on her! This plot feels like it's just being rushed and shouldn't develop on the third episode. Also, his sudden "you're dead Makenzie" was very abrupt and just weird.

    Davy: TDWD (TBA/20)

    Davy is a very interesting character, with how he's been developed. Many would probably agree that he's the main character of TDWD currently. His alliance plot with Fred and Tristan is mighty solid, and I really loved his rivalry with Alexis. One of the most annoying aspects of him is his strange gimmick to refer to himself in third person. The constant repetition of "Davy" just gets irritating and should be toned down.

    Micah: TDWD (20/20)

    Micah was the most obvious first boot I've ever seen it was just downright hilarious. It seemed like he knew that "oh no I might not be first out", and he literally just destroyed any chance of staying. I love Micah as much as I would love anyone like this.

    Sasha: TDWC (TBA/24)

    I adore the concept of Sasha, taking every great villain concept and grouping them into one, along with a built-in love/obsession and rivalry plot. It's just that I don't find her execution as good as her original creation. I hope that Sasha get's a lot more development in the future, and she would easily be one of my favorites.


    13th - Rose

    12th - Troy

    11th - Sophia

    10th - Nate

    9th - Jessica

    8th - Jim

    7th - Davy

    6th - Sasha

    5th - Salem

    4th - Nick

    3rd - Veronica

    2nd - Micah

    1st - Daisuke

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    • Thanks, and I think I've got a fodder character that will top Micah. Have you ever wondered what it'd be like to have an Elvis Impersonator on TD? ;)

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    • finally updated, hope you like it!

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    • Oh okay, I see what you're saying about Davy. I didn't think about that, but I could see how it could get annoying. In the future, I will try to tone down the amount of times Davy says his own name, but I won't take it away completely, because that's just part of his character.

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  • Hey G and C I thought about starting a Everything Wrong with Series about this Fanfic (CinemaSinsParody) when you see this tell me if I have the right to do it since it is your fanfic


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  • I just finished writing the three audition tapes for your season and then my computer goes and crashes on me, I've lost 30 minutes of my life. This is sad.

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