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Owen tells Noah a joke about Chef's temper in the first episode.

The two boys maintain a strong friendship throughout the series. It is minor in Total Drama Island, due to Noah's early elimination, but several friendly interactions take place between the two in every episode prior to his elimination. While their interaction is practically non-existent in Total Drama Action, due to Noah not competing, even the one episode where Noah and Owen interact, it is in a joking, friendly manner. Due to both competing on the same team in Total Drama World Tour and Noah staying longer in the competition, its significance intensifies and ultimately proves to play an important role throughout the season, even after Noah's elimination.

Noah and Owen compete in the spin-off series as the Reality TV Pros.

After Total Drama, the two of them continue to participate in a number of reality shows, though according to Noah, they lost in all of them. Eventually, Noah and Owen team up for The Ridonculous Race and are labeled as The Reality TV Pros. The two are shown to still be close friends, though time seems to have desensitized Noah of Owen's antics, as he is noticeably more strict on Owen and more focused on the game. When Noah falls in love with Emma, Owen initially believes that Noah is sick, though is quickly corrected by Emma's sister, Kitty. Owen enthusiastically supports his friend to win the heart of his crush, and the two form an alliance with the Sisters in order to let the relationship flourish. Despite their status as professionals, the duo face many difficulties throughout the race before finally being eliminated in Got Venom. Nevertheless, Noah and Owen leave the Race with their heads held high and plan on competing in another season of a reality show, though it is not revealed what it is.

Total Drama Island

Not So Happy Campers - Part 1

Noah and Trent are disturbed by Owen's innuendo.

When the campers are asked to pose for a photograph, Owen is seen holding Noah under his arm as they both grin at the camera. While exploring the campgrounds, Owen ends up disturbing Noah and Trent when he states he prefers being with the guys in the cabin instead of with the girls; as Owen hurriedly tries to re-word his embarrassing statement, Noah simply goes back into the cabin, followed by Trent. When Chef Hatchet begins to scream at Harold for complaining about the food, Owen whispers to Noah, "Have a cow," making Noah smile.

Not So Happy Campers - Part 2

Noah is seen grinning when Owen jumps off the cliff, until he causes a giant wave. 

The Big Sleep

Owen trying to revive Noah after the 20 kilometer run.

After the twenty-kilometer race, Owen carries an apparently unconscious Noah to the main lodge, noticeably panicking and yelling, "Clear a table, stat!" He then places him on a table where he attempts to revive Noah via chest-pumping. Shortly after this, when the Gophers realize that all of their members finished the race first, and they think they've won the challenge, Noah suddenly wakes up and starts cheering, as does Owen.


Owen is amused by Noah's sarcastic remark.

When Chris is telling the contestants what the first rule of dodgeball is, Noah jokingly cuts in, asking if it's, "Do not talk about Dodgeball." At this, Owen snickers. Noah also tells Owen sarcastically how mentally challenging dodgeball is, to which Owen smiles in amusement, however Lindsay (not realizing the sarcasm) agrees with him, to which Owen and Noah awkwardly glance at each other. However, even Owen glares at Noah due to his inaction and pessimistic sarcasm during the dodgeball game after the team loss to the Killer Bass, which ultimately leads to his elimination that night, and likely took part in pelting him with marshmallows.

Haute Camp-ture

When Beth says Owen should win, Noah states that he's a "ticking time bomb of noxious fumes."

The Very Last Episode, Really!

Noah is one of the ten original campers who choose Owen's side before many more move over from Gwen's side when he bribes them. He is also seen cheering when Owen announces that he will throw a party on a yacht if he were to win. In Gwen's ending, Noah is cheering for Owen right before Gwen wins the challenge.

Total Drama Action

The Aftermath: III

Despite being generally bored by most of the events of aftermaths, Noah looks concerned and looks back and forth around the studio when Owen doesn't walk on-stage after Bridgette introduces him as a guest.

The Aftermath: IV

Owen accidentally crushes Noah.

Noah doesn't believe that Owen is on a diet, saying "Yeah, right!" in a playful tone.

Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special

After the bus carrying the contestants successfully landed in the valley, Owen was relieved that he survived the fall, not realizing that he had crushed Noah underneath him.

Total Drama World Tour

Walk Like An Egyptian - Part 1

Noah and Owen run away from the pyramid screaming in terror.

Noah and Owen team up (along with Izzy) to go under the pyramid during the challenge, and Noah tries to help Owen find Izzy when she gets lost in the pyramid; they think they find her dressed up as a mummy, but they don't realize it is Ezekiel wrapped up in bandages. When Noah realizes that it isn't Izzy, he mistakes Ezekiel for an actual mummy, causing them both to run away in terror. He has to tell Owen that he is not about to kiss Izzy, but an actual mummy. This actually leads them out of the pyramid to cross the finish line. They are both placed on Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot, along with Alejandro, Tyler, and Sierra (but the latter later switches with Izzy).

Super Happy Crazy Fun Time Japan

Noah tries to help Owen get rid of his fear of flying by telling him that it's the fifteenth safest method of transportation, calling him "Lunch Box" while saying this. But as he tries to reassure Owen, a section of the wall breaks open, forming a massive gaping hole, and almost sucks everyone out of the plane, until Owen unintentionally plugs the hole with his body. When Owen is dressed in a monster suit for the challenge, Noah tells him not to smash the fake city that he and Tyler are building for their team's commercial, calling him "Chubby Buddy" in the process.

Anything Yukon Do, I Can Do Better

Owen hugs Noah.

When Courtney suggests they huddle for warmth, Noah hugs Bridgette for warmth. But after she rejects it, Owen hugs Noah instead, saying "You can cuddle me, buddy!" When the challenge starts, Noah and Owen shoot each other unhappy glances when Tyler exclaims that he's "Kicking it into high gear," having no faith in the latter. Then, after Izzy easily jumps from ice block to ice block, Noah tries to encourage Owen and jumps on an ice block himself, falling flat on his face. A concerned Owen jumps on it as well and, with all his weight opposite Noah's end, sends Noah flying into a snowbank. Owen appears nervous about Noah's response to this, quickly leaving the area, however, Noah doesn't seem to hold a grudge against him for it. When their team is racing downhill for the finish line, they see that the other two teams are already well ahead and about to cross. At the last second, Noah tells Owen to lean forward so that all of his weight on the front of the sled and will increase its speed. This plan works, as the team immediately accelerates and manages to cross the finish line a split second before Team Amazon would have. This teamwork between the two ultimately helped Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot win their first challenge of the season.

Broadway, Baby!

Owen slept on top of Noah the whole night.

In the beginning of the episode, when Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot is in the first class cabin, Owen sleeps on top of Noah all night. He is more upset that his team forgot about him than he is that Owen was sleeping on him. In the first part of the challenge, Noah joins the rest of the team in pulling Owen up the Statue of Liberty. In the second part of the challenge, as the contestants sing What's Not To Love, Owen gives Noah a fresh pretzel from a pretzel stand, but this only irritates Noah further as the pretzel was still hot when he caught it. Later on, the team discover a baby in the carrier instead of Noah. Izzy mistakes it for Noah regressing in age, and Owen adds that baby Noah ate all his pretzels.

Slap Slap Revolution

In the beginning of Eine Kleine, Noah clamps Owen's mouth shut, whispering to him to stay quiet to prevent an avalanche. Noah, along with the rest of the team, rides Owen down the snowy hill and they finish in first place. In the dining area of the plane, Noah notices that Owen is eating a fried sausage and says, "Urgh, tell me those aren't the same sausages you threw up," to which Owen looks awkward and doesn't respond, implying that they are the same sausages.

The Am-AH-Zon Race

Noah and Owen talking next to the camp fire.

When Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot set up camp, Owen expresses his desire for nachos. Noah sarcastically agrees and begins listing all the other food items that they need. At night, Owen hears growling noises, and worriedly asks Noah if the sound came from the fire. In response, Noah sarcastically informs him that, "fires rarely growl." Later, when Tyler realizes that Owen is missing, Noah looks concerned for his friend's safety. Towards the end of the episode, Alejandro tells Owen that he is the only real friend that he has, intending to cause problems with his friendship with Noah.

Can't Help Falling in Louvre

Noah and Owen running away from Sasquatchanakwa.

When the episode begins, Noah and Owen are seen sitting in economy class, discussing Izzy, with Noah describing her as a nut-job of Brazil-nut proportions. When Owen wonders where she is, Alejandro tells them she's in the cockpit with Chef. They both gasp in horror, along with Heather and Cody, moments before the plane starts flying around wildly due to Izzy taking control of the plane. When Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot is being chased by Sasquatchanakwa, Owen begins wailing about not wanting to be eaten, Noah reassures him that he's got his back, and turns around and pretends to throw an imaginary ball to distract Sasquatchanakwa, saying that it was a trick that worked on his dog back home. This saves the team from harm. Later on, when Noah is selected to pass through the lasers and retrieve the last piece of the sculpture during the song Paris in the Springtime, Owen is seen encouraging Noah as he tries to return to the team with the piece.

Newf Kids on the Rock

Noah explains to Owen how forming an alliance works.

During the beginning of the episode, Noah gives advice on how Owen should talk DJ into working with Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot. He tells Owen that it's just like asking out a girl--only DJ's a guy. In response to this, Owen asks DJ if he wants to get a hot dog with his buddy Noah, and compliments on his legs, only for Noah to sarcastically respond to Owen. Later in the episode, Noah uses the confessional and says that he isn't surprised that his little cousins aren't allowed to watch Total Drama. Owen also says in the confessional that he doesn't blame Noah's auntie for not letting them watch it, indicating that Owen and Noah had a previous discussion on the matter.

Jamaica Me Sweat

Noah asking Owen where Izzy is.

Early in the episode, while sitting next to each other in the first class cabin, Owen tells Noah that he thinks that he's going to break up with Izzy. Noah tells him that it's about time, and talks once again about how crazy Izzy is. Later in the episode, after Owen recovers from an injury, Noah smiles when he sees that he's back. The two talk about how Izzy was taken away by the military. They participate in the second challenge together. They ride down the track and finish with a decent time, despite Owen getting stuck twice. Owen falls on Noah after they finish but he gives a thumbs up to indicate that he's alright. After Tyler and Alejandro finish and win the challenge for Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot, Noah and Owen are seen in the plane doing a fist bump as celebration for their win.

I See London...

Noah laughs at Owen hitting Tyler with peppers.

Early in the episode, after Noah makes fun of Sierra, Owen laughs, accidentally squirting "nose milkshake" on Noah. Owen once again laughs when Noah continues to imitate her, but this time, after he laughs, Owen's Jamaican pepper shoots out his nose and hits Tyler in the face, which makes Noah laugh. In the confessional, Owen says that Noah is the funniest guy he knows, so making him laugh was like getting an "A+ in Hilarity." Once Chris tells the contestants to parachute out of the plane, there is only one parachute left, which Owen and Noah share, much to Noah's dismay. Owen accidentally lands on Noah, however, crushing him atop the double-decker bus. During the challenge, Owen constantly tries to make Noah laugh again, but all of his efforts are futile.

Owen tries to rescue Noah from the booth, before being told to wait until the air clears.

After Tyler is captured, Owen and Noah are the only two left on their team for the challenge. After Owen figures out that the "Jack the Ripper" is on the double-decker bus from the clue, a feat which Noah seems impressed by, they go back so they can win the challenge. The Ripper drops down from the ceiling behind Owen, grabs Noah, and jumps back up before Owen realizes that Noah is gone. He then looks forward again and sees the Ripper locking Noah in the glass-enclosed driver's area. Owen is frightened at first by the Ripper, but then goes on the offensive in an attempt to defend Noah by using the guard dogs from earlier in the challenge. After successfully capturing the ripper, he heads over to free Noah, but just as he is about to do so, Noah tells him to not open the door until the air clears out. When Noah gets eliminated that night, a deeply saddened Owen (who was Noah's only teammate that didn't vote him off) tells him that he'll win the game for him, and in response, Noah tells him to "beware of eels," referring to Alejandro, who he had informed Owen of earlier in the challenge that he did not trust.

Greece's Pieces

Owen has a nightmare that Noah is going to eat something poisonous.

At the beginning of the episode, Owen is seen talking in his sleep in the economy class section. He is having a nightmare involving Noah, as he desperately tells an imaginary Noah not to eat some poisoned food. After he wakes up, Owen mentions in his confessional that Tyler and Alejandro both became close while on the plane in London, and did in fact vote to eliminate Noah. Owen then sighs, saying that he "misses the pitter-patter of Noah's tiny feet", and sighs again sadly.

Sweden Sour

At the beginning of the episode, Owen is seen talking to Duncan about Noah in first class, recalling his warning about Alejandro and that Noah had known Alejandro liked Heather, Owen then sadly mentions that he still misses Noah. When Duncan tells Owen that they should respect Noah's, "dying words," Owen immediately panics, spitting out the cookie he was eating and then lifting Duncan up by his collar and screaming, "When did he DIE!?" Once Duncan explains that it was just a figure of speech, and that he had simply meant Noah's final words to Owen, Owen calms down, smiling and laughing brokenly in relief. Later Duncan tells Owen that Noah was right about Alejandro. When Owen says that he promised not to vote out Alejandro, Duncan asks him "What would Noah do?" This strikes a nerve with Owen and he realizes that he should vote out Alejandro next, since that's what Noah would do.

Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race

None Down, Eighteen to Go - Part 1

Noah and Owen are the fifth duo to be introduced, and while Owen attempts to high-five Noah, he looks annoyed and rejects it. In a subsequent interview, Owen later reveals that they have been on a lot of reality shows in the past together, and is ecstatic to be competing once again with his "little buddy," eventually hugging Noah tightly in excitement. Later, after the race begins, Owen farts after they get into the elevator. However, while the other contestants gag at the stench, Noah simply gives an annoyed expression, implying that he has gotten used to Owen's habits by now. The two walk around the skywalk of the CN tower, and Noah's light weight figure causes him to blow towards the entrance. Owen attempts to hold on to him, but the wind inadvertently drags Owen with Noah as a type of sail, and the two later agree that entering the race might not have been such a good idea.

None Down, Eighteen to Go - Part 2

Owen claims Beary likes Noah.

Owen and Noah are one of the first of six teams to reach Morocco. As they ride towards the spice kiosk, Owen introduces Beary, his teddy bear that calms him down when he's flying. Noah blankly looks at the road, ignoring Owen's claims that Beary loves him. When the duo makes it to the kiosk, Noah tells the owner that Owen would eat just about anything, even alluding to a time when Owen ate a shower curtain. Owen is the one who eats the soup, but finds it too spicy to which Noah urges him to continue on anyway.

French is an Eiffel Language

Noah uses Owen as a raft after he ate their cheese.

Noah has to draw Owen for the Botch or Watch. Owen notices Geoff and Brody's teamwork and wants to try it out with Noah, who brushes it off. After Noah finishes his drawing, he and the artist share a laugh and he drags Owen away from his painting, not wanting him to see it. In the catacombs, Owen becomes desperate to find a bathroom after drinking the Moroccan stew in the previous episode. Noah is not bothered by this and points out that both of them knew this was going to happen, but just didn't know when. When Owen finishes, Noah tells Owen about his stink scale, which at that point was a 6.2. After making it out of the catacombs, Owen eats one of the cheese which are meant to be used as a raft. While rowing down the river, Owen continues to eat their raft, eventually forcing Noah to instead use Owen as the raft.

Mediterranean Homesick Blues

When Don says that Noah and Owen came in second place, Owen hugs Noah tightly in the interview room.

Bjorken Telephone

Upon arriving to the first challenge, Owen mistakes the speaker box as a drive-thru system, to which Noah patiently waits until he notices the other team's arrival. As the two run through the geyser fields, Owen gets stuck in one and Noah desperately tries to help him, only for Owen to get stuck in a another one after being ejected from the first one. Later, the duo picks the Icelandic feast for the Either/Or challenge, and despite Owen's unique appetite, even he finds the meal to be disgusting. Noah coaches Owen through the last of the meal.

Brazilian Pain Forest

Noah pokes Owen after he swallows a coconut.

While departing on a military plane en route to Brazil, Noah notices that Owen is more nervous than usual. He explains that Owen is possibly terrified due to his near-death experiences on Total Drama World Tour, and the plane's similarity to the Total Drama Jumbo Jet. Because of his nervousness, Owen accidentally eats Beary and uses Noah as its substitute. They partake in the Botch or Watch, and when swinging on the vines, Owen accidentally crushes Noah upon landing. While looking for their next tip in a pile of coconuts, Owen swallows one and Noah sarcastically says that they should wait eight hours until it comes out, poking him in the process. Upon the final task, Owen and Noah crash near the Chill Zone.

A Tisket, a Casket, I'm Gonna Blow a Gasket

In Transylvania, Noah is forced to push Owen inside a coffin for the All-in. After arriving to the graveyard, when Owen gets excited when he overhears the word "ice cream", Noah pushes him into the grave and smiles in success. Owen is later the one who does the gymnastics as Noah blankly watches him. After performing the final flip, Owen lands on Noah yet again, however Noah shows no signs of pain as he becomes distracted by someone else.

Hawaiian Honeyruin

After Emma tries to get Noah's attention, Owen notices Noah's odd behavior, and grows concerned when he passes up the chance to make a snarky comment. During the challenge, Noah is able to perform well until he gets distracted by Emma yet again. This makes Owen believe he is dying in some way, but Kitty tells him that Noah is actually in love with Emma. Owen carries Noah across the coals in the challenge.

Hello and Dubai

Owen sitting on Noah's lap.

Noah is unable to get up, due to Owen sitting on his lap. Owen explains that since he has accidentally eaten his teddy bear Beary, he now uses Noah as substitute, to which he is very uncomfortable. Noah passes the opportunity to sit on the window seat just so he can sit next to Emma, causing Owen to "wonder" why, much to Noah's discomfort. Later when Owen accidentally lets out a fart, Noah and the Sisters are equally disgusted. Because of this, Noah decides to hang out by the restroom along with Emma. Owen then joins in on Kitty's attempt to make Emma and Noah a couple, since they both share the same traits. Upon arriving in Dubai, Noah and Owen chooses Squeegee alongside the Sisters.

Owen plans to hook up his friend with his crush.

As Owen believes that they are making good progress, Noah tells him that he had only did one. After Noah saves Emma from falling, Owen persuades the Sisters to agree to an alliance when he said he had a plan to win. Using Owen as the Squeegee, both teams successfully complete the challenge. Noah is proud of Owen and make their way to the Gold Souk.

New Beijinging

Owen crashes on Noah, interrupting his conversation with Emma.

At the beginning of the episode, Noah is shown getting to the taxi and leaving Owen behind. After Noah talks about Emma, Owen starts to sing about them being together, but Noah stops him by smacking him in the stomach. Throughout the episode, Noah loses his patience with Owen, who tries to help his friend in order to pair him up with Emma but fails several times. In an attempt to impress Emma, Noah tries to act like her by bossing Owen around, though this backfires. After that, Noah desperately agrees to listen to Owen, who tells him to be more settle. Eventually, Owen's tip works and he cries in the interview room while watching Emma and Noah.

I Love Ridonc & Roll

Before the challenge, Noah wants to wait for the Sisters to share a sauna with them. This causes the Pros to fall behind, worrying Owen, but Noah keeps comforting him since they still have a lead. When Owen begins to strip for the sauna challenge, Noah reminds him they have to perform it fully clothed. Right before he competes for the Botch or Watch, Noah becomes worried that he will embarrass himself in front of Emma again. Seeing how worried his friend is, Owen gives Noah a heart-to-heart talk on not letting Emma distract him from the game and reminds him of the time they spent together during the Race. Hearing Owen's speech, Noah regains his confidence and wins the challenge.

My Way or Zimbabwe

Owen accidentally launches Noah off the raft, when he tries to get in, and Noah demands him to take a picture.

Shawshank Ridonc-tion

While locked in their prison cell, Owen uses the cell's toilet against Noah's wishes. Noah is even more disgusted when their way out turns out to be through the sewer system.

Maori or Less

Owen tries to cheer Noah up.

Throughout the episode, Owen gets emotional while watching Emma and Noah's relationship flourish. After being rejected by Emma, Noah becomes heartbroken and enters a comatose state at the end of the episode. Owen attempts to cheer him up by trying to tell him that there are "plenty of fishes in the sea," before pulling out the fish that they caught and pretending that it loves Noah.

Little Bull on the Prairie

Still depressed over Emma's rejection, Noah remains in a comatose state for most of the episode, forcing Owen to carry him all the way to the Chill Zone, including spoon-feeding him the beans. At the same time, he tries to cheer Noah up to no success.

Lord of the Ring Toss

Owen asks Noah if the plane is safe, but before Noah could respond, Josee puts fear into Owen's mind by making him think that the plane was about to crash, which causes Owen to hug Noah and accidentally crush him in the process. 

Got Venom

Owen has an idea how to get drool, which Noah doubts about.

Owen grows worried about Noah, after his relationship with Emma starts to affect his game. Throughout the challenge, Owen tries to get Noah to focus on the challenge, and is forced to take charge of the team, since Noah no longer cares if he gets eliminated. Unfortunately, tragedy strikes and Noah gets buried under a pile of rugs during the challenge. Owen desperately tries to find him; but it turns out to be too late and the two fail to reach the Chill Zone in time. The Reality TV Pros are eliminated, but as they leave the race, Owen asks Noah what show they should do next. Noah tells him that they actually already got asked to do the next season of another show, but the camera cuts out before he says what it is.


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