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Scott stands on Mike's face

Scott blackmails Mike into doing his bidding at the threat of revealing his secret to Zoey in Grand Chef Auto.

Even though they are on different teams, during the first few episodes of Total Drama: Revenge of the Island, Mike already knows that Scott cannot be trusted, as shown in Ice Ice Baby. After Scott switches teams with Jo in Runaway Model, Mike and Cameron team up to take him down before he can do any real damage to their team. Meanwhile, Scott finds out that Mike suffers from Multiple Personality Disorder in The Treasure Island of Dr. McLean, and he blackmails Mike into helping him win the challenge in Grand Chef Auto by threatening to reveal his secret to Zoey. Mike has no choice but to comply, and after helping Scott, he is eliminated that night by Scott's sole vote.

The conflict subsides in Total Drama All-Stars, as they are once again placed on different teams. However, Scott ultimately has a role in unleashing a hidden personality within Mike that nobody knows of. Working in the shadows, Mike's evil personality, Mal, causes havoc throughout the season and also implants lies and mistrust among the contestants, including wreaking Scott's relationship with his girlfriend, Courtney. Scott is one of the last people to figure out "Mike" is not all he claims to be, only discovering the truth shortly before his elimination in The Bold and the Booty-ful.

Total Drama: Revenge of the Island

Opening sequence

Mike and Zoey's combined weight causes the log Lightning is standing on to break, sending them all tumbling down the waterfall. Scott is shown laughing at their misfortune.

Ice Ice Baby

Vito Scott

Scott fights with Vito over the flag.

Before Zoey takes off with Brick to attack the Toxic Rats' fortress, Mike warns Zoey to be weary of Scott as he believes that Scott is psycho. When Mike's tough guy personality, Vito, appears and steals the opposing team's flag, he, Scott, and Brick end up in a brawl which Scott presumably loses as he is later thrown out of the fortress.

Runaway Model

Mike begins to feel uneasy when he sees Scott talking to Zoey after he switched teams, believing that he would be up to no good and did not want Zoey to get into any harm.

A Mine Is a Terrible Thing to Waste

When Mike finds a hat inside the mines, Scott sarcastically mocks him. After Manitoba Smith appears and takes charge of the team, Scott frequently disagrees with him as he wants their team to lose. When Scott, Zoey and Anne Maria fell into an underground lake (which separated them from Mike and Cameron), Scott tries to convince them that it is Mike's idea for them to take the rail cart and they should vote for him that night. After the challenge has ended, Mike agrees to help Cameron eliminate Scott with Cameron agreeing to help Mike control his alternate personalities.

The Treasure Island of Dr. McLean

Scott is able to gain Zoey's trust and make her distrust Mike by telling her that he is hiding something, which Scott has been aware of. Earlier in the episode, Mike pushes Scott into the water despite Scott's protests due to the presence of Fang. At the swamps, Mike attempts to pull Zoey into his alliance with Cameron but she refuses and also tells them to stop being mean to Scott, unaware of his true nature. After the challenge ends, Scott manages to trick Cameron into revealing Mike's secret to him. That night, Cameron and Mike vote for Scott and the two of them exchange glares as Chris is tallying the votes. Scott receives the most votes. However, he reveals to have the McLean-Brand Chris Head with him, meaning he is immune (and Dakota is eliminated), much to Mike and Cameron's disbelief and anger.

Grand Chef Auto

Human shield

Scott uses Mike as a human shield.

Tension between the two heightens in this episode. Now aware of Mike's secret, Scott blackmails Mike into helping him in the challenge, under the threat of revealing his secret to Zoey. Not wanting her to view him differently, Mike reluctantly agrees. Throughout the episode, Scott forces Mike to help him with even the most minor problem such as opening the closet to find his key, preventing Mike from helping Zoey. He also has to pull Scott's kart (as it has no wheels) and drive him to all the landmarks. After a while, Mike stands up to Scott and refuses to help him any further. However, as Scott learned the proper triggers from Cameron earlier in the episode, he rips off Mike's shirt, changing him to Vito. Scott is able to trick Vito to drive him to the final landmark, claiming that Anne Maria will be there as well. Once the two of them reached Mt. Chrismore, Scott knocks out Mike with a club. Scott won the challenge and has the ability to vote for anyone and without a second thought, he chose Mike much to Zoey's surprise. Although he managed to break Mike's alliance with Cameron, Scott had also revealed his true nature to Zoey, who will eventually avenge Mike and lead Scott to his downfall.

Brain vs. Brawn: The Ultimate Showdown

When Scott was introduced inside the Trauma Chair (as a result of being mauled by Fang in Eat, Puke and Be Wary after he was eliminated), Mike and the rest of the contestants laugh at him for all the things he had done to them throughout the season, much to his sadness and grief.

Total Drama All-Stars

Evil Dread

During the challenge, Scott crosses over to the Heroic Hamsters's part of the beach and hides one of their puzzle pieces on his team's side. Mike (as Manitoba) sees this and threatens Scott after retrieving their piece back from him. Suddenly, a trap containing a swarm of bees is sprung and Scott accidentally hits Mike with his shovel while defending himself. Unknowingly to Scott, he accidentally unleashes Mal, Mike's evil personality who was locked up within his mind since Mike left juvie.

Zeek And Ye Shall Find

While he and Cameron are alone, Mal convinces him to try and pull Scott into their alliance by breaking his bond with Courtney.

The Obsta-Kill Kourse

Slice of cheese

Mal convinces Scott that Alejandro is to blame for ruining his relationship with Courtney.

In order to get rid of Alejandro, Mal successfully tricks Scott into believing that it was Alejandro who persuaded Cameron to kiss Courtney in the previous episode, driving a wedge in between their relationship. Scott confuses the "wedge between their relationship" for a "wedge of cheese", annoying Mal. Scott believes Mal and agrees to helps him vote off Alejandro later that night. Mal glares at Scott after the latter laughs at Alejandro's vote that shows him as a devil.

Sundae Muddy Sundae


Scott is angry at Mal for burning the chocolate sauce.

Near the start, Scott brags to Mal and Zoey about how strong he is. However, Mal compares his strength to a rat. When Scott asks what he means, Mal brings out the chart Courtney made, where she drew Scott with a rat's tail. This revelation causes everyone to turn on Courtney, including Scott. Later on, Scott angrily confronts Mal after he burns the chocolate sauce needed for the ice cream sundaes. Although Mal tries to pass it off as an accident, Scott reveals in the confessional that he knows fully well it was intentional. He then compliments him about it, saying that he never knew Mike could be so underhanded.

The Bold and the Booty-ful

After the previous campfire ceremony, Mal is able to convince Scott that it was Gwen's fault that Courtney was eliminated. Later, Mal finds Scott having trouble retrieving the item assigned to him from inside Fang's mouth. Mal convinces Scott to just take Fang to Chris instead. Although Scott seems reluctant about this at first, Mal says that he will help him with it if Scott takes him to the finale to which Scott agrees. However, in their respective confessionals, they reveal that they are only pretending to help each other as they believe that it will be an easy win competing against each other in the finale.

However, after setting the trap, Mal cannot resist the urge to mess with Scott and drops the weight while Scott is standing in it, so that it snags him instead. Fang then approaches and takes advantage of Scott dangling from the rope, and pounds him. To follow up, Mal takes out a knife and cuts the rope binding Scott so that he drops down. Having failed to help Scott accomplish his task, Mal decides on the next best thing, bringing Chris an injured competitor, which he reasoned was another sort of treasure to the sadistic host. Before he takes the Flush of Shame that night, Scott attempts to warn Zoey about Mike, but she states that she knows what she is up against.


  • Both are the main antagonists in back to back seasons.
  • Ironically, while Scott allows Mike to take control of his personalities by confronting them after knocking him out in Grand Chef Auto, he also caused Mal to be awakened after he accidentally knocks Mike unconscious in Evil Dread.
  • Both have been eliminated by one vote in a season.

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