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Mike and Zoey meet each other for the first time.

Mike and Zoey interact from the moment they meet on the way to the island and are both placed on the Mutant Maggots. They appear to get along quickly from the get-go, with Zoey seeing him as a sweet guy and Mike seeing her as a nice, good girl. However, due to Mike's multiple personality disorder, the way he sees Zoey changes when one of his other personalities takes control. Mike tries to explain it to Zoey as an act, but it becomes even more difficult when Vito, a more masculine, aggressive side, begins to make moves on their fellow teammate Anne Maria, bringing conflict and sets a strain on their relationship. Even after Anne Maria left, Mike's personalities would still show up and confuse Zoey. However, in Grand Chef Auto, Mike finally reveals his multiple personality disorder to Zoey (after conquering them), and she accepts them. From here on, they officially start their relationship.
Mike and Zoey Finally Kiss

Mike and Zoey share their first kiss in The Final Wreck-ening.

In the next season, the two of them are still a couple and again on the same team. At first, everything goes well for the two, however, things take a turn for the worst when Scott accidentally unleashes a dark personality inside Mike. However, Zoey begins to worry about Mike's recent change of behavior and his inability to summon his alternate personalities. After being warned about his evil alternate, Mal, by Duncan, Zoey begins to have second thoughts about Mike. Initially, she believes Mike is still in control after he saves her. She eventually finds the truth about him when she discovers a DVD containing Mal's path of destruction during the entire season. Despite this, Zoey decides to bring Mike to the final two with her, hoping she can find a way to restore him. After Mike resets his brain, getting rid of all of his multiple personalities, he gains full control of his body and reunites with Zoey, finally sharing their first kiss.

Total Drama: Revenge of the Island

Opening sequence


Mike and Zoey get close to each other in the theme song.

Mike and Zoey are seen in a raft on a waterfall. Zoey appears to be irritated, while Mike is shown as his alternate personality, Svetlana. As they come closer to the edge, Mike and Zoey are scared to fall off. They both land on a log which is seen being lifted by Lightning. The log underneath Lightning breaks and falls due to the weight capacity, and all three fall off-screen. At the end, Zoey and Mike are seen at the campfire ceremony, sitting together, gazing dreamily into each other's eyes. They hold hands until Chef comes between them holding the Marshmallow of Toxic Loserdom in a pair of pliers, which leaves them both stunned, causing them to move away awkwardly from each other.

Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er!

When arriving on the yacht, Zoey elbows Mike, asking him if he can believe that they're on the show. Mike responds saying "Yeah, it's beautiful." while looking into Zoey's eyes. The romantic moment is then interrupted when Lightning pops up between them. After the yacht they are on is destroyed by Chris, Staci starts drowning, and Zoey and Mike swim over to help her. As they see each other, they insist that one another save her first. Staci grabs Mike's head and pulls him into the water, while Zoey watches in fear. After a few seconds, Zoey dives in to get them. When Zoey pops up from the surface, she is seen holding Mike, who is holding Staci. In the confessional, Mike explains how nice Zoey is and doubts that she will ever go out with a guy like him because of his disorder.

Later, when Chris reveals the team names, a "massive animal" approaches from the distance, knocking down every tree in its path. While all the campers are horrified, Mike and Zoey are holding onto each other. While doing the challenge, Mike breaks out into an old man personality. Zoey is noticeably confused, and in the confessional, she thinks that Mike is doing some sort of comedy routine. When the Mutant Maggots cut down the totem, they go on top of it and ride down the hills and lake to the cabins. When Zoey slips off the totem and is barely hanging onto the back, Mike switches out of his old man personality when Zoey calls his name for help. He barely managed to grab her hand just as she lost her grip, and pulled her back up. Zoey clings onto Mike's back and thanks him. After the Maggots are declared the winners, Zoey is seen carrying Mike while they all weakly cheer for their victory.

Truth or Laser Shark

Zoey and Mike are talking about action movies at the beginning of the episode. Mike is surprised that she likes them and jokingly tells Zoey that, if she likes ultimate kickboxing, he may have to marry her. While everyone bickers about the challenge, Zoey is seen comforting Mike after he gets slapped by Jo. Later, they share a moment when their hands touch while passing along the maggot for the challenge, which is interrupted by the maggot throwing up on Mike's face.

Ice Ice Baby

Mike and Zoey (1)

Mike and Zoey share a romantic moment.

Zoey and Mike seem to be enjoying each other's company during breakfast, even when Chester pops up in the middle of it. Zoey confesses that Mike is the perfect combination of "hot" and "smart," which she thought didn't exist, comparing this combo to "Perfect Hair" or "Unicorns." When Zoey almost falls off of the tree branch she is clinging to, Mike pulls her back up. They both smile at each other before being knocked off by a bunch of rocks that Lightning kicked down. During the capture the flag snowball fight, Mike warns Zoey about Scott since he believes that Scott is "psycho." Later, during the snow fort challenge, Mike switches to a new personality, Vito, and starts to act full of himself and walk around without a shirt and gelled-back hair. This makes Anne Maria attracted to him, and Zoey looks especially concerned. After Mike turns into Vito she approaches him and grabs his hand, but he shoves her away arrogantly saying that if she would "need to make an appointment" if she wanted to touch "the Vito," leaving Zoey very shocked about this situation.

Finders Creepers

Svetlana rescue

Zoey is rescued by Svetlana.

Both Mike and Zoey confess to an attraction to one another in the confessional. First, Zoey said that Mike is so sweet and she loves that he always encourages other people positively. She also said that she thinks Mike's comedy routine is weird, but she added: "nobody's perfect." Then, Mike says that Zoey is the only thing he thinks of when he's in control. Zoey gets kidnapped early on in the competition, which causes Mike to search for her everywhere. Mike only stops when he falls off a high tree and lands on a tombstone and turns into Vito.
Finders Creepers (36)

Zoey is disappointed after she saw Mike (as Vito) and Anne Maria kissing.

Mike and Anne Maria make out in front of Zoey, held tied up on a spider web, and yells at them to stop. Zoey shrieking in terror is enough to make Mike come back to himself and notice all the tied up contestants. He starts climbing the wall to try and reach them but slides back down instead. He thinks it is hopeless until Svetlana comes out to leap up onto the web, landing right next to Zoey. At the elimination ceremony, Zoey appears to be disappointed and heartbroken after seeing Mike kissing Anne Maria in front of her and Mike's face shows that he feels the situation is extremely awkward.

Backstabbers Ahoy!

Heartbroken zoey

Zoey is heartbroken after seeing "Mike" and Anne Maria together.

Zoey confronts Mike about kissing Anne Maria during the first part of the challenge but inadvertently steps on the air hose that Mike is pumping for Jo. Mike explains that when he gets into character, he sometimes loses control. And he tells Zoey that she is the greatest girl he has ever met, which touched Zoey. He says he will try to tone it down which Zoey accepts until Vito appears again and begins to flirt with Anne Maria. Zoey walks off by herself and thinks until she is interrupted by Dawn. Dawn explains that the Mike part of Mike likes Zoey, which makes Zoey happy but confused by the statement. Dawn disappears before she can ask her what she meant by it.

Runaway Model

Mike compliments Zoey on her hair, but Zoey, still mad at him, states that Vito would like Anne Maria's hair. In the confessional, Zoey says that she thought Mike was nice and is confused on who he really likes. Mike realizes that their relationship is suffering because of his multiple personalities. After Jo smacks Zoey for volunteering to distract Sasquatchanakwa, she falls over into Mike's arms. Later, Mike, as Chester, is annoyed that Anne Maria and Zoey are taking too long to apply makeup on Jo, so he pushes them aside and finishes the job. As she goes to confront Sasquatchanakwa, Mike, back to his normal self, asks Zoey what have they done to Jo's face. At the elimination ceremony, Mike appears worried in reaction to Scott greeting his new teammate, Zoey.

A Mine Is a Terrible Thing to Waste


Zoey happily jumps on Mike after reuniting with him in the mines.

When Mike turns into Manitoba Smith, he calls Zoey pretty, but he also implies that women are naturally scared, which annoys Zoey and Anne Maria. Zoey tackles Mike in happiness when they reunite in the mine. During the last few seconds of the challenge, Mike went back to save Zoey and Cameron. Mike wanted to tell Zoey about his secret because he thought certain doom would strike them until Brick saved all three. Mike, Zoey, and Cameron saluted Brick off the island in a show of gratitude.

The Treasure Island of Dr. McLean

The Treasure Island of Dr. McLean (51)

Mike saves Zoey in the swamp.

After Mike finds a hat, he turns into Manitoba Smith and starts talking to Zoey. Once Mike returned to his normal self, Zoey admits she likes his Mike persona the best. She explains why she likes him, the fact that he keeps changing characters makes it hard to know him. When their team was being attacked by a mutant alligator, Mike helped Zoey climb a tree to escape it. Cameron notes that it is Zoey that causes Mike to become himself when in another personality. Zoey was annoyed when she thought that Vito came back after Mike got stuck on a thorn which Cameron helped Mike get back to normal. Cameron advised Mike that he should tell the truth which Mike said that he will in ten years. After the Mutant Maggots lost, Mike asked Zoey to vote for Scott but did not pressure her. Throughout this episode Scott planted seeds of doubt about Mike's trustworthiness in Zoey's mind.

Grand Chef Auto

Refuse zoey

Mike is forced by Scott to leave Zoey who's in need of help before Mike's elimination.

Because Chris destroyed the Mutant Maggots lodging, Zoey is forced to dig through the rubble to find clothes. Mike finds a pair of Brick's boots and gives them to her. When she falls, he catches her, which she is shown to be extremely grateful for. In the confessional, Zoey talks about how many times Mike has saved her butt, and states that she and "her butt" thank Mike. Throughout the episode, Mike attempts to help Zoey whenever she is in trouble, but Scott stops him and forces Mike to help him instead or else Scott will tell Zoey about Mike's alternate personalities. Afraid that Zoey will not like him because of his disorder, Mike does what he is told. At the totem pole, Mike disobeys Scott's orders to help Zoey, but Scott rips his shirt causing him to turn to Vito. Upon hearing his interest in Anne Maria again, Zoey becomes angry and chased Mike and Scott to the final landmark. Once she reached the Mt. Chrismore, Zoey scolds Mike that they are through, only to realize that he is unconscious.

Mike and Zoey almost have their first kiss.

Moments later, Mike starts hitting himself, concerning Zoey. Zoey then learns from Cameron that Mike is fighting his other personalities for control. Upon hearing Zoey's voice, Mike gains the power and confidence needed to defeat Chester, Svetlana, Vito and Manitoba and cures his disorder. Mike wakes up and explains his problem to Zoey who actually accepts his disorder as it means that there are more Mikes for her to like. Their relationship was put on hold as Scott choose Mike to take the Hurl of Shame. Before he leaves, Mike gave Zoey his medallion to remember him. As they are about to have their first kiss, Chris interrupts them by hurling Mike off the island.

Up, Up And Away In My Pitiful Balloon

As revenge for eliminating Mike in the previous episode, Zoey commands the mutant goats to fire at Scott in Mike's name. She had earlier sworn to get even with Scott for having gotten him eliminated, declaring that he needed to pay.

Eat, Puke and Be Wary

In one of her confessionals in this episode, she states that Mike's elimination is one of the reasons why she wants to quit the show. Later on, when the necklace that Mike gave her breaks, Zoey goes insane, ready to take over the competition and vows revenge on Scott and Chef.

Brain vs. Brawn: The Ultimate Showdown

When the eliminated contestants reappear, Mike and Zoey are sitting next to each other and staring romantically at each other. They both support Cameron and are also two of his most vocal supporters. When the mutant animals go on a rampage, Mike quickly pulls Zoey to safety. He places his arm around her for the rest of the episode.

Total Drama All-Stars

Opening sequence

TDAS Theme Song (10)

Mike and Zoey in the Total Drama All-Stars opening.

Mike and Zoey are about to share a kiss at the campfire before they're interrupted by Sierra and her phone's camera.

Heroes vs. Villains


Zoey gives Mike a kiss for good luck.

Mike and Zoey are revealed to be returning this season. When Zoey is introduced, she jumps after Mike screaming his name. They are both placed on the Heroic Hamsters. When questioning who should be in charge of the stroller, Zoey suggests that Mike does it. During the challenge, Zoey distracts Mike with a good luck kiss, causing him to fall off the cliff into a lake of several hungry sharks. She saves him by hitting them with rocks, using Mike's medallion as a sling. The other contestants amazed, Zoey explains to everyone that she owes Mike for all the times he saved her. Mike then wishes Zoey luck in the challenge, even though she does not need it.

Evil Dread


Manitoba Smith asks Zoey out, but she declines.

Mike is Manitoba Smith for most of this episode, due to the challenge being to dig for puzzle pieces. Manitoba flirts with Zoey throughout the challenge and even asks her out at one point. Zoey gently declines, saying she is in a relationship with Mike. Manitoba is not sad or upset at the rejection and compliments Mike on finding a "loyal" girl. When Mike is accidentally hit in the head with a shovel by Scott, Zoey is the first to be concerned and tells him he needs to rest. Mike assures her that he is okay and goes back to the challenge. The two later clasp hands and cheer together when the Hamsters win immunity for the first time in the season. Zoey is also the first person to notice Mal's early stages of rising when Mike is laughing at Sam's jellyfish sting and at the elimination ceremony when the personality mentions taking down everyone.

Food Fright

When the Hamsters win the challenge, Mike and Zoey embrace in a hug.

Moon Madness


Zoey notices that "Mike" just lied to everyone.

Zoey is concerned for Mike since she sees him trip Cameron, breaking his glasses. She vehemently denies that Mike would do such a thing, especially since Mike and Cameron are friends. During the challenge, Mal put his arm around Zoey's shoulders, so no one will suspect that Mike is not in control. She catches him in a lie but cannot definitively prove that Mike is evil.

No One Eggspects The Spanish Opposition

Mike visits the girls' side of the cabin to offer Zoey a slice of apple. Zoey is noticeably scared and in the confessional, she says she loves Mike, but ever since she saw him break Cameron's glasses she wonders who he really is. Mike notices that Zoey is pulling away, but believes that may be best due to his current internal conflict. During the challenge, Mike and Zoey reconfirm their feelings for each other and decide to work together to find eggs. Mike wants Zoey to hit him in the head in hopes it will reset his personalities, but Zoey tells him to wait and see what Cameron says. After the challenge, Mike hits himself with a boulder because he wants Zoey to be safe. This action, however, causes Mal to be able to fully take control of Mike.

Suckers Punched

Zoey starts becoming uncertain of Mike after Duncan tells her that Mike went to juvie and may have an evil personality. Mal pretends to be Mike by complimenting Zoey and even reminding Chris that Zoey has an advantage, which she is thankful for. Zoey is worried when Duncan brings up the idea that Mike might not be the real personality, not wanting it to be true.

You Regatta Be Kidding Me


Zoey thinks "Mike" saved her.

Zoey is still cautious of Mike because she is unsure if he does have an evil personality. She allows him in her and Cameron's alliance for the finale. In the confessional, she tries to convince herself that Mike is the real personality and not an alternate and asks the tarot cards she made to back up her thought. To test if Mike is Mike she purposely puts herself in danger during the boat race. Mike hears Zoey's cries for help and does manage to regain control of his body momentarily. This action is short-lived since Mal forces his way back, leaving Mike in the subconscious. Mal does help Zoey, only for the reasoning that everyone will become suspicious otherwise, but stalls before doing so. When Mal does save her, Zoey believes he is Mike while Mal thinks Zoey is gullible.

Zeek And Ye Shall Find

Early in the episode, Cameron, Mike, and Zoey search for proof of who almost eliminated Cameron in the last episode. When they find the evidence on Mike's bed (due to Alejandro outsmarting Mal's sabotage), Zoey agrees with Mike that someone is trying to frame him because he wouldn't suggest searching in the area if he did the act. Mike and Zoey continue to team up with Cameron, and Gwen later inserts herself into the group as well. Zoey leaves the boys when Gwen falls into a hole, and after her capture, she hopes that Cameron and Mike are all right.

The Obsta-Kill Kourse

I hate you both

"Mike" and Zoey ally with each other throughout the episode.

Still pretending to be Mike, Mal convinces Zoey not to trust Alejandro and to help him vote Alejandro off that night as revenge for what he did to Cameron in the previous episode. While Zoey believes him, she becomes suspicious when Mal summons Svetlana at one point, since Mike told her himself he was unable to access his other personalities. She is further convinced that Mike may not be who she thinks he is when she hears Alejandro calling him "Mal". To make sure Alejandro will be eliminated that night, Mal grabs hold of him while they are sliding down the zip line, allowing Zoey to win invincibility. Zoey invites Mal to stay with her at the Spa Hotel to keep a closer watch on him.

Sundae Muddy Sundae


Zoey kisses "Mike" on the cheek.

Zoey's suspicions of Mike have raised again because of Alejandro's warning from the last episode, coupled with the fact that Mike is acting strangely. When she sees Mike tearing the room apart looking for something, she is visibly worried, but he quickly brushes it off. In the confessional, Mal notes that Zoey is becoming suspicious of him and tries to make her relinquish it. After Mike reveals Courtney's elimination chart, Zoey questions why he is acting "mean," to which he replies that the two of them are outnumbered and they need to take out Courtney. Mike is able to convince Zoey to win the challenge so they can go to the Spa Hotel together. However, Chris reveals that the winner can not take a guest anymore. Zoey apologizes to Mike since she could not uphold her promise.

The Bold and the Booty-ful

Thanks to Alejandro's stolen DVD, Zoey finally realizes that Mal has been in control of Mike throughout most of the season. Mal believes that she is still fooled at first and talks about his medallion but accidentally calls it a bracelet instead. Zoey secretly fumes, receiving confirmation that Mal is pretending to be Mike. Although Zoey doesn't end up speaking to Mal for the rest of the episode, inside of his brain, Mike, along with Chester, Svetlana, and Vito, meet an enslaved Manitoba, who is burning Mike's dreams on orders from Mal. The most notable is one where the couple kisses in the rain, which Mike is thrilled to see. Upon its destruction, Mike is livid and declares that the first thing he will do when he gains back control of his body is "give Zoey a real kiss." When Zoey gets to choose who to take to the finale, she clarifies that it is Mike she wants to come with her and not Mal. She ultimately chooses Mal, because she doesn't want to leave Mike before he may regain control.

The Final Wreck-ening

In the beginning of the episode, Zoey is re-watching the DVD of Mal, claiming that he has been Mal longer than she thought. Meanwhile, Mal states in the confessional that her devotion to Mike is "touching". In the beginning of the challenge, Mal, still disguised as Mike, thanks Zoey for picking her over Scott, but Zoey angrily tells him she did it for Mike instead of Mal and tells him she knows who he truly is. As Mal sighs in relief, having grown exhausted from "pretending to be that boring", he asks her what she saw in Mike. Zoey shoots back that she prefers "boring Mike over evil Mal any day". Mal then smiles and whispers in her ear that her boyfriend is never coming back. In the confessional, Zoey tries to convince herself that that's only what he wants her to believe. Mal later attempts to drown her during the challenge.

After a short scene inside his brain, during which he finally claims victory over Mal, Mike hears Zoey screaming for help. He punches out Fang while she wonders who is in control. He smiles and reassures her that, with his personalities gone, he is "all Mike, all the time". Zoey remains unsure but genuinely wants to believe him. After he asks her where the medallion is, she screams in excitement and they kiss twice within seconds. As they hold each other, Zoey declares that it's "game on", and they both turn back to the challenge. In both endings, the one who ranks second is proud of the other's win. They run to hug each other as the island begins to sink, courtesy of a grave mistake by Chef Hatchet. Mike and Zoey are last seen with Gwen and Cameron on a piece of a cabin. Mike suggests that they should do another season sometime, but visibly annoyed, they all respond back "No!". In the exclusive clip, Zoey is seen laughing at Mike's response as to whether or not he would miss his alternate personalities.


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