The two teams face off in their very first challenge: jumping off a thousand foot cliff into a small safe zone surrounded by shark-infested waters, then building a hot tub out of wood. One team bonds rather quickly while the other struggles to cooperate. In the end, someone on the losing team finds herself on the chopping block, but her teammate's bigoted views get him voted off instead.


The episode continues where the last episode left off, with all of the campers assembled at the top of the cliff. Chris then reveals the first challenge of the series: The campers must jump off of the one thousand foot high cliff into a safe-zone in the lake, which is represented by a small ring of buoys. For every camper that completes the challenge, their team will receive a point. After every contestant is offered a chance to jump, the points are tallied, with the winning team earning an advantage in the following part of the challenge. Chris also reveals crates of supplies for the second part of their challenge: building a hot tub. The team with the best hot tub gets to have a hot tub party that night, while the losing team must vote a camper off for the first time. Bridgette thinks the challenge is fairly straight forward, but Chris reveals that their target is actually a very small safe zone inside the lake, and that the rest of the lake is loaded with rare freshwater man-eating sharks.


Harold painfully lands in the water, doing the splits in the process.

The Killer Bass are up first and no one is eager to go first. Bridgette nervously volunteers, successfully landing in the safe zone. Spurred on by her victory, Tyler enthusiastically jumps next. Although he crashes painfully onto one of the buoys in the lake, he still lands in the safe zone. Geoff, Eva, and Duncan then successfully complete their jumps with no sign of fear at all. However, DJ is afraid of heights and does not jump. Due to this, Chris places a chicken hat on DJ's head and taunts him before sending him down the escalator that all "chicken"s must take. Ezekiel and Harold complete their jumps, but they both end up getting injured, as Ezekiel hits a rock jutting out from the cliff and Harold lands on his crotch. Courtney refuses to jump, saying that she has a medical condition that prevents her from jumping off cliffs. Chris warns her that not completing the challenge might cost her team the win and there will be a good possibility that she would be eliminated as a result. However, Courtney accepts the risk, as she doesn't think that most of the members on the other team will jump. Only Sadie and Izzy are left for the Killer Bass. However, Sadie refuses to jump without Katie, as the two girls are best friends. Both girls beg Chris to allow one of them to switch teams. Izzy then offers to swap, and Chris allows it, placing Katie on the Killer Bass and Izzy on the Screaming Gophers. Katie and Sadie squeal in happiness and excitedly jump off the cliff together.

The Screaming Gophers are up next, and Chris offers them an incentive. If they can beat the Killer Bass' score, he'll give them pull-carts to carry their crates. However, like the Bass, no one is motivated to go first. Heather refuses to jump, stating that she does not want to get her hair wet on national television. Lindsay then immediately says, "If she's not doing it, I'm not doing it," and the two girls smirk at each other. Leshawna then intervenes and argues with Heather about not jumping as she does not want to lose their first challenge all because Heather doesn't want to get her hair wet. They begin to insult each other until Leshawna throws Heather off the cliff, into the safe zone, effectively making her jump. Leshawna jumps after her, followed by Lindsay, Gwen, Cody, Izzy, and Justin. Justin lands outside of the safe area, to the concern of the other campers, but his looks charm the sharks and they carry him to shore. Beth does not jump because she is afraid, but Trent and Noah (unseen) successfully jump.


An extremely nervous Owen conquers his fear and jumps off the cliff to win the challenge for his team.

After most of the team has jumped, Owen is the only one left. Despite Trent's words of encouragement, he admits in confessional to not be a strong swimmer and is obviously scared of jumping off the cliff. The Gophers are nervous, but Owen manages to overcome his fear and jump off the cliff. When he falls, he makes a tremendous splash, knocking Trent and Noah, who are in the water, to the beach. However, he still earns the advantage for his team and lost his bathing suit in the water, much to everyone's disgust.


The Screaming Gophers happily sing on their way back to the cabins.

The Gophers, with their pull-carts, happily sing as they walk back to the campsite, showing how easy the challenge is for them, while the Bass are having trouble and complain about moving their crates without the assistance of wheels. The team's luck becomes even worse when Katie and Sadie have to take a bathroom break and Courtney gets a bug bite on her eye, resulting in swelling. When Katie and Sadie return from relieving themselves, they begin feeling very itchy. Bridgette surmises that they must have squatted in poison ivy when they are urinating in the woods. The itching becomes so unbearable that Katie and Sadie can't do anything, but scratch, let alone help out with the crates. Meanwhile, the Gophers' hot tub is coming along nicely, as they open crates and find useful parts for assembling their hot tub. Heather approaches Leshawna and apologizes for her rudeness earlier. Leshawna is moved by the apology, and agrees to have a truce with her. In private, Heather admits to Lindsay that her apology wasn't the least bit sincere. When Lindsay asks why she faked being nice to Leshawna, Heather reminds her of the old adage "keep your friends close and your enemies closer". Lindsay asks if Heather considers her a friend, and Heather assures her that she is, "for now".

At this point, the Killer Bass are behind in building their hot tub and two players down, as Katie and Sadie are still tending to their rashes. Geoff and Courtney attempt to rally their team to win the challenge. However, their teamwork is just not as good as the Gophers', who also have one more crate than they do. Duncan criticizes Courtney's high-handed nature, claiming her to not be an effective leader both due to her bossiness and her assuming others' weakness, which includes the Chicken Hat and a black fly bite swelling her eye. As a result, the Gophers build a fully functional hot tub, while the Bass assemble a badly-constructed one that leaks and collapses in on itself, costing them the first challenge.


Eva and Bridgette do not respond well to Ezekiel's comments.

At dinner, the Bass try to decide who they are going to vote out. Duncan says that it should be one of the two who did not jump, and that he's considering voting out Courtney, because he believes of the two, DJ's strength would be more beneficial in future physical challenges. Courtney is shocked by Duncan's choice, arguing that her experience as a C.I.T. (Counselor-in-Training) makes her valuable. She tries to shift attention towards Tyler instead of herself, which Lindsay blatantly objects to. Lindsay quickly covers up the awkward moment with the excuse that there is no salt on the table. Duncan and Geoff, however, aren't interested in voting off Tyler, as Tyler actually jumped. Ezekiel wonders why their team lost, as the Gophers had more girls on their team. This causes shocked reactions by many players. When Eva and Bridgette question as to what he means by this, Ezekiel explains that guys are stronger and better at sports than girls, which especially angers the two of them, who are two of the most athletic girls on their team (maybe even on the whole island). Geoff attempts to calm down the angry girls, but Ezekiel continues, this time about smarts, which angers every female on the Killer Bass.


"I am gonna win this competition! And no one is gonna stop me!"

- Courtney

At the campfire ceremony, Chris has a plate of marshmallows and explains that they will be given out to all campers who are not going to be voted out. The one camper who does not receive one is eliminated and must leave. Chris then gives marshmallows to Geoff, Tyler, Katie, Bridgette, DJ, Harold, Sadie, Duncan, and Eva, although she is not shown. The bottom two comes down to Courtney and Ezekiel, both of whom start to panic, as dramatic music plays while they await their fate. Chris finally gives the remaining marshmallow to Courtney, leaving Ezekiel as the first camper voted out of the competition. Chris then suspects that Ezekiel was eliminated for picking his nose, rather than his derogatory comments towards the female campers.

Back at camp, the Gophers are seen enjoying their hot tub party as the Bass walk by, with Cody toasting to the Screaming Gophers and the others celebrating or dancing. Courtney then signals for a cameraman to come closer to her, and declares to the camera that the Gophers can enjoy their first victory, but she says that she will win the competition along with $100,000 prize and no one is going to stop her.


Voice actor Role(s)
Christian Potenza Chris
Sarah Gadon Beth
Kristin Fairlie Bridgette
Clé Bennett Chef/DJ
Peter Oldring Cody/Ezekiel/Tyler
Rochelle Wilson Courtney
Drew Nelson Duncan
Julia Chantrey Eva
Dan Petronijevic Geoff
Megan Fahlenbock Gwen
Brian Froud Harold
Rachel Wilson Heather
Katie Crown Izzy
Stephanie Anne Mills Katie/Lindsay
Novie Edwards Leshawna
Scott McCord Owen/Trent
Lauren Lipson Sadie
  • Justin and Noah appear, but have no lines aside from singing with the rest of their team while pulling their carts, and singing a cheer song for the Gophers in Noah's case.



  • Of those who jumped off of the cliff, Justin is the only one who is seen landing outside of the safe zone.
  • The first person to go off of the cliff for both teams was a female; Bridgette jumped for the Killer Bass and Heather "jumped" for the Screaming Gophers.
  • This episode, along with its predecessor, is the only competition-related episode in the entire series in which all of the original twenty-two contestants are competing.
  • On Netflix, this episode is titled "The Not So Great Outdoors: Part 2".



  • Heather's line of "Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer" could be a reference to a similar line spoken by Al Pacino in The Godfather Part II.
  • Before jumping, Lindsay states that she thought the show was supposed to be a talent contest. This mirrors what her Camp TV version said during the promo.
  • The swimsuit that Beth wears is a reference to the uniforms worn in the Star Trek franchise.
  • Owen's situation of jumping off a cliff despite his fear of heights is similar to Rodger Bingham from Survivor: The Australian Outback.
  • The bee sting allergy Courtney suffered from is a nod to the movie Election where Tracy Flick (The character Courtney is based off) had a school teacher named Jim McAllister who unluckily suffered the same injury.
    • Additionally, his was on the right eye, unnaturally bloated, and he too denied it being a serious issue to anyone who showed concern for him.


  • When the episode begins and the teams are seen at the top of the cliff, Courtney and Geoff are missing from their team.
    • Additionally, Cody and Katie are missing from the Gophers when they are reluctant to jump off the cliff and when Heather explains why she doesn't want to jump, while Izzy and Sadie are missing from the Bass.
  • It can be seen near the beginning of the episode that Owen is missing both of his ears.
  • Noah was never seen jumping the cliff, but it is shown that he did jump, as he is later seen in the water with Trent inside the safe zone shortly before Owen jumps. He, however, is not seen in the water when Trent jumps, despite supposedly diving before Trent did.
  • During the diving challenge, when campers are in the confessional when Owen is about to dive, he and Geoff appear in their usual outfits instead of their swimsuits, while Gwen is in her swimsuit.
  • There are several goofs in the scene right after Owen's climactic jump:
    • After he jumps, Duncan has two wristbands on.
    • Right after he jumps, the resulting tidal wave washes up onto the nearby beach, and the camera pans over the destruction caused by it. All of the other campers are seen washed up on the beach, along with the overturned Boat of Losers, Chef Hatchet, and a shark. Despite almost everyone appearing in this shot, Tyler is nowhere to be seen.
    • As it shows the destruction caused by Owen's jump, Trent, and the overturned boat are washed up on the beach as well. However, when Trent asks Owen what's wrong, Trent is seen on the boat, which appears to still be in the water.
    • As the camera pans over the various campers washed up on the beach, Beth and DJ both have their chicken hats, but Courtney does not have hers on, though she is seen wearing it later.
    • Everyone is seen to have been knocked away from the shoreline when the wave comes by, but when they are all shown, they are back on the shoreline.
    • When Leshawna shouts "Yes!", it comes out in Heather's voice.
  • When Chris tallies the jumpers for the Killer Bass after Courtney refuses to jump, he counts eight jumpers and two chickens. Chris also says that the Bass are missing one camper, while they were missing two. At that point, only seven had jumped (Bridgette, Tyler, Geoff, Eva, Duncan, Ezekiel, and Harold), two chickened out (DJ and Courtney), and two were left (Sadie and Izzy). After Katie and Sadie both jump, he counts it correctly as nine.
  • When Katie and Sadie realize they have squatted in poison ivy, the hair curl under Katie's ear is missing.
  • When the Gophers are building their hot tub, they are at the campgrounds. However, when they are putting the water in the hot tub, it is at the beach. Then, when Chris is judging the hot tub, it is at the campgrounds again.
  • After Chris inspects the Gopher's hot tub and declares its success, Owen emerges from within the hot tub without his clothes on, when seconds ago he was shown standing with the rest of the Gophers fully clothed.
  • When Duncan claims that DJ should stay instead of Courtney, his nose piercing is missing.
    • Also, after Courtney proposes they vote off Tyler, Courtney and Duncan have switched positions on where they're sitting at the table.
  • Chris says that whichever team won the hot tub challenge would be able to use it all summer, but the only time the hot tub is ever seen again is in The Sucky Outdoors.
  • There are also several goofs during the final scene at the Campfire Ceremony:
    • With the exception of the very first shot of the scene, Eva completely disappears from the ceremony. Her name is never actually mentioned nor does she receive a marshmallow. She is also absent in the final group shot with the rest of her teammates after Ezekiel walks down the Dock of Shame. Courtney is also not seen during this group shot, and Tyler is initially not present at all until Chris calls his name.
    • While Chris explains the elimination process, he directs the Bass' attention to the Boat of Losers, already parked by the Dock of Shame and ready to pick up the first eliminated camper. Yet when Ezekiel reaches the end of the dock after his elimination, the Boat of Losers pulls up beside the dock as if it was never there before.
    • Courtney does not have her marshmallow stick in hand when her name is called; yet when she accepts the marshmallow, the stick appears in her hand suddenly. The stick is also bent when she is sitting but perfectly straight when she holds it the second time.
  • When Chris announces that the Gophers had won the challenge, Beth is seen without her chicken hat.
  • When Owen falls off the cliff again in The Big Sleep and in Paintball Deer Hunter, the splashes weren't nearly as high as they were in this instance.
  • When Leshawna and Cody tell Justin to swim away from the sharks, Gwen's hair is wet. However, when Leshawna and Cody mock Beth for refusing to jump, Gwen's hair is dry.
  • Noah is seen helping Izzy and Trent rebuild one of the crates, yet when the Killer Bass arrive, he disappears.
    • Also during this scene, his chest is out of proportion.
  • The rock that Ezekiel hits when jumping becomes smaller after his turn ends.
  • When the Gophers are encouraging Owen to jump, Lindsay says, "Do it, Owen", but it sounds as if Leshawna is saying it instead.
  • When Tyler states he needs to take a whiz, he is holding the same crate that has the chicken hats in it even though it was never seen being brought down the cliff.
  • While in her swimsuit, Izzy's wristband is either on both of her hands or is missing.
  • At the end of the episode, Beth is missing when the Screaming Gophers are celebrating.
  • When Katie and Sadie return from their potty break, Eva is shown in her swimsuit instead of her regular outfit.
  • At one point where Chef is landing in the water, his tattoo vanishes.
  • After Noah turns to pass a bucket of water to Cody, his legs are still backwards.


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