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Mr. Coconut is a coconut that is personified by Owen in Camp Castaways when his mind begins to slip, due to "long" isolation from the other campers. Mr. Coconut is "eliminated" in the same episode, though he would make various cameo appearances throughout later seasons as well as the two spin-off series.

Total Drama Island[]


Mr. Coconut floating away in Lake Wawanakwa after being eliminated in Camp Castaways.

In Camp Castaways, Mr. Coconut is created by a delusional Owen after being isolated from the other campers for eleven minutes. Owen is the sole person who can communicate with Mr. Coconut, which he did in order to relieve himself of the madness that is brought on by his eleven minutes of isolation. In the episode, Mr. Coconut stays in the confessional with Owen, is shot by Duncan's arrow, and "plays" games with the final four in their treehouse. Owen's state of madness lasts nearly the entire episode, thereby sustaining Mr. Coconut's character.

At the end of the episode, Chris "eliminates" Mr. Coconut and throws him down the Dock of Shame as Owen's obsessive friendship with it was freaking him out. It then proceeds to bounce off the Dock of Shame and into the lake, and then floats away from the island. Owen proceeds to say, "Don't worry Mr. Coconut, I shall never let go!"

It appeared in the next episode, during the recap, in which Chef slices it in half after three strikes, and the coconut milk from inside spills out.

Total Drama Action[]

Mr. Coconut has a brief cameo appearance at the end of One Million Bucks, B.C. where Chris is seen drinking from its top half in the confessional.

Total Drama World Tour[]

Mr. Coconut is referenced in Rapa Phooey!, when Alejandro found a coconut inside the stone carving of Owen's head.

Total Drama All-Stars[]

In the opening sequence, Mr. Coconut pops out from the treasure chest that Sierra and Heather fight over, along with Cameron and McLean-Brand Chris Heads.

Mr. Coconut makes another appearance in Zeek And Ye Shall Find. He appears inside the cabin's heater when Cameron, "Mike" and Zoey were searching for clues to find out how Cameron was unanimously voted off in the previous episode.

In The Final Wreck-ening, Mr. Coconut appears on the massive weapons rack that Mal and Zoey are allowed to choose from to free potential helpers from the balloons.

Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race[]

Mr. Coconut briefly appears in Brazilian Pain Forest, falling down a pile of coconuts during Don's explanation of the All-In challenge.

Total DramaRama season 2[]

Mr. Coconut has a cameo as a memory stick in the episode A Dame-gerous Game.

Total DramaRama season 3[]

In MacArthur Park, Mr. Coconut makes a cameo appearance as one of Courtney's toppings for her sundae.

Exclusive clip[]


Mr. Coconut on a beach chair.

View this video for Mr. Coconut's exclusive clip.

Mr. Coconut appears in an exclusive clip taking place after the events of Camp Castaways. The clip shows Mr. Coconut on an unknown beach sitting on a beach chair. It remains motionless for most of the video, until it eventually falls off the chair.



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