The monster is an animatronic robot that is manually controlled by the fictional staff of Total Drama Action. Its first appearance was in Monster Cash, where it was being controlled by Chef.

Total Drama Action

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The animatronic monster attacks Duncan and Owen.

In Monster Cash, Chris claims that the reason the film lot was abandoned is due to the monster going out of control. The monster is featured in the challenge, where it tries to capture all of the cast members and put them in a bounce house near the trailers. The monster is later revealed to be controlled by Chef, via a VR suit. The monster's face isn't seen until the very end of the episode when it leans down in front of Duncan and Owen. It is able to capture everyone but Owen, who is too heavy for the monster to pick up, and causes it resulting in to break down from the weight. Izzy claims to have gone on a "romantic date" with the monster after it caught everyone. The "date" presumably takes place at night, as Izzy had disappeared when Owen heads towards the bounce house full of contestants. However, she says, "I am so over that monster!" when it crushes the girls' trailer that they earn.

The monster returns again in The Princess Pride. This time, it is dressed as a dragon for the second part of the challenge. Justin, Duncan, and Harold are tasked with rescuing Princess Courtney from a tower, which is guarded by said "dragon". It is once again controlled by Chef. Justin manages to shut it down with some assistance from Harold, although it is functional again later on.

In Mutiny on the Soundstage, Duncan has to kiss the monster to pass the challenge. The monster is not controlled by Chef, but instead by a blond intern. Duncan succeeds in this challenge.


  • The monster is a parody of a Japanese movie-monster, Godzilla. There are also references to the monster, Clover, from the movie Cloverfield.
  • In week one of Best. Game. Ever., the monster is seen to have stepped on a staff member.


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