The mine is one of the caves located on Camp Wawanakwa. After the island becomes polluted, Chris dumps most of the toxic waste into the mine, resulting in the mutation of the island's flora and fauna. According to Chris, there were once valuable treasures in the mine which he sold to buy the island, and the main ore in the mine is cubic zirconia.

Total Drama: Revenge of the Island

Help zoey

Brick loads Cameron, Mike, and Zoey into the mine carts to escape.

In A Mine Is a Terrible Thing to Waste, Chris sends the teams into the mine to locate two golden statues, with the first team to bring it back to him wins the challenge. Earlier, Dakota was sent by Chris to enter the mine first for safety testing, resulting in her losing all of her hair, and eventually, it becomes much worse. The contestants receive heavy backpacks, flashlights and chemical badges which will change from green to red when they are exposed to the radiation too long. Immediately from the start, the contestants begin to have problems, and the majority of them separate from their respective teams; Brick fails to keep up with his team due to his fear of darkness, while Mike and Cameron separate from Zoey, Anne Maria and Scott while riding the mine carts.

To make matters worse, Anne Maria is pounced on by an unknown creature after she falls into an underground lake. It isn't long before every member of the Toxic Rats is also captured by the mutant gophers living in the mine. The captured contestants are taken to the gopher's lair, and their leader is none other than feral former contestant, Ezekiel, who has taken a liking to Anne Maria. Eventually, Chris reveals that the entire challenge was just a ruse for him to send the contestants to destroy the mine and any other evidence to his illegal activities using the bombs inside the contestants' backpacks. After a scuffle with Ezekiel and the mutant gophers, the contestants manage to grab their golden statues and escape the mine via mine carts before the bomb goes off. As the Mutant Maggots are the only team to bring back their golden statue, they are declared the winners of the challenge.

In The Enchanted Franken-Forest, Ezekiel is revealed to have been trapped in the mine since its destruction. After managing to crawl out through a tunnel, Lightning trips over him, causing him to fall back down into the mine again.

Total Drama All-Stars


A vengeful Ezekiel holds Chris hostage over a vat of acid.

While celebrating the hundredth episode of the series, Ezekiel captures Chris and brings him to the mine. Because of this, Chef Hatchet has to change the challenge into a rescue mission. As the mine is still sealed off after the events of the previous season, the contestants have to find other ways to enter it. Courtney and Scott find a side entrance while Alejandro finds a smaller one near a stream. Above the cave entrance, Gwen falls into a hole, and Zoey quickly jumps in to save her while Mike (Mal in reality) and Cameron enter another one. Ezekiel captures most of the contestants and locked them up in a cage in his lair, where he is about to drop Chris into a tub of toxic waste, using rats to nibble at the rope. Eventually, Gwen defeats the mad contestant and save Chris and the other contestants before escaping the mine.

The mine is destroyed, along with everything else on the island, in The Final Wreck-ening, and water is seen spewing out of it when the island begins to sink.


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