With nine contestants remaining, the host initiates a monkey scavenger hunt, in which each team has to find a golden coin and insert it into a vending machine before the other. One competitor continues to hate on another, who additionally begins to dote on her crush, while one of the island's most devious contestants accidentally gets his team caught in one of his traps as a result of another's miscalculation. In the end, said contestant nearly leaves until someone else anonymously convinces the host to follow through on eliminating her greatest enemy.


Search sky

Shawn goes to fetch Sky for Dave.

At Pimâpotew Kinosewak's treehouse, Max awakens Scarlett by poking her with a stick repeatedly, and orders her to get some food "for his face", in exchange for teaching her more evil. Scarlett expresses in the confessional that Max is beginning to annoy her. Meanwhile, within the forest, Dave has set up a picnic for Sky and is entranced by a flower. Shawn arrives and Dave explains that the picnic he set up is for Sky. Shawn tries to remind him of the reality of the situation; Sky is a competitive person and has no intention of dating. However, Dave simply replies that he doesn't care about the money, to which Shawn calls him insane. Dave then asks him if he would give it a million dollars to be with his "true love." Shawn is touched by this as he remembers Jasmine, and how he possibly ruined his chances with her in the previous episode. Newly inspired, he agrees to go find Sky for Dave, and resolves to go tell Jasmine how he feels as soon as this is over. Elsewhere, Sky is worried about what's going on with Dave and Ella. Sugar arrives at first to cheer her up but then tells her that Dave is flirting with every girl on the island. Shortly after, she admits in the confessional she was lying, as with the approaching merge she needed to start "messing with some minds."

Dave and Ella picnic

Ella realizes that her affection toward Dave isn't mutual.

In another part of the forest, Ella is searching for her "prince" when Shawn passes by. She asks him if he's seen him anywhere, to which Shawn responds that Dave is in the clearing "ready to bare his soul for love." Thinking Dave is intending to reveal his affections for her, Ella becomes excited. She soon finds him, sits down, and fishes for the declaration of his love; however, Dave says that the picnic is for Sky. Ella plays it off, but is saddened to the point where she is crying and then leaves. Shawn finally locates Sky, but only seconds before Chris announces to gather for the day's challenge.

Ella is sad

Ella, with a heavy heart, tells Sky that she is the one Dave loves.

At the meeting area, Jasmine notes that different parts of the island have seemingly moved, but Chris shoots down the possibility. Shawn approaches her with a bouquet of flowers determined to make amends. She instead knocks them to the ground, ordering him to stay away from her. Topher suggests that he and Chris have a host-off to kill time while they wait for Dave and Ella, to which he quickly turns down the idea. Topher claims in the confessional that deep down, Chris is intimidated by him, and believes he should be the one hosting Total Drama. Heartbroken, Ella shows up and sits near Sky, who questions her sadness. Ella disposes of Sky's previous worries about Dave by telling her that Dave in fact, wishes to be with her. Sky is elated, but apologizes to Ella for her rejection. Dave eventually shows up and sits near Sky, prompting Chris to begin the challenge explanation. The goal for each team is to retrieve a gold coin from a monkey and place it in a vending machine, thus earning food for dinner and the first to do so wins immunity for the episode. Dave reveals he has a banana as a "secret weapon" before Chris sets the teams loose.

Golden monkey

Team Maskwak's monkey, with their coin.

Topher informs Jasmine that he has an "errand" to run and leaves. Max also goes up to her to tell her that he is through taking orders from her. Frustrated and confused, Jasmine picks Max up and hangs him from a tree by his underwear. When he falls to the ground, Scarlett advises him on how to make himself as feared as he would like to be: don't limit evil actions to just one team. Max grows excited and starts plotting his revenge by setting up a trap in order for his team to get caught in it. Once he is done, Scarlett tells him they should go find Jasmine and lure her to the trap. Meanwhile, Topher bumps into Chris and lies that he was looking for his monkey and leaves. In reality, Topher actually stole Chris's cell phone in order to call the producers to tell them to replace Chris as he is getting older and might no longer be useful anymore.

Here beary, beary!

Dave goes with Sky's plan and tries to befriend the bear.

As Waneyihtam Maskwak successfully corners their monkey, Dave requests Sugar to hand him the banana, only to find out that Sugar had already eaten it, unaware of their plan. Sugar rebuffs it as she tried to pounce at the monkey, but ended up falling into a stream. To make things worse, the monkey had eaten the gold coin, before it was then eaten by a bear. Sky states that they should bring the entire bear back to Chris. As before, Dave wanted to impress her by agreeing with her plan, even though he thought otherwise. However, his attempt to befriend it ends up with the bear putting him in a headlock. Knowing that Ella will get in trouble if Chris finds out, Sugar tries to convince her to sing in order to tame the bear. Ella points out the conflict, but Team Maskwak assures her that they won't report her to Chris. Ella then agrees and begins to sing, successfully putting the bear in trance and letting go of Dave.

Meanwhile, Jasmine had been chasing her team's monkey for a while and found out that it remove its collar and blend in with other monkeys on top of a tree. The other members of Team Kinosewak caught up with her and Max demands the monkey to the coin to reveal itself. The monkeys respond by throwing feces at him, much to his horror. Scarlett suggest that their team to play a game of "Monkey See, Monkey Do" with the monkeys in order for their team's monkey to reveal itself. The plan works and after mimicking their moves, the real monkey accidentally gives them the coin. Having successfully acquired the coin, they leave to insert it into the vending machine and win. En route, Scarlett whispers to Max wondering how he marked the trap, but before he can answer, a net shoots up and traps all of them. This aggravates Scarlett as it was her plan all along to get Max eliminated. With the plan now changed, Scarlett had to think of a different way to get Max to admit that he made the trap but luckily for her, Max does it himself.

Ella and the bear cute

Ella sings and leads the bear to the vending machine.

As Team Maskwak passes them, with Ella still singing and the bear following her, Jasmine fumes at Max and their current situation, threatening to vote him off if they lose. The net soon collapses, due to the team members' combined weight. Back at the meeting area, Chris wonders why the bear seems to be in a trance. Sugar is then about to say that Ella sang to the bear; however, Sky claims she hypnotized her, preventing Sugar from exposing Ella's singing. Chris refuses to accept Team Maskwak's story. In response, Sugar gives the bear a Heimlich Maneuver until she coughs up the monkey. She then reaches inside the monkey while Jasmine gets closer with Kinosewak's coin. Sugar obtains the coin and tosses it into the vending machine just as Jasmine is about to insert Kinosewak's, winning the challenge. Chris then rewards Waneyihtam Maskwak with Chef Hatchet's Total Drama Yum Yum Happy Go Time Candy Fish Tails, while Pimâpotew Kinosewak has to yet again, vote off another competitor. However, Chris also orders Team Maskwak to attend the elimination ceremony.

Ella eliminated TDPI

Ella sings her final song as she is lowered into the Cannon of Shame.

At the elimination ceremony, Chris announces that Max is eliminated, but quickly retracts the statement, making Max think that evil got the better of him. Chris then reveals that he had received an anonymous note detailing that Ella went against his "no singing" policy. For doing so, Ella has officially met her end in the competition. Sugar is blunt in the confessional about it and says that she is the one who messaged Chris, ecstatic that her enemy has finally been eliminated from the competition. Ella says goodbye to the contestants through one final song before being blasted out of the Cannon of Shame.


Voice actor Role(s)
Christian Potenza Chris
Daniel DeSanto Dave
Sunday Muse Ella
Katie Bergin Jasmine
Bruce Dow Max
Kristi Friday Scarlett
Zachary Bennett Shawn
Sarah Podemski Sky
Rochelle Wilson Sugar
Christopher Jacot Topher

Still in the running

Waneyihtam Maskwak
Pimâpotew Kinosewak
Pimâpotew Kinosewak
Pimâpotew Kinosewak
Waneyihtam Maskwak
Waneyihtam Maskwak
Waneyihtam Maskwak
Pimâpotew Kinosewak



  • The shoe that the bear spits out bears a striking resemblance to those worn by Cody.
  • This is the second episode of the season that someone was set to be eliminated, but an event caused someone else to take their place, the first being in Twinning Isn't Everything.
  • The song Ella sings at the elimination ceremony is the longest one she has sung.
  • This is the only episode of the season to show nudity.
  • This is the fourth time that the player who gets eliminated isn't on the losing team. The other times it happened were in The Sand Witch Project with DJ, Jamaica Me Sweat with Izzy and A Mine Is a Terrible Thing to Waste with Anne Maria.
    • Though it is the first time they are officially disqualified by Chris, as the other times the contestants quit the competition or left due to an external reason.
  • With Ella's elimination, the teams are balanced in the gender-ratio, with each team having two males and two females.
  • As the monkeys on the island are later revealed to be robots, it's unclear that it was actually excrement they were throwing at Max.




  • When Shawn is touched when Dave asks him if he'd give up the money to be with his love interest, the upper part of a tree behind him is cut.
  • At certain points in the episode, such as her confessional and singing to the bear, Ella has visible eyelashes that disappear and reappear.
  • When Waneyihtam Maskwak are cheering for Sugar, Ella's left sleeve is overlapping her torso.


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