The contestants return to Boney Island to retrieve eggs from all the mutants that were left there after the previous season. While a new villain quickly finds a new friend in another, a crook fears his new team is rubbing off on him. Meanwhile, two contestants bond, and someone tries to help a dear one in dealing with a major problem, yet ultimately makes it worse. Someone finally finds a survival tool, but her former flame steals it in a scheme to get back at her, and sends her down the drain. Meanwhile, someone finally recognizes an old foe from his past.


Fixing glasses

Gwen helps Cameron with fixing his glasses.

At the spa hotel with the Villainous Vultures, Courtney is taunting Cameron, while he tries to fix his broken glasses. She is certain that with the "newbie target off her back," he will be the target to vote off at the next elimination ceremony, saving her. Gwen approaches him with a twist tie and her friendship, which Cameron is grateful for. He successfully puts his glasses back together with it, and thanks Gwen. Alejandro and Heather mock how "nerdy" he looks as he goes off with Gwen. Seeing how quickly they bonded, Heather strikes a deal with Alejandro to avoid elimination. He seals the deal by kissing her hand, which disgusts her. Neither intends to exercise their loyalty to the alliance, each privately explaining their real plan in the confessional: lower the other’s guard, so they can attack later.

Broken knife

Duncan tries to convince the camera and himself that he is still bad, but his knife breaks.

With the Heroic Hamsters, Zoey is elated when Duncan, appearing to be getting more trusting, accepts an apple from her. Duncan immediately regrets his actions, and denounces his team's "heroic kindness". In an attempt to prove the endurance of his villainous streak, he extracts his knife and stabs the wall of the confessional, crestfallen as it breaks into two pieces. Mike, in his evil persona, then appears in the confessional rhetorically asking what happened to it. A flashback shows that "Mike" himself stole the knife in the middle of the night, and crushed it with a rock. After her conversation with Duncan, Zoey goes back into the girls' side of the cabin to comfort a sobbing Sierra – only to make it worse. Zoey jumps at the entrance of Mike while following Sierra out the door. His suspicious activity in the previous episode has her withdrawn as he questions her mental well-being. Mike tries to offer her a piece of sliced apple, but the appearance of it impaled on a knife further frightens her. Zoey acknowledges she is scared of him, but still wants to believe the "Mike she loves" still exists. Mike takes notice of her "pulling away," and thinks it may be for the best, though he doesn't want her to.


The cast is excited that the immunity idol is hidden in the "Fun Zone."

Chris gathers the contestants at the dock to explain the challenge, and waits for Scott's Boney Island return, so they can make use of his boat. Scott claims he searched all night and that there is no idol at all. Chis tells everyone that they will be traveling to the "Fun Zone". Sierra is overjoyed while Heather, all too familiar to the host's nature, automatically suspects something dangerous like "a building that's on fire". Chris goes on to say that the producers thought they’d "had it rough," and "deserved a treat". As the contestants light up at the thought of the challenge indeed being pleasant, they are tricked into insisting they go through with the plan. Duncan, in particular, is shocked when they discover the so-called "Fun Zone" is on Boney Island. Heather complains about its condition, while Chris teases Scott's failure to find the McLean-Brand Chris Head. A frustrated Scott insists there is no Chris Head present, and demands Chris admit this. However, Chris persists that it is there, revealing that it was located in the Fun Zone all along.

Mutant animals

Chris says each team needs to collect six eggs from the mutated animals.

Chris takes everyone to a sealed, jungle-like section of the island, where he locks them in, and presents the challenge from a TV running just outside. The contestants must collect eggs from the season four mutants inhabiting the area, and place them in their team’s designated basket; anything that may hatch counts as long as the animal stays in in the basket. Scott falls asleep, exhausted from his night on the island, and Chris yells at him through a megaphone. Duncan laughs to convince Sierra he isn't a nice person. However, he walks over and helps Scott up, quickly realizing his mistake. Duncan then launches into a tirade of innocent humorous swears in the confessional, lamenting that even his profanity is being affected by his new hero status. Sierra tries pairing with Cameron, who reminds her they can’t due to being on separate teams now. She becomes distressed, and starts yelling and panting like a dog. Cameron is alarmed until Gwen takes action by pulling him away. Sierra, saddened, screams to the sky while Chris comments that she needs a psychiatrist, and that next time they should only bring back the "sane" contestants.

Lets look for eggs together

Mike and Zoey decide to partner up for the challenge.

A concerned Courtney wakes up Scott, who has again fallen asleep. Startled by the sudden disturbance, he flails his arms until she hugs him to make him stop. Courtney then volunteers herself to be Scott’s partner in searching for eggs. The scene cuts to the lone Zoey, who screams at the sight of a threatening shadow of Mike. He apologizes for scaring her, as well as his strange behavior as of late. The two exchange feelings of security when around one another, confirming they want to continue their relationship. They also agree to hunt for eggs together. Alejandro has, meanwhile, located the first egg of the episode sitting on a high rock. Careful not to break his act of being paralyzed from the waist down, he uses a smaller rock to knock over the egg and send it falling towards him. As he prepares to claim it, Heather does so herself and places it in the Vultures' basket. Alejandro realizes there is nothing preventing either team from stealing from the other, so Heather assigns him the job of guarding it. He agrees "for now".

Duncan Lone Wolf

Duncan rejects Sierra's offer to work together, declaring he's a lone wolf.

Mike and Zoey find Larry in possession of an egg, and she immediately comes up with a plan to collect it. Initially having the mutant plant after her for stealing its flower, Zoey tosses it to a mutated moose while Mike successfully gets the egg. Duncan is working by himself when Sierra comes across him. She asks if they can search together while calling him Cody, but he declines, insisting he's a "lone wolf" who's "true evil". Duncan is ambushed by a creature with an octopus tentacle. After slamming into a nearby tree, an egg falls into his hand, much to his pleasure. Back at the Hamsters' basket, Larry's egg explodes all over Mike and the babies run away before they can be placed inside. When Duncan arrives, Zoey requests he stay behind to watch the basket, motioning to devious-looking Alejandro. He complies and the couple leaves. Duncan then walks over to the latter commenting how they’re two "real villains" watching the eggs. Alejandro simply aggravates him by declaring themselves "mother hens".

Scott may go home

Heather convinces Courtney and Scott that Alejandro is targeting him, thus putting them on her side.

Heather gladly finds Courtney and Scott, who appear to not have gathered anything since starting. Heather untruthfully informs them that Alejandro is forming an alliance to eliminate Scott, which panics Courtney. Heather then runs off, saying she is voting for Alejandro. The couple exchange looks as the scene shifts back to the Hamster basket. Sierra has found an egg and placed it inside, but it hatches two conjoined mutant rats. Duncan is disturbed by this while she, playing "mommy" again, affectionately cuddles it. She is okay with remaining there to guard the basket while Duncan resumes his search. The score is currently one for the villains and two for the heroes. After reading from a script, Chris transitions to a commercial break irritably saying he’s going to fire whoever wrote it.


Courtney and Scott accidentally hold hands, making both of them blush.

Back with Courtney and Scott, she is amazed that he put up with a whole season of mutant "monsters". He proudly responds that the experience only made him stronger. He also advises her to stay close to him and that he will protect her, accidentally grasping her hand, which makes them both blush. A mutant gopher suddenly rises from the dirt and attacks Scott. Screaming, Courtney rips a stick from the jungle and frantically aims to hit the gopher. She ends up smacking Scott a few times before hitting her target. The gopher retreats and an egg flies from its hole, landing in her hands. She runs off happily with Scott still trying to recover from his ordeal. Mike and Zoey attempt to extract an egg from a mutant chicken, but it becomes aware and chases them off. Cameron, Gwen, and Heather have returned to the Vultures' basket, which now has four eggs to the Hamsters' two. Heather volunteers to watch the basket and Alejandro continues looking. Pulling the same trick on the new friends, she warns them that Alejandro is convincing everyone to vote off Cameron. He questions why they should trust her, to which Heather replies by yelling back that it’s "your funeral". She walks away while Gwen reminds her she is supposed to guard the eggs.

Immunity idol found

Heather finds the McLean-Brand Chris Head hidden in an egg.

Heather and Alejandro each end up in the same spot. After stealing an egg from a mutant goat, she falls and it shatters on the ground. However, what’s inside is not a baby, but the McLean-Brand Chris Head. Alejandro is initially worried, but obtains the perfect opportunity when she hides it, reasoning that she can’t let the others see it. He checks on her progress and Heather confirms that she found it, but doesn't tell him where it is. They walk off while Alejandro teases her about a comment she makes about his "pretty head". Meanwhile, Mike and Zoey have escaped the chicken. Noting that a hit on the head is what made him lose contact with his alternate personalities, she wonders if a second one would bring them back. Mike praises it and asks her to hit him with a rock, but she refuses and suggests Cameron would have a better idea. It is then that the two come across an entire nest of eggs.


Chris revealing that Duncan cried when he was trying to capture an egg from a bird.

Duncan brings an egg back to the Hamsters' basket which is much smaller than all the others seen in the episode. He boasts that he had to fight a "gigantic monster" to obtain it. Chris plays along before showing the clip of his catch – not from a monster, but a mother bird. To add insult to injury, he exposes Duncan crying at the heartbroken mother. As the delinquent angrily walks off, the host makes fun of him, saying he'll bring him back for the next all-star season: "Sweethearts versus Bigger Sweethearts". Mike and Zoey are approaching with the nest, as Courtney adds her egg to the Vultures' collection of four. Sierra's mutant rat forcefully bites her finger while she is trying to play with it. Courtney panics and Sierra is ecstatic as Mike and Zoey get closer to the nest. Heather has located another egg and tries throwing it to beat them. She is unsuccessful as it hatches and the baby attacks Cameron and flies away. Heather collapses as the Hamsters officially end the challenge – the final score being declared as seventeen to five.


"I am not the one going home tonight, that I promise you!"

– Heather

Chris instructs the contestants to collect anything they may have left behind before going back to Camp Wawanakwa. Heather leaves to retrieve the idol, but ends up devastated as she discovers it is no longer where she hid it. She immediately confronts Chris, who denies any knowledge to what she is referring to. She does not believe him, vowing in the confessional that she will not be the one getting eliminated. Mike, desperate to "protect Zoey at all costs", drops a boulder onto his head in an effort to fix what has been broken. On the contrary, the situation takes a dire turn with the evil personality officially claiming full control over Mike’s body. He sarcastically congratulates him for his move, fixing his hair and taking on his Mike impression again. The camera reveals the real Mike chained to a boulder inside his own head.


Alejandro reveals his "diplomatic immunity", eliminating Heather as a result.

At the elimination ceremony, Gwen pulls Courtney into the privacy of a bush. She tells her that she broke up with Duncan and has learned her lesson in choosing boys over friends. She also offers her vote at no cost to Courtney. The latter is hesitant, but accepts and whispers her instructions. Chris appoints Zoey with a special prize in the next challenge prior to the vote. Alejandro is revealed to have garnered the most and is, therefore, required to take the Flush of Shame. Heather cheers that her strategy worked, but is not celebrating for long. Alejandro reveals that he can walk, stands up, and extracts the McLean-Brand Chris Head. He reveals that he has "diplomatic immunity", and Chris correct him, saying it is just immunity. Heather is furious seeing her immunity idol in his hand. According to the rules, although she only received one vote, she still has the second highest amount. Heather is officially eliminated.


Heather is ready to take the Flush of Shame.

Chris asks which Hamster is volunteering for exile. "Mike" raises his hand and walks to the boat, whistling In the Hall of the Mountain King. Duncan, who had been suspicious that the two had met before for two episodes, is flabbergasted. In the confessional, he reveals that he and Mike were in juvenile detention at the same time. Back then, his name was Mal and he was "running the place". He says that the reason Mal did not notice him is because Duncan steered clear of Mal at all times, not wanting any trouble from him. He warns the audience that he is “bad news” as the shot cuts to Alejandro and Heather at the Flush of Shame. Having avenged his season three humiliation, he is satisfied and wants them to be together. She simply pushes him off the toilet and demands to get her flushing over with. Chris complies and signs off the episode.

Exclusive clip

TDAS Bonus Clip Heather

Heather gets stuck to a pole in her exclusive clip.

Heather finds herself in the Yukon, after coming out through an ice hole that a local is ice fishing in. As she complains about her current situation, she fails to notice a pole in front of her and gets her tongue stuck to it. She asks the local ice fisher for help, but to no avail. Suddenly, a polar bear approaches her from behind. The camera zooms out as the polar bear begins to attack her.


Voice actor Role(s)
Christian Potenza Chris
Alex House Alejandro
Kevin Duhaney Cameron
Emilie-Claire Barlow Courtney
Drew Nelson Duncan
Megan Fahlenbock Gwen
Rachel Wilson Heather
Cory Doran Mike
James Wallis Scott
Annick Obonsawin Sierra
Barbara Mamabolo Zoey
  • Chef Hatchet appears and can be heard giggling, but has no dialogue.
  • A fisherman is seen in the exclusive clip, but has no lines.



  • Heather finds the McLean-Brand Chris Head in this episode, although Alejandro steals it from her and uses it against her. This makes her the second person to find the Mclean-Brand Chris Head, with Scott being the first.
  • The groups the contestants search for eggs in are:
  • This is the first episode since Heroes vs. Villains in which Courtney's team loses the challenge, as well as the first in which Duncan's team wins.
  • Duncan reveals that he knows Mike from juvenile hall, whom back then went by the name Mal and was the most dangerous inmate, and that Duncan always steered clear of him.
  • With Heather's elimination, Gwen is currently the last member of the Screaming Gophers left in the competition.
  • This is the first time in five episodes that a member of the original cast is eliminated, since Lindsay in Heroes vs. Villains.
  • The rock that Mike is chained to in his mind bears a striking resemblance to Mal's face.
  • Mike's idea of a second hit on the head acting "like a reset button" foreshadows the reset button that ultimately eliminates Mal and his other personalities in The Final Wreck-ening.




Zoey's hair comparison

The comparison of Zoey's hair from the last episode and this episode's recap.

  • In the recap, when Chris announces that Cameron is switching to the Villainous Vultures, Zoey's hairstyle is reversed.
  • When the egg Mike tries to put into the bowl explodes, he is covered with slime. When Duncan comes back with another egg, the slime on Mike is gone.
  • When Duncan pulls out his knife, his wristband is missing.
  • When the contestants are standing on the dock, Courtney is with the Heroic Hamsters while Duncan is with the Villainous Vultures, despite the two of them switching teams.
  • Like in Saving Private Leechball, the Heroic Hamsters' logo is noticeably darker than usual in this episode.
  • When Heather yells "Ha!" the ring on her shirt is higher than normal.
  • When Heather tries to make an alliance with Alejandro her belly button appears to be missing, after she pulls away in disgust it then reappears. 
  • When Heather is first seen with Alejandro before being flushed, half of her body is seen, but in the next scene, she only has her head visible.
  • When Duncan gets angry at Chris, his eyebrow piercing disappears.
  • When Cameron gets hit by the egg, his glasses no longer have the twist tie that he used to fix them earlier.
  • When Chris announces the Heroic Hamsters as the winners of the challenge, Mike appears to be significantly shorter.


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