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Season two comes to a close as the final two compete in a pirate-themed challenge. However, total chaos breaks loose as two hosts start a fight that threatens their friendship. The final two are pushed through a treasure hunt of knowledge and endure all of the elimination challenges in addition to one more, due to a choice. As the two finalists race to the end, something unexpected happens.


The episode opens with Beth and Duncan alone in their separate trailers. At first, Beth is excited about being the last remaining girl left on the show. However, she soon becomes scared when she realizes that she is all alone in the trailer, wishing anyone, even Heather, was there with her to keep her company. She starts to chatter her teeth, which annoys Duncan, who can hear it from the other cabin. He then also realizes that no one is in his cabin after making a joke about Beth's face. The two are soon knocked out by knock-out gas cans that were thrown into their trailers, and are then kidnapped. They awaken to find themselves tied "tightly, but not painfully" to the mast of a boat, and they decide to help each other get out of the bind, after Duncan makes a quip about how Chef is losing his touch. Beth tries to ally herself with Duncan, but Duncan doesn't believe her nice-girl façade.

TDA Beth.png

Chef in a good mood! That's like Heather saying she's sorry! You have to take advantage of it while it's happening!

Chef arrives and brings the finalists a good breakfast, rather than his normal food, much to their surprise.

TDA Duncan.png

When I was a kid, Ma insisted on sending me to Muskrat Boys. We had to wear doinky vests and sell apples, but all the knot-tying lessons meant I'm pretty much a Houdini at tying and untying stuff. Came in handy a bunch of ways I don't think Ma had in mind.

Duncan and Beth cannot stand the horrible smell.

While they are eating, Chris comes in and announces the challenge. He tells them that they will have to do pirate challenges, then be shot through a cannon back to the first set of the season, and since a million dollars are on the line, Chris tells Beth to reconsider the all-for-one, one-for-all approach.

TDA Beth.png

Somebody has to win, right? I guess it might as well be me. To be nice, I could share the prize with Lindsay or with Brady, my totally real boyfriend! He already likes me heaps, but a million dollars never hurt a girl's attractiveness.

They are then told that for their first pirate-themed challenge, they will have to clean the lavatories that were used by Sasquatchanakwa and the bear, using only little cotton swabs. Duncan completes the challenge first, but then must re-clean as the Sasquatchanakwa has to use the lavatory again, while Beth gets ahead. He asks her for help, but she refuses, saying "teamsies" go both ways.

TDA Beth.png

So, maybe that wasn't super nice of me. Looks like i might have one cutthroat bone in my body, just one of those teensy weensy ones in your ear. Let's call it my cutthroat cochlea.

However, Duncan still completes the second and third parts of the challenge first, which are to tie a flag to the top of a lubed up mast, and fire oneself from an air cannon to the monster movie set, respectively. Chef, who is finally fed up with Chris and reveals that he intends to leave the show, has taken Chris's role as host to prove that Chris has the easier job of the two. Chef follows Duncan through the challenges, asking him trivia questions pertaining to all the eliminated Total Drama Action castmates. If he answers the questions correctly, he will skip the physical portion of the challenge, and move on to the next challenge. However, Duncan doesn't know the answers to any to the questions in the entire challenge.

The eliminated contestants watching the final two.

An emotional Chris, who is upset about Chef leaving the show, tells everything to Beth while she is pumping the air cannon. Despite not pumping the cannon enough the first time, and getting criticized by Chris after cheering him up, she manages to succeed and make it to the monster movie set. Beth is then asked questions by Chef, although unlike Duncan, she is able to answer them easily. She answers all of the questions correctly and skips over the challenges. Since Chef has to act as host to both Duncan and Beth, he runs back and forth repeatedly between the two, exhausting himself. After stalling Beth in order to rest, Chris shows up and offers to follow Beth, while Chef follows Duncan. Beth ends up catching up to Duncan, who initially had a massive lead. Eventually, the final two both end up at the set of Top Dog, and are each asked a different trivia question about Courtney.

TDA Duncan.png

Finally! I may not file away everybody's stupid details all the time, but I do know a thing or two about Courtney… because she insisted.
TDA Beth.png

Perfect! The one person I didn't like enough to learn everything about!

However, both of them are unable to answer their respective questions correctly. Because the animal challenge is considered easy and harmless, Chris sends the finalists to the set of Masters of Disasters to repeat the earthquake simulator challenge instead.

The series has its only ever "To Be Continued…"

At this point, Duncan and Beth start to work together, which is what Beth wanted from the beginning. Meanwhile, Chris and Chef make amends and launch a safe at Duncan. Despite Duncan pleading Beth to go on without him, Beth saves him and carries him to the zip-line. Eventually, they end up sprinting to their final objective. The camera shows the Aftermath studio, with all the former contestants watching excitedly. Geoff and Bridgette are about to announce the winner, but both Beth and Duncan cross the finish line simultaneously. This causes everyone in the room to be shocked or angry about the turn of events. The episode then ends with a black screen that states, "To Be Continued…"


Voice actor Role(s)
Christian Potenza Chris
Sarah Gadon Beth
Kristin Fairlie Bridgette
Clé Bennett Chef Hatchet
Emilie-Claire Barlow Courtney
Drew Nelson Duncan
Dan Petronijevic Geoff


Episode Challenge
2 "Alien Resurr-eggtion" Instead of avoiding "Mama Alien," Duncan had to kiss the Monster acting as an alien.
3 "Riot on Set" Instead of carrying the film set up the mountain, Duncan had to carry the mountain up the mountain.
5 "3:10 to Crazytown" Instead of jumping off the platform onto a horse, the horse had to land on Duncan.
7 "The Chefshank Redemption" Duncan had to run through the obstacle course while being chased by bloodthirsty hounds.
9 "The Sand Witch Project" Instead of competing in a horror-themed challenge, Duncan had to watch "The Miracle of Childbirth."
11 "Full Metal Drama" Run through a minefield wearing a blindfold.
15 "Million Dollar Babies" Face off in all of the sports challenges against a bear.
19 "The Princess Pride" Instead of running across a rickety old bridge, Duncan had to get across the bridge carrying Chef, who was wearing a dress.
23 "2008: A Space Owen" Ride in the Vomit Comet.
24 "Top Dog" Replaced with running through the earthquake simulator.
10 "Masters of Disasters"

Contestant Question Answer
TDA Bridgette.png
Bridgette Where is the weirdest place Bridgette and Geoff made out? Inside Chris's Tan-o-Matic 3000.
TDA Geoff.png
TDA Trent.png
Trent How did Trent get his fear of mimes? At a circus when he was little.
TDA Gwen.png
Gwen What are the names of Gwen's pet lizards? Angus and Vampyra.
TDA DJ.png
DJ What animal does DJ like? N/A
TDA Izzy.png
Izzy What is Izzy reincarnated from? Her great-grandmother, Mavis.
How old did Kaleidoscope think she is? 87 years old.
[What is Explosivo's catchphrase?] "Loco for Boom-Boom!"
TDA Owen.png
Owen What are Owen's favorite foods? He has 139 favorite foods, but only Alaskan King Crab, American Cheese, apple, apple cobbler, apple crisp and apple pie are heard.
TDA Heather.png
Heather N/A [bleat like a sheep]
TDA Justin.png
Justin At whose wedding did Justin cry at? His aunt's, Lady Mimi Cici Didi Laduda.
TDA Courtney.png
Courtney (Beth's question) What is the name of Courtney's band? The Type-A Psychotic Crazies.
(Duncan's question) What color is Courtney thinking of right now? Burnt sienna.

Still in the running

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TDA Geoff bw.png
TDA Trent bw.png
TDA Gwen bw.png
TDA DJ bw.png
TDA Izzy bw.png
TDA Heather bw.png
TDA Leshawna bw.png
TDA Justin bw.png
TDA Lindsay bw.png
TDA Harold bw.png
TDA Courtney bw.png
TDA Owen bw.png
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  • In this episode, Geoff and Bridgette are revealed to have been in Chris's private space: kissing in his tanning bed.
  • Gwen's pet lizards, named Angus and Vampyra, are mentioned again in this episode.
  • The challenges from previous episodes were all modified, but kept the same theme.
  • From the trivia part of the challenge, neither the follow-up questions or the answers for Leshawna and Lindsay were heard.
  • Harold seems to have a follow-up question but Chef allows Beth to continue without asking it while Duncan appears to get it wrong as he is forced to take the Vomit Comet again.
  • This is the only episode of season two to have more than one movie genre. It had pirate and miscellaneous.



  • This episode's title references Mutiny on the Bounty.
  • Chris mentions The Oscar award show when Chef says that he is getting a new job.
  • Chris makes a reference to the kids' game Chutes and Ladders when he wonders "who will climb the golden ladder to Glorytown and who will slide down the stinky slide to Loserville."
  • When Chef referred to The Newlywed Game when he asked the question "What was the weirdest place Geoff and Bridgette made out in?"


  • When Duncan and Beth are knocked out by the gas cans, they are wearing pajamas, but when they wake up, they are wearing their normal clothes.
  • Chef has already hosted the show before (although he did a lot more slacking than Chris usually does), but it was not mentioned by him or anyone else.
  • When Duncan and Beth are tied up with the rope in the beginning, Duncan's shirt is gray instead of black.
  • Beth apparently broke up with Brady two episodes ago, but in this episode, she mentions him on two occasions and calls him her boyfriend as if it never happened.
    • Although, when Beth says she has a boyfriend, she might have been referring to Harold as she thought he was crushing on her. So she thought of Harold as her boyfriend since he never clarified to her that he was not her boyfriend.
  • When Duncan and Beth go through the door, they come out on the left side of the Aftermath studio. However, in past episodes, guests come out of the waiting room and enter on the left side without going through the set. It is possible that the waiting room can disconnect from the aftermath studio, and it even seemed to appear separately from the studio in "Rock n' Rule."
    • This also leads questions to why the Lame-o-sine is shown driving off into the distance after someone is eliminated.
  • When Beth and Duncan are finally at the same challenge together, Duncan's spikes on his collar disappear, then reappear in the next scene.
  • Duncan's unibrow splits during the "Riot On Set" challenge.
  • Duncan and Beth both get hit with a cinder block to the head (which of course would hurt them extremely to begin with), but when hit, a metal sound is heard with the impacts.
  • Chef says that the monster from "Monster Cash" and "The Princess Pride" was the alien from "Alien Resurr-eggtion," even though Chef himself was the alien. It is likely that he merged the two challenges together.
  • When Duncan kisses the monster, its eyes are black instead of red.
  • Duncan states that he beat the monster the last two times when it appears, but it was the monster that beat Duncan in the two challenges it was involved in. In fact, it was Owen's weight and Harold's math skills that stopped the monster in Monster Cash and The Princess Pride respectively.
  • Beth refers to the tiny bones in her ears as the cochlea. This is incorrect, as the cochlea isn't a bone.
  • In the Netflix description of the episode, "cannon" is misspelled as "canon".


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