Miles was a Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race contestant as a member of The Vegans with Laurie.


Miles is a nature-loving vegan who is of pure intentions and puts "Earth first". She is a serene person, but any perceived injustice against nature will send her into an emotional tizzy. Miles and her friend Laurie have traveled extensively and learned a deep respect for different cultures as well as their local flora and fauna. She believes that peace and knowledge is the most important thing. While Miles can be somewhat aloof and pretentious at times, her tree-hugging heart is in the right place.

Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race


Miles is introduced alongside her partner.

Miles first met Laurie at an "Anti-Meat" meeting and bonded when they had the same idea of naming the meetings "ings." The two of them join the Race so they can donate their winnings to their favorite charities, which include Save the Hunchback Walrus, Goat-co Eco Warriors, and People for the Ethical Treatments for Ants. As a running gag, Miles often brings up on starting a campaign to save the animals they encountered during the Race. However, their environmental friendly ways are also their major flaw as they prefer to use alternate methods of travel such as walking instead of riding their camel and pedaling instead of using a moped. Because of this, they are considered among the weakest teams of the Race, often being the last few teams to reach the Chill Zone.

Miles WHATTT?!

Miles is horrified when she and Laurie are forced to eat meat.

In Bjorken Telephone, the Vegans choose to dig for fossils in the Either/Or. They manage to free their fossil using "reiki energy."  As they push it back to the entrance, Miles and Laurie take a moment to thank the "fossil spirits." This momentary break causes them to lose the fossil and it ends up in the hands of Dwayne and Junior. At the Chill Zone, they discover that Dwayne has taken their fossil, but Don refuses to let him return it. Unable to dig another fossil in time, Laurie suggests that they try their luck at the other challenge; eating the Icelandic feast. This horrifies Miles, and despite their principles, the two of them reluctantly eat the meat filled meal, leaving Miles particularly sick and distraught. By the time they finish their dish, they ended up in last place, only for Don to reveal it's a non-elimination leg, meaning that they could stay.

Vegans Walking Away

The Vegans are eliminated.

In Brazilian Pain Forest, the Vegans express remorse and grief over eating meat in the previous challenge, with Laurie feeling guilty over the matter. However, Miles manages to snap her out of it and agrees to put what happened behind them. In Brazil, after Laurie is incapacitated due to having her face bitten by bullet ants, Miles is forced to take control of her team while leading the partially blinded Laurie. Luck appears to be on the Vegans for once as they are the first to reach the Chill Zone only to find out that they incurred a thirty minute penalty as Miles constructed both parts of the Brazilian costume by herself. This proves to be their downfall as the rest of the teams reach the Chill Zone just before the time for the penalty runs out. The Vegans walk home in disappointment as they believe that they had failed to achieve their goal of saving the environment. Miles tries to cheer Laurie up only for the latter to tell her to stop talking because of her pain.

The Vegans are mentioned after their elimination during the recap of A Tisket, a Casket, I'm Gonna Blow a Gasket, where Don jokes about them crash landing on an island filled with cannibals.

In A Million Ways to Lose a Million Dollars, Miles appears with the other eliminated teams, watching the final two teams race to the final Chill Zone. After the winner is declared, she joins the rest of the contestants and Don for a final group shot.





  • The Vegans are the first team to come in last during a non-elimination round.
    • They are also the only team to be eliminated from the race because of a penalty.


  • Miles is named after one of the writers of the series, Miles Smith.
    • She is one of four characters to be named after a staff member for the franchise, with the others being Jen, Laurie, and Tom.
    • Coincidentally, these two teams are eliminated back-to-back.


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