After accidentally hypnotizing Owen into being a dog, Harold thinks he must reverse the hypnosis to avoid going to jail.




Owen and Cody are playing a game of Tic-Tac-Toe. Owen is O's, and Cody is X's. After a few moves, Owen stops and thinks about where to put his next O. He thinks about it for so long, he and Cody go through their childhood, their teen years, and their old age until eventually Cody dies amd Owen marks two O's, lining up three in a way. Owen wins.


Voice actor Role(s)
Deven Mack Chef Hatchet
Sarah Gadon Beth
Wyatt White Cody
Emilie-Claire Barlow Courtney
Drew Nelson Duncan
Darren Frost Harold
Katie Crown Izzy
Christian Potenza Jude
Evany Rosen MacArthur
Bahia Watson Leshawna
Scott McCord Owen
  • A pack of dogs, a tooth fairy and a judge speak, however, it is unknown who voiced them.



  • Cody and Owen's older selfs from the original Total Drama series appear in the ending credits, along with their elderly selves from Tiger Fail.
    • As a teen and an old man, Cody's outfit retains his Total DramaRama colors instead of his original counterpart's.
    • Additionally, Cody is taller than is Total Drama counterpart.
  • Beth reveals in this episode that she has a brother.


  • In the ending credits, Cody is seen dying. This is the second time Cody died in the series, the first time was in Tiger Fail.




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