The remaining seven are dumped in Niagara Falls for their next challenge, where it is revealed that one person is debuting onto the show and that the teams have merged. The challenges have a wedding theme, leading to added tension for three particular couples. A powerful manipulator attempts to convince the others to vote off a contestant they considered a threat. They ultimately succeed, forcing one of the friendliest competitors to leave the plane.


Alejandro Candy Cane

Owen has a nightmare about Alejandro.

Ezekiel is briefly seen taking a piece of cheese from a rat at the start of the episode, and then hides after noticing the sleeping contestants being dragged to the cargo hold area by the interns. The scene then cuts to a sleeping Owen having a pleasant dream, in which he is naked and floating with balloons in the clouds. The dream soon turns into a nightmare when Alejandro starts popping the balloons with candy canes, to which Owen responds by telling Alejandro that he cannot use candy canes for evil. Alejandro laughs evilly at Owen, popping all his balloons at once. When Owen falls in his dream after the balloons are all popped, he wakes up and notices that he and the other contestants have been dropped out of the plane.


Sierra moves in to finally claim a kiss from Cody, due to a promise he made.

Owen screams and wakes up the others. While falling, two swan paddle-boats are also falling with them. The contestants cling onto the boats as they fall and land in the water, and soon realize they are heading towards a massive waterfall. While praying to live, Courtney says she will promise to tutor any stupid person, even Duncan, which made him promise to forget what she said. Cody says that if they survive the ordeal, he will let Sierra kiss him. Everyone stares at him in shock and he tells them they are all going to die anyway. Upon hearing this, Sierra becomes determined to get her kiss. She ties Owen to a rope, uses her monstrous strength to throw him into the other boat as an anchor, before furiously paddling both boats to safety. Sierra then kisses Cody as her reward, prompting a horrified Cody to brush his teeth rapidly and throw up in the confessional.

On shore, Chris comes in and tells them they are back in Canada, more specifically, Niagara Falls. They then head to Niagara Falls Casino, but have to be in the concert theater because most of them are all under age. Chris then tells them that a contestant will be back on the show, and both Duncan and Cody want it to be Gwen. However, they are shown in the musical number that it's Blaineley, who most of the contestants don't really know about. Blaineley sings Blainerific, where she brags about herself.


Blaineley debuts on the show by singing Blainerific.

When Blaineley asks which team she is on, Chris announces that the teams are disbanded. The guys agree to be close, even though they aren't teammates anymore. Chris then announces that since they are in the honeymoon capital of the world, they will be in pairs for an "arranged marriage." The boys will be placed in a giant casino machine, and the girls will pull the lever to see who will be their partner/husband and for fun, Chris adds a bear in the slot machine too. Sierra pulls first and gets Alejandro, but Sierra shuts the door, smashing his arm, and begs Chris not to have him. Heather takes him instead, greatly upsetting Courtney. Blaineley then pulls and gets Owen. She is okay with this, thinking that Owen will help her file since he is an audience favorite. Courtney then pulls the handle and after getting mauled by the bear, pulls again and gets Duncan, which neither of them is happy about. Sierra is then left with Cody, much to his dismay.

In the first part of the challenge, the grooms must lead their blindfolded brides to a wedding dress, while avoiding many obstacles, and if a duo doesn't get a dress, they can't advance to the next challenge. Duncan messes with Courtney during the challenge, and Cody doesn't try since he doesn't like being Sierra's "groom." Heather reaches the dresses first, followed by Blaineley. Alejandro then leads Courtney to her dress after Duncan keeps messing with her, to Heather's annoyance. When Chris announces that the challenge is over, Sierra literally runs through the obstacles and somehow gets the last dress to everyone's shock and bewilderment.


Duncan and Courtney cross "customs" and win the challenge.

In the second part of the challenge, the couples must walk over Niagara Falls, on a tightrope, with the grooms carrying their brides. Since they were the first couple to get a dress, Alejandro and Heather get a head start and for a dangerous twist, Chris added some sharks to the water below the Falls. Before they start, Alejandro talks to Duncan about Owen's popularity making him a threat to them and makes a deal: If Duncan votes off Owen, Alejandro will vote with him next, even if it's Courtney. The challenge starts, and Heather and Alejandro argue over who will be eliminated. After Heather's bickering, Alejandro "accidentally" loses his balance, sending him and Heather falling into Niagara Falls. He reveals in the confessional that he didn't want to look too strong on his own, especially after the teams just dissolved.

Sierra and Cody are next and Sierra carries Cody. In the confessional, Sierra reveals that she became a pre-ordained minister on the Internet and that she can legally marry herself and Cody, as long as he says "I do." When they reach Chef to answer the trivia part of the challenge, Sierra keeps trying to get Cody to say "I do,". Chef claims that Sierra failed to declare her "crazy" status, and had to turn back, which cost them the challenge. The two then run into Owen and Blaineley on the tightrope. As neither of them wish to move back, they all end up falling into the water after Sierra kicks Owen in the knee and pulls Blaineley's hair extensions for upsetting Cody. Courtney and Duncan angrily cross the tightrope without any difficulty and answer all the questions correctly, but end up fighting about how they can't stand each other. Chef asks the two if they have anything to declare. Duncan says that his "wifey" needs some mouthwash, and Courtney says that Duncan's piercings only distract people from his lack of personality. Duncan throws Courtney off of him, and Chris then announces that they won invincibility. The losing couples are seen swimming for their lives in order to get away from the sharks, using Owen as a raft.


Owen is eliminated.

In the confessional, Sierra is upset that she couldn't marry herself to Cody because he didn't say "I do." Cody and Alejandro are seen outside, with the former desperately needing to use the bathroom. When Sierra exits and asks Cody if he needs to go, Cody replies with "I do." Sierra, after catching that, thinks they are legally married and declares to Cody that she doesn't believe in divorce. Cody protests that it wasn't real, but isn't so certain himself. Alejandro then congratulates them since he's technically the witness, and asks for a favor in return which Sierra agrees to do. All she has to do is vote for Owen. When the votes are counted, the votes go: two for Heather, two for Sierra, and four for Owen, meaning he's eliminated. Blaineley is genuinely sad for Owen, but fake-cries in an attempt to gain favor with the audience. While he is trying to exit the plane, Owen gets stuck in the exit and Alejandro kicks him out of the plane, only to get farted in the face by him. Chris then signs off the episode.

Exclusive clip


Owen lands on the sharks' table.

Owen is seen taking the Drop of Shame. He is sad about his elimination and states that he will miss the Total Drama Jumbo Jet. He goes on to list some of the foods that he wants to eat, such as pizza with triple cheese, microwave hot-dogs and more. Three sharks are then seen sitting around a table, which Owen lands on. The screen then fades to black.


Voice actor Role(s)
Christian Potenza Chris
Marco Grazzini Alejandro
Carla Collins Blaineley
Clé Bennett Chef Hatchet
Peter Oldring Cody
Emilie Claire-Barlow Courtney
Drew Nelson Duncan
Rachel Wilson Heather
Scott McCord Owen
Annick Obonsawin Sierra
  • Ezekiel makes a cameo appearance, but he does not speak. However, he makes noises when eating the cheese he stole from the rat.



  • Sierra reveals that her mom has a crush on Chris.
  • Courtney's wedding dress is a white version of her princess gown from The Princess Pride. Her tiara, along with Heather's, also resembles the one she wore in that episode.
  • The background in the scene where the contestants are on the river, about to go over the Falls, is very similar to the general background seen at Camp Wawanakwa in the first season.
  • The green boat that the sharks are seen in is the same one that Chris was seen riding in Newf Kids on the Rock.
  • With Owen's elimination, Duncan is the only contestant left in the season that was previously a finalist.
  • With this episode, the final two of Total Drama Island have been eliminated back to back.
  • The questions asked by Chef are:
    • What is the capital city of Canada?
      • Answer: Ottawa
    • What leaf is on Canada's flag?
      • Answer: Maple Leaf
    • What is the name of Canada's famous fishing and racing schooner?
      • Answer: Schooner Bluenose
    • What is Canada's national dessert?
      • Answer: Butter Tarts
    • What is the national animal of Canada?
      • Answer: Beavers
  • Every marriage couple is eliminated back-to-back if Blaineley is considered to be eliminated before Courtney: Owen then Blaineley, Courtney then Duncan, Sierra then Cody, then Alejandro and Heather were in the finale.
  • It's debatable whether Duncan voted for Owen or not as in the confessional, he says that he is only playing along.
  • None of the couples in this episode are official:
    • Duncan and Courtney broke up several episodes ago, as Duncan left her for Gwen.
    • Alejandro and Heather will not become a couple until The Final Wreck-ening.
    • Cody and Sierra are not dating, although this is not the case for Sierra.
    • Blaineley and Owen are not a couple as they only met that episode.
  • This is the only non-Aftermath episode in Total Drama World Tour that doesn't feature the musical chime.
  • Blaineley is the only one to get her husband normally. Heather takes Alejandro from Sierra who rejected him, Courtney gets the bear first, then Duncan, and Sierra gets Cody by default after rejecting Alejandro.
  • Sierra is the only bride without a tiara and the only one to wear a wedding dress with her umbilicus exposed.
  • Chris mentions that the contestants are still underage as of this season. This indicates that they are either still sixteen or are seventeen years old as of this season.



  • The title is a reference to the place Niagara Falls, where it even takes place in.
  • Chris refers to Sierra as a "bridezilla," which is a reference to the reality TV show Bridezillas.
  • Chris saying "Owen, the gang has spoken" is a reference to one of Jeff Probst's catchphrases on Survivor, "The tribe has spoken."
  • The episode's blindfold challenge could be a reference to a very similar challenge commonly seen in Survivor.
  • The tightrope challenge refers to the fact that many daredevils have tried to walk over the falls on a tightrope, as well as go over the falls in a barrel.
  • Niagara Falls is a popular border crossing, which explains Chef posing as a customs agent.


  • Ezekiel had a hole on his hoodie jacket on the right side of his stomach and another on his jeans under his left knee. The holes were originally on his right shoulder and on his right knee respectively.
    • Also, the hole on his stomach shows his skin, meaning he doesn't wear a shirt underneath, but he does, as it is seen through the neck of his hoodie jacket.
      • However, the shirt may have been cut as well.
  • While the contestants are shown sleeping, Heather's ponytail is standing straight up.
  • Courtney and Sierra are not in their wedding dresses when they are in the confessional.
  • When the contestants are falling out of the plane, Duncan is not seen, but after the swans fall, he is seen grabbing one.
    • Though, he may have been falling off-screen.
  • Cody has a full set of teeth in the confessional when he both gargles a glass of water several times, and barfs.
  • When Cody is in a chair while Blaineley is yelling at him, he had a right hand for his left hand.
  • Blaineley's bracelets disappears twice in the episode:
    • After yelling at Cody, her right braccelet disappears and reappears moments later.
    • While Owen is guiding Blaineley to her wedding dress, her bracelets are missing. After she walks into the cake, they are back on her wrists.
  • When Chef introduces the casino machine, the machine shows the faces of Owen, Alejandro, and Cody, but in the next scene the machine shows the faces of the bear, Owen, and Cody.
  • When Heather says "Um... What's the bear for?," Blaineley's eyes are looking in different directions.
  • When the wedding dresses were shown, they were facing towards the girls, but when Courtney reaches her dress, it was facing away from her.
  • Owen's eyes briefly change to gray, rather than their usual black color, twice while he is describing Blaineley's fart.
  • Sierra's garter changes sides. When she and Cody are at "customs" and when they are walking back to the start, it's on the side facing the camera, even though she was facing first one direction and then the other.
  • When the contestants cross over to customs, they are apparently crossing from the Canadian side of the falls to the American side, as evident by the respective flags placed at the starting and finishing lines of the course. However, when Duncan and Courtney arrive at the other side, Chef starts asking them questions about Canada, not the United States.
  • When the contestants are first seen at the Barf Bag Ceremony, Courtney is missing her right arm.
  • The Australian Broadcasting Company (ABC3) misspelled Niagara as "Niagra" in the title.
  • When Sierra kisses Cody for accidentally saying "I do," her arm bands disappear for the rest of the scene.
  • When Blaineley approaches Owen after selecting him as her husband, the straps on her shoes are missing.
    • This happens again when he is leading her to her wedding dress.


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