A Nood Heather with Panini from Chowder, along with Bubbie and Flapjack from The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack with some of their color lost.

Starting in late May 2008, Cartoon Network had shown short commercials that promoting various television shows, such as Total Drama Island and Total Drama Action. These commercials feature Noods, small, peanut-shaped, human-like creatures that usually start off colorless, but can change color and shape. They normally represented main characters from Cartoon Network shows. Heather, Gwen, DJ, Chris, Harold, Cody, Trent, Chef, and the bear have all been created as Noods. Owen was seen as a blow-up Nood at a New York City convention, but has never been seen as one on the Cartoon Network commercials.

When a ball of color hits a Nood, they turn change color to match that of the ball which hit them, or to the color of a camper who wears that color. For example, a Nood that gets hit with a ball the color of Heather's shirt will turn into Heather, or a Nood that touches something blue will turn blue.

These commercials were made by the company, Capacity. This rebrand only lasted until February 2010, after which the older Nood commercials were replaced with new Nood commercials, before another rebrand in June 2010. The new re-brand featuring no Noods at all, ended the era and began the YEEEAUHHHH! era.

Nood commercials


"Coming up next is Total Drama Island on Cartoon Network."


"Coming up next is Total Drama Action on Cartoon Network."

Here is a compilation of the clips.

  • One commercial shows a close-up of Chris as a Nood while an announcer says, "Coming up next is Total Drama Island, on Cartoon Network," or "Coming up next is Total Drama Action, on Cartoon Network."
  • Another commercial spoof occurs in Paintball Deer Hunter where DJ, Harold, and Heather open fire at each other behind some trees with paintball guns.
  • Another commercial features Chef serving Harold, Heather, and DJ some glop.
  • Cody follows Gwen. Off-screen, she hits him and we see him walk back on-screen; this time with a black eye.
  • Yet another one has the bear scaring Trent, DJ, and Gwen. Their colors jump off their bodies, with Trent's landing on the Cartoon Network logo.
  • Another features DJ playing music while Trent, Cody, and Heather dance.
  • One commercial shows a Nood with no color at the beginning. Colored balls start to hit the Nood and eventually, turns into Chris.
  • Heather is seen in several non-Total Drama Island Nood commercials such as the one seen above.
  • DJ falls from the air, and when he lands, his colors make the Cartoon Network logo.
  • Three colorless Noods throw paint bombs at three other Noods, revealing those Noods to be Gwen, Heather, and Harold.
  • Gwen is seen in a Nood commercial meeting with two other Noods of characters named Gwen from the Ben 10 series.


  • In the Paintball Deer Hunter spoof, DJ and Heather sport paintball guns and glasses despite the fact that they were both assigned to be deer for that episode's challenge.
  • Noods never talk, although they occasionally make sound effects.
  • The bear is the only animal to appear as a Nood.


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