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The host's hometown is visited as the eleven teens compete in their next challenge. One team is down to its last member, who desperately wants to be eliminated, leading one contestant to try hard to align themselves with them, but is beaten to it by someone else. In the end, two teams share the reward and no one is sent home due to the host's good mood.


Gwen and Courtney snicker about Heather's misfortunes.

The episode begins in the first-class section with Gwen and Courtney sitting together. Heather suddenly begins to climb in through an air vent above them, explaining that she is sneaking into the economy class to spy on Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot and what's left of Team Victory. She elaborates that Team Amazon needs to make an alliance with DJ before the opposition does. However, because her team believes she has feelings for Alejandro, they think she is really going down there to spy on him, much to her vehement protest.

TDWT Heather.png

Five of us on my team, five of us on his team, and then there's DJ, his own team. Make an alliance, and you could add him to yours.

The scene changes to the economy-class section where DJ is seen sitting across from Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot. Izzy is seen sleeping, while Owen is nervous about having to make an alliance with him, explaining how he was "the allianc-ee, not the alliance-er." Noah gives Owen some advice on how to ask him, saying that it is like asking someone out. However, this backfires due to Owen taking the advice too literally and attempts to set DJ up with Noah. Alejandro chides them, explaining that they cannot just barge into an alliance. Unfortunately, an angry Tyler chooses this moment to yell at DJ for being the cause of Lindsay's elimination. DJ gets equally angry, replying that it isn't his fault. He apologizes and says that he's going to deliberately lose the next challenge in order to leave the game and stop his curse. At the mention of this, Heather falls out from a compartment above Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot. Both Alejandro and Noah are amused by this and Alejandro inquires whether she was spying on them. Heather vehemently denies this, before going back to first class. She also issues a ticket to Owen for having dirty socks.


As the only one left on Team Victory, I-I'm having a hard team seeing how I could possibly win this thing. Plus, I have a bit of a cold. (coughs) And let's face it. I've never had a killer instinct. (sniffles) Unless it's an animal, it turns out.

Heather interrupts DJ's confessional, as she was spying on him from the vent and joins in, asking him to join an alliance with her team in order to help him win. DJ, scared, is relieved that he wasn't doing his business in the toilet. Heather says she just had to wait for her to be sure to not interrupt him, adding, "F.Y.I., Izzy likes to sing 'Pop Goes the Weasel' when she...," grunting at the thought.

Chris is delighted to be back at his birthplace.

The plane then lands in the middle of the ocean and the contestants are shoved out of the Total Drama Jumbo Jet. DJ immediately begins to panic due to his fear of water and nearly drowns. Heather uses a cushion she took from the Jumbo Jet's first class to save him and then proposes an alliance to him. Alejandro finds a flaw in her plan, commenting on how she should have asked DJ for the alliance before giving him the cushion. Chris then shows up on a boat, wearing a raincoat and talking in a Newfoundland accent, Sierra explaining that Newfoundland was where he was born and that the first challenge of the day was to reach a set of boats and row them all the way to the shore, and for added excitement, DJ's boat is equipped with a motor.

TDWT Heather.png

Oh, he is good. (sighs dreamily) I want the tape. Give me the tape! How do you open this thing?

When the challenge begins, Courtney suggests that her team swim in a V-Formation, like geese, since they will go faster. Heather agrees with her, shocking Gwen.

TDWT Gwen.png

You know, Heather really shouldn't let her obvious crush on Alejandro get in the way of the game. Having a relationship with Duncan really screwed things up for me last season. Trent! I meant Trent. Just a slip of the tongue. (chuckles) I want that tape back. Gimme the tape! How do you open this thing?

However, Courtney and Heather get into a conflict over who gets to be the "point" of the V-Formation. While Courtney and Heather constantly argue, Alejandro makes it to his boat, quickly complimenting his team's swimming skills and then assisting Noah, the second to arrive, onto the boat. The rest of Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot make it to the boat and then drag a struggling Owen to them using a fishing net, which is met with happiness by Izzy. When the race begins, Heather switches over to DJ's boat in order to help him stay in the game, telling Courtney to be in charge.

Owen secretly licks a lobster when his back is turned.

In the boat of Team Chris, Izzy pulls the rope to reveal that she caught a snappy lobster, which Izzy welcomes to her to the "Izzy Cruise." Owen takes it and asks if anyone has any butter, to which Alejandro tells him to not think about it, that is, eating the lobster. Owen asks if he can think about tarter sauce, instead, but Alejandro only squints his eyes angrily, while Owen licks the lobster. Then Chris, in his boat, sends the show to commercials.

While Heather joins DJ's boat, trying to turn on its engine, the musical chime goes off and the contestants begin singing, "Sea Shanty Mix." Chris reminds DJ that if he does not sing, he will be automatically eliminated, so DJ refuses to sing but is tricked into doing so by Heather. Due to a series of unexpected events, DJ and Heather arrive at the island first followed shortly by Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot. Team Amazon, however, is nowhere in sight, leaving Heather to face the team punishment of cleaning the seafood Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot brought in and shucking several giant clams for Chris.

TDWT Heather.png

If Chris wants to have a dumb party, he should just hire a caterer because I am not it. Perhaps I'll just have to add a few surprises to his clams.

Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot, DJ, and Heather make it to the shore.

Meanwhile, Courtney and Gwen climb up a rocky mountain, trying to reach what appears to be Duncan at the top. Cody and Sierra are left waiting at the boat, Sierra attempts to flirt with him, only for Cody to back away and then fall off the boat. With Team Amazon still missing, the next challenge involves Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot competing against DJ, or what remains of Team Victory. The challenge is a relay, for the first part, Izzy and Owen have to chug jugs of apple vinegar, then tag Alejandro and Noah, who have to decipher a sentence given by Chris's cousin, Jerd McLean, who speaks in a very thick accent and for the final round Tyler has to kiss a cod "like he means it." Due to DJ being the sole survivor of Team Victory he is required to do all the challenges himself. Owen easily chugs the vinegar, even asking for chips to go with it, DJ still refuses to do the challenge, but is once again tricked into completing it by Heather, he unintentionally deciphers Jerd's sentence as well, putting him in the finals. Alejandro then manages to understand Jerd's next sentence, putting both teams in the finals.

Gwen and Courtney mistake a rock for Duncan, putting their team in last place.

Back at the mountain, Gwen and Courtney finally reach the summit, only to discover that they had mistaken an odd-shaped rock for Duncan. Disappointed and confused, both girls return to the boat, where Sierra explains that missing someone can cause hallucinations. She tells a story of how she saw Cody outside her room, but it was only a plant. Courtney confesses that she really does miss Duncan badly, but doesn't understand why Gwen would see him, which Gwen nervously agrees.

Meanwhile, for the final challenge, both Tyler and DJ must kiss a fish. DJ refuses, not wanting to risk hurting another animal, only for Heather to point out that this fish has an Egyptian symbol on it, and that kissing the fish could cancel out his curse.

DJ doesn't believe her, but when Alejandro agrees, he accepts the idea and kisses the fish. In order to get Tyler to kiss the fish, Alejandro advises him to pretend its Lindsay. This works and both contestants begin to make out with their fish, ending the challenge in a tie.

TDWT Noah.png

No wonder my little cousins aren't allowed to watch this show.
TDWT Owen.png

I think Noah's auntie is right to block this show. It's way out of control.

Afterwards, when the rest of Team Amazon finally arrives, Heather asks Courtney where they were, angrily.

TDWT Courtney.png

Okay, fine. So I did let a guy get in the way of how I played the game. I really can't stop thinking about how Duncan could just abandon me like this and I... I messed up. Did I just say that on air? I want that tape back! Gimme the tape! Oh! How do you open this thing?

Gwen takes the blame for their loss, prompting Heather to yell at her and proclaiming that she is going to vote Gwen off. Chris then announces that in celebration of them being in his homeland, the episode will be a reward challenge instead of an elimination. Team Victory and Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot are both entitled to a delicious fish and clam chowder dinner. Both teams are enjoying their meals when Alejandro finds one of Owen's socks in his soup, courtesy of an annoyed Heather.

TDWT Alejandro.png

[furiously brushing his teeth] Malvada bruja! [spits] Malditos incompetentes!

Alejandro reveals he has drawn a symbol on the fish to manipulate DJ.

Afterwards, he walks alone to the shore and shows the audience a bucket of fish, each with an identical symbol drawn upon them. He explains that this was all part of his plan, releases the fish into the water, and then walks back to the house in silence. Chris then comes from nowhere, calling Alejandro, "A reality producer's dream, and everyone else's nightmare" before signing off the show.

Exclusive clip

Owen finds Ezekiel inside a pot.

In an exclusive clip depicting events after the episode ends, Owen is seen back in the boathouse, digging through a large pot full of water. He finds several various items inside. First is a pair of underwear, which he suddenly eats. Then, he finds an MP3 player, which plays "Sea Shanty Mix." Next, he finds a chicken hat, which he gleefully wears on his head. Then he pulls out Ezekiel, who is still in hiding. The two repeatedly scream in shock at each other back and forth for a while, before Owen grabs the lid of the pot and slams it onto Ezekiel's head.


Voice actor Role(s)
Christian Potenza Chris/Jerd McLean
Marco Grazzini Alejandro
Clé Bennett Chef Hatchet/DJ
Peter Oldring Cody/Tyler
Emilie Claire-Barlow Courtney
Megan Fahlenbock Gwen
Rachel Wilson Heather
Katie Crown Izzy
Carter Hayden Noah
Scott McCord Owen
Annick Obonsawin Sierra
  • Ezekiel makes another cameo appearance behind Chef after he throws Heather from the plane, but he does not speak. However, he screams several times in the exclusive clip.
  • Lindsay briefly appears in Tyler's hallucination when he is kissing the cod; however, she has no lines.

Still in the running

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TDWT Ezekiel bw.png
TDWT Harold bw.png
TDWT Bridgette bw.png
TDWT Leshawna bw.png
TDWT Lindsay bw.png
TDWT Cody.png
TDWT Team Victory.png
TDWT Gwen.png
TDWT Izzy.png
TDWT Noah.png
TDWT Owen.png
TDWT Sierra.png
TDWT Tyler.png




  • This is the first episode that Ezekiel cameos in since "Anything Yukon Do, I Can Do Better."
  • This is the second episode Noah has used the confessional and the only time he used it this season.
  • This is the last challenge Izzy competes in despite being eliminated next episode.
  • This is the third and final episode that Team Victory doesn't come in last place.
  • This is one of the two episodes where Chris announces that this was a reward challenge before the losing team goes to the elimination ceremony.
  • When Jerd was first introduced, music from "Sea Shanty Mix" can be heard.
  • The close-up shot of Gwen and Heather trying to get the tape out of the camera was first seen in "Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special" when the two hosts show the blog war between the two.
  • This is the second episode in a row to have a tie.
    • In both cases, DJ is one of the two who tied.



  • When Sierra is excitedly brushing her teeth with Cody's toothbrush, the toothpaste foam in her mouth disappears when she stops to mumble happily.
  • When Tyler shifts his arms closer while yelling at DJ, his left hand disappears.
  • Heather refers to her pencil as a pen when Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot discovers her spying on them.
  • When Heather gets off the boat and Courtney says that she is a C.I.T., her eyebrows are missing.
  • When Heather was sneaking up on DJ in the confessional, her ponytail should have been hanging upside down.
  • When DJ is talking about not harming animals, his mouth doesn't complete the word "animal."
  • As Chris does the recap for "Can't Help Falling in Louvre," it shows Noah working his way through the lasers, but his right leg is bent behind him and his shoe is intact. In the actual episode, he had his leg extended outward with half the shoe burnt off.
  • When Gwen is trying to get the tape out of the confessional stall, her chin appears to have a prominent cleft.
  • When Alejandro is brushing his teeth in the confessional after eating chowder with Owen's socks in it, a chunk of his hair disappears, reappears, and disappears again.
  • DJ is excited to be rewarded with clam and fish chowder, despite claiming to be vegan in the last episode. However, it is possible that he was only excited that he won the challenge.


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