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Noah is one of the children attending Happy Tots Daycare Centre.


Noah, like his older self, is rather sarcastic and is not afraid to tell people what he thinks about them straight to their face. Being rather intelligent for his age, Noah tends to be more level headed compared to his classmates, playing the role as their voice of reason especially to his best friend, Owen. He is more sensitive than his older self. While his older self was merely sarcastic, lazy, and irritable, this version is far more manipulative and takes a certain degree of pleasure in messing with the other kids in the daycare.

Total DramaRama

In Venthalla, while Duncan and the other kids sneak from class to enter Chef's locker, Noah is designated to stay behind to cover for them. Noah tells Chef that the other kids were playing hide-and-seek, but he couldn't find any of them. Chef agrees that Noah was terrible at the game, hurting the boy's feelings. Realizing what he did, Chef tries to comfort Noah by making a list of things Noah is good and bad at, but can only think of negative qualities. Noah gets even more upset, before Chef finally thinks up one good thing about Noah. After Chef catches Duncan he tells to make the other kids come out of hiding, to which Noah yells at them to come out, right on cue for the kids to come falling out of the ventilation shaft.

In Duck Duck Juice, Noah and Owen try to stop a hyperactive Jude who is on a sugar rush after drinking Chef's Rainbow Juice. The boys keep finding Jude's clothes on the ground, before they finally find Jude about to ride the slide naked. Jude ends up getting a nasty case of friction burn from riding the slide without any clothes on, so Noah and Owen bandage up Jude's butt and drag him wheel him back to class on a toy cart.

In Free Chili, Noah and Owen are talking to each other via walkie talkies and are almost caught by Chef for violating the "no toy from home" policy. After convincing Chef that neither of them brought any toys from home, Noah hides his walkie talkie in his pocket. Later, while using the washroom, Noah is horrified that his cubicle has no toilet paper and contacts Owen for help, not realizing that Owen's walkie talkie has been confiscated by Harold and Izzy at the time, as both believed that Owen's radio that he hid inside a chili dog is an alien. Without anyone's help, Noah is forced to use his vest to clean himself. When he is later questioned by Owen about his vest whereabouts, Noah is too embarassed to tell him.


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  • In Venthalla, Noah is rather self conscious of his lack of postive traits. Ironically, the older Noah cared little of his flaws.
  • Noah's sweater vest is magenta in color instead of red like it was in the original series.



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