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Owen is one of the children attending the daycare center.


Much like his teenage self, Owen is excitable, friendly, often happy, a little dim and has an extreme love of food. Being a child, he is arguably quite gullible, often falling for Duncan's tricks and willingly participating in his plans. Owen also has a very strong bond with his best friend Noah.

Total DramaRama

In Venthalla, Owen wins an uber ball and shows it to his friends. Duncan urges him to play with it, to which Owen gives in, leading to the ball to rebound around the room causing destruction. It comes to the attention of Chef who confiscates it due to the 'no toys' rule at the daycare. Upset he lost the toy, Duncan then proposes the kids break into the safe where Chef is keeping all of the kids' toys. Navigating through the vents, the kids take back all their toys, except for Duncan who actually used this as a ploy to escape the daycare. Without Duncan and the map, the kids get lost in the vents, until Owen's sense of smell picks up the scent of food and is able to guide everyone back. Just as Noah, who had stayed behind to over for everyone, ran out of excuses, Owen and all the kids fall from the broken vent back into the classroom. Owen's uber ball plummets from the vent and now with an even greater elastic strength rebounds so hard it completely reduces the daycare to rubble.

In Free Chili, Owen and Noah are talking via walkie-talkies and have to hide them when Chef nearly spotted them. For Owen, he hides his inside his lunch box. Owen's radio picked up a Spanish radio station advertising burritos. This causes Jude and Harold to believe that Owen's chili dog with the radio in it is an alien from outer space. Without his lunch, Owen begins to lose his mind. Even after eating four of his classmates lunches is not enough to satisfy his appetite. He eventually finds out where his chili dog is but it was crushed by several vehicles, devastating Owen.


Total DramaRama Season 1

Total DramaRama Season 2



  • Owen's eye color has been changed from black to dark green.
  • Owen has freckles in this series, unlike his original counterpart.


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