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  • Greetings, and welcome to the Total Drama Wiki!

    I'm numbuhthreefan, one of our current admins, but you can call me N3. Here on the wiki, you can do a lot of fun stuff. Just remember to read the rules first. The rules are a major priority, because if you don't follow them, it can lead to a consequence such as a ban. Anyway, if you need to set up anything personal, you can go to your preferences to do so and customize stuff like your signature. Your preferences can also be located by moving your arrow up to the top and clicking the arrow by your profile picture.

    Below is a list of stuff you can do on the wiki.

    • Be sure to check out all our social networking sites.
    • Check out my color, signatures, and userboxes blog for some handy tips. It also features tips on some other stuff too.
    • Contact our wiki's staff to let your ideas and opinions be heard.
    • If you would like to know what your editcount is, go here and type in your username, then click submit.
      • If you don't know what mainspace edits are, you can easily get them by editing articles such as this one! However, make sure that you're making productive edits when editing pages.
      • You can also see your total number of edits for all pages, not just articles, by clicking on your profile. It then should show your edits at the top where your profile info is.
    • If you want to get to know the users in which whom your editing and talking with, join our wiki's Chat. If you would like, you can also join our Discord server.
    • Interested in giving your thoughts and opinions on changes to help the wiki? Then check out our proposal section!
    • Remember to sign your signature when editing forums or article talk pages. You can do so by typing four tildes (~~~~).

    If you need help with anything, feel free to contact any of the staff members or by leaving me a message on my Message Wall. You can also contact me in the chat or on Discord via private message.

    So yeah... that's pretty much everything you need to know about the wiki. Remember to not give up or lose hope; it's always fun to keep editing and talking with our community. Also most importantly, being important is nice, but it's more important to be nice.

    Have fun! We welcome you with open arms! ,':-)

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