The Mutant Maggots is one of two opposing teams in Total Drama: Revenge of the Island. The Mutant Maggots originally consists of Anne Maria, Brick, Cameron, Jo, Mike, and Zoey, and later Dakota. Later, Jo switches teams with Scott. The Mutant Maggots' logo is a red, three-eyed mutant maggot snarling. It is mounted on a stained pale yellow circle with a red ring around it.

Total Drama: Revenge of the Island


The Mutant Maggots are formed.

In Bigger! Badder! Brutal-er!, The Mutant Maggots are formed according to the random order the contestants end the race. Jo arrives first, becoming the first member. Brick arrives fourth and becomes the second member, while Zoey and Mike become the third and fourth members. Cameron becomes the fifth, and lastly, Anne Maria becomes the final member, making the Mutant Maggots one player short compared to the Toxic Rats. They perform well in the first challenge, managing to cut down their totem long before the other team after Mike switches personalities and hurls a rock at a mutated squirrel, causing its laser beams to sever the rope. However, even with a head start in the log race, they fall behind after they are passed by the Rats, who reach the campgrounds before them. It is an apparent victory, but the Maggots' log spirals out of control, landing in the Rats' cabin and destroying it. Amused, Chris declares the Mutant Maggots the winners. Since they win immunity, they are safe from elimination. The Rats having the vote off a camper thus evens out the numbers between the teams.

In Truth or Laser Shark, the team is seen in their cabins before the first challenge. During their walk through the forest, Anne Maria tries unsuccessfully to get B to engage in conversation. Mike and Zoey further develop their friendship, and tension begins brewing between Cameron and Jo. At the challenge, it is revealed that Brick wet his pants on the first and last day of school. Both teams tie for the first part. In the second challenge, although the lead repeatedly switches between the two teams, it eventually comes down to Cameron facing off against Dakota. He manages to win the challenge for the Maggots, saving them from elimination once more.


The Maggots get the superior snow fort in the challenge.

In Ice Ice Baby, the team loses the first part of the challenge by not having their whole team up the mountain first. In the second part, Jo beats Brick in a thumb-wrestling match, and thus is granted leadership of the Maggots. She also starts to exercise her skills in strategy to use her teammates to further her own game. The Maggots end up victorious in the end, due to Scott throwing the challenge for the Rats (framing B for the action), and go undefeated for the third episode in a row.

Finders Creepers (39)

Brick is "ordered" to switch to the Toxic Rats.

The Maggots begin to experience division in Finders Creepers when Mike, Anne Maria, and Brick are all upset with Jo's cutthroat attitude, as she doesn't care at all when Zoey and Brick are taken by the giant spider and insists that they move on without them. The team is also further divided by the love triangle between Mike, Zoey, and Anne Maria. In the end, after Brick and Jo are taken, Cameron takes it upon himself to lead the team, and although he is captured by the spider, he attacks it out of fear and saves the other contestants. Brick quickly escapes on the nearby zip-line, just ahead of Sam and Scott for the Rats. However, Chris declares the Maggots to be the losers due to losing four people, while the Rats only lost two. At their first elimination ceremony, Brick volunteers for elimination, feeling guilty for leaving his team behind in the end. Chris instead decides to switch him to the Rats, pitting him and Jo against each other at last.

Backstabbers Ahoy (46)

Cameron wins for the Maggots again.

In Backstabbers Ahoy!, Jo takes full command of the Maggots now that Brick is gone, and volunteers to be the diver for the team. The love triangle continues but does not hinder their progress in the challenge as much as it did before. The Maggots lose the first part of the challenge and receive a dinghy in poor condition for the second. Despite the clear disadvantage, they manage to pull ahead and win, thanks to Mike's alternate personality, Svetlana, and Cameron detonating two mines and beating the Rats.

Runaway Model (38)

Zoey volunteers to redress the model for her team.

In Runaway Model, the Maggots team is becoming a bit dysfunctional due to the conflict between Anne Maria and Zoey thanks to Mike's alter egos. In their first challenge, requiring them to capture a mutant animal and dress it to impress judges Chris, Chef, and Lindsay, Mike has some trouble with a frog that has the ability to teleport. Additionally, Cameron comes across a giant angler fish, initially believing it to be a beaver. They agree on dressing a beagle-sized maggot, and Anne Maria steps up to the plate. After she is done, the contestants are not pleased with her work, and Zoey steps in to take a shot at it. Cameron and Mike are pleased by the result and Jo just wants to get the show on the road, so the Maggots go with Zoey's fashion choices. Zoey's choices earn the Maggots some above average scores; however, the first challenge ends up being disregarded because of Sasquatchanakwa's kidnapping of Lindsay. In the challenge to rescue Lindsay, Jo volunteers to get made-over to seduce Sasquatchanakwa away. Once she reaches the top of the scaffolding, Lindsay and Sasquatchanakwa laugh at her causing Jo to punch Sasquatchanakwa off the cliff, thus giving the Maggots the win. Chris asks them to sit in on the Rats' elimination for a shocking team swap, placing Scott on the Maggots and Jo on the Rats.


The Maggots discover Manitoba Smith.

In A Mine Is a Terrible Thing to Waste, the Maggots are separated when the two mine carts they are riding in go in different directions. They eventually regroup and win due to Brick smashing his team's Gilded Chris statue in order to save Cameron, Mike, and Zoey. At the last second, Anne Maria decides to quit the game because of the diamond that Ezekiel gave her. However, Chris reveals that the diamond is actually fake. Anne Maria tries to get off the Hurl of Shame but is catapulted off along with Brick. Chris later announces that Dakota has rejoined the competition as a contestant and that she will join the Mutant Maggots since they're down a member.

The Treasure Island of Dr. McLean (23)

The team watches in fear as their new teammate starts to grow.

The Mutant Maggots' dynamic becomes even more divided in The Treasure Island of Dr. McLean. Zoey believes she has become a friend to Scott, but Cameron and Mike insist his intentions are not pure. The team's winning streak comes to an end, and Zoey sides with Scott to vote off the newly mutated Dakota, citing the girls' friendship is "hazardous to her health". While Scott receives the most votes, he wields the McLean-Brand Chris Head, and so Dakota is eliminated in his place.

In Grand Chef Auto, the teams merge, officially breaking up the Mutant Maggots, meaning Cameron, Mike, Scott, and Zoey are the only members of this team to progress to the merge.


Additional members

In Runaway Model, Jo and Scott switch teams.

At the end of A Mine Is a Terrible Thing to Waste, Chris places Dakota on the team to fill the gap left by Anne Maria quitting.

Mutant Maggots teammates
Anne Maria | Brick | Cameron | Dakota | Jo | Mike | Scott | Zoey


Contestant Gender Rank Team rank Episode Reason for elimination
Anne Maria Female 8th 6th A Mine Is a Terrible Thing to Waste She quit when she thought she had received a giant diamond from Ezekiel.
Dakota Female 7th 5th The Treasure Island of Dr. McLean Scott was originally voted off, but he used the immunity idol to save himself; therefore, Dakota was eliminated instead. Zoey voted Dakota because their friendship was hazardous to her health.
Mike Male 6th 4th Grand Chef Auto After winning the challenge, Scott was able to pick who's going home, and he picked Mike, who had been blackmailed by Scott over the course of the day.
Scott Male 4th 3rd Eat, Puke and Be Wary Cameron and Zoey voted him off in retaliation for being a jerk and causing so many eliminations, including Mike.
Zoey Female 3rd 2nd The Enchanted Franken-Forest Lightning won the challenge and got to select who to send home, and he picked Zoey, thinking that Cameron would be easy to defeat in the finale.
Cameron Male 1st/2nd 1st Brain vs. Brawn: The Ultimate Showdown He pinned Lightning down for three seconds in the final challenge, thus winning the million dollars; came in second in Lightning's ending.


  • This team is currently tied for the record of the least amount of challenge losses of any team in Total Drama history, alongside Waneyihtam Maskwak. Out of the eight pre-merge episodes of the season, the Maggots lost only twice. The previous record was held by the Screaming Gaffers, who had lost only three times.
    • They also had four of its original members to pass onto Total Drama All-Stars, and one additional member to pass as well.
    • This is the first red-colored team to be the superior team, as the two previous red-colored teams were both inferior.
  • This team is currently tied with the Heroic Hamsters for the fourth-highest amount of members of any team in the Total Drama series, behind the Toxic Rats and Villainous Vultures (with nine), the Screaming Gophers, and the Killer Bass (with twelve each).
  • This is one of four teams to lose a member in an episode in which they win the challenge, the others being the Screaming Gaffers, Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot, and the Waneyihtam Maskwak.
  • This is the only team Scott has been on without Lightning.


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