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Owen and Trent

Trent appreciates Owen's belching skills.

Owen and Trent are put on the same team during the first two seasons, where they begin to bond quickly. Their friendship strengthens when they're the last two male members of the Screaming Gophers, and they are soon joined by Duncan's group once they pass the merge. Throughout the first two seasons, Owen occasionally interrupts Trent's moments with Gwen. However, while Owen supports Trent's relationship with Gwen, he also gives Trent bad advice which leads them to their break-up. They have no interaction in Total Drama World Tour, as Trent did not qualify for that season, while Owen does qualify.

Total Drama Island


Trent is concerned when Owen is glad he doesn't have to sleep with girls.

Not So Happy Campers - Part 1

When Owen states that he is glad he won't have to sleep with girls, and would prefer to sleep with guys, Trent and Noah to look at him uncomfortably.

Not So Happy Campers - Part 2

Trent encourages Owen to do the challenge and high-fives him before diving off the cliff himself. Trent also cheers for Owen when he is about to face his fear. After Owen jumps, Trent commends Owen for his jump, saying it was "awesome".

Not Quite Famous


After Trent compliments Owen for belching the alphabet, Owen offers to toot a symphony.

When Owen tries out for the talent show, he belches the ABC's. Heather thinks it is disgusting, but Trent thinks it is excellent and he high-fives Owen. He says it is hard to burp the entire alphabet in one try, and congratulates Owen on mastering this feat. While Izzy does the dance of the rattlesnake, Owen chooses to look to Trent for how to act towards her. Trent silently encourages Owen with a smile to "go for it". This suggests that Owen may look to Trent for romantic advice or for brotherly support.

Later, when Trent and Gwen were sitting at the dock, Owen and Cody jumped in and after getting Gwen wet, she angrily leaves. Trent was annoyed at both of them, saying "nice going" and leaves.

The Sucky Outdoors

When everyone else on the team is angry at Owen for lying to them about having fought a bear before, Trent then defends him by pointing out that Owen had at least brought them some fish to eat.

Phobia Factor

After Gwen explains that the only reason the Screaming Gophers had came to hang out with the Killer Bass was because Owen stank up the cabin, Owen farts again, and Trent says in a disgusted tone, "Ew, dude!"

If You Can't Take The Heat...

Owen accidentally throws a box of oranges at Trent, knocking him unconscious.

Brunch of Disgustingness

Trent is happy when Owen wins the challenge for the guys.

Search and Do Not Destroy

In the confessional, Owen states that he will be voting for Trent, most likely because he kissed Heather. However, he says so with no emotion and possibly no actual motive due to the fact that he had been recently hit with a tranquilizer.

The Very Last Episode, Really!

Owen invites Gwent

Owen hugs Gwen and Trent and hopes they'd come to his party.

Trent sided with Gwen instead of Owen, though it is mostly because of his relationship with her. This is known because when Owen mutters that he's done for, Trent says "I was really looking forward to that party". During the final leg of the challenge, Trent and Owen talk to each other even though they were both exhausted. Owen encourages Trent to not give up on Gwen because he was getting through to her. As Owen is crawling towards the finish line, with Trent crawling behind as well, he says that it is all over for him. Trent tells him that it was a bummer and he really would have liked going to his party. In Owen's ending, after he had won the challenge, he happily said to Trent and Gwen that they were both going to his party.

Total Drama Action

Owen and Trent share a bunk

Owen and Trent share a bunk.

Monster Cash

Trent comments, along with DJ, that Owen walking three city blocks in ten hours is sad. At the end of the second challenge, Trent cheers with the other guys after Owen wins for them. When the guys choose their bunks, Owen and Trent decide to share theirs.

Riot On Set


Owen and Trent high five as Trent picks Owen to be on his team.

Trent can't decide between Harold and Owen, calling them "flakier and flakiest". In the end, Trent picked Owen to be on his team instead of Harold because he was impressed that he won Total Drama Island. Owen high-fives Trent when he is chosen to be on his team although Trent seems grossed out and wipes his hand on his shirt. While Owen is carrying the trailer up the hill, Trent is seen cheering on Owen.

Beach Blanket Bogus


Owen and Trent in the surfing challenge.

Owen is concerned for Trent when he begins to obsess over the number 9. In the woods of Total Drama Island, when Trent wonders what he is doing wrong to make Gwen avoid him, Owen gives him advice, saying that Gwen likes winning. Trent smiles and tells Owen that he is really smart at times, due to his suggestion (which Trent later follows, leading to his expulsion from the game). Owen responds to this by farting and saying that he likes beans. That night, Owen watches Trent, along with Gwen, who are about to kiss in the woods. After he accidentally reveals himself, the two of them throw sticks at him.

3:10 to Crazytown

For the shooting portion of the challenge, Trent wanted to use Owen because he was a guaranteed hit (due to his size); that way, Gwen could win for her team. Owen was shocked to learn that Trent was throwing the challenges for Gwen. Since the rest of the Killer Grips voted off Trent and Owen was in the bottom 2 with Trent in the award ceremony, it is likely that Trent voted off Owen possibly for having a shaky performance in the challenges. It should be also noted that it was actually Owen's idea to tell Trent that girls like winning which prompted Trent to throw challenges to Gwen's team and their eventful break-up.

The Aftermath: III

Trent gives Owen advice, out of concern, telling him to tell the truth when he sits in the electric chair, to which Owen thanks Trent for this. Trent is later amused about his friend's wrong-doings.


  • Both are voiced by Scott McCord.
  • Both have dated and been dumped by someone on the Screaming Gophers.
  • Both have been poisoned after eating fugu blowfish.
  • They are on the same teams in both seasons Trent competes in.
  • They are the only male Screaming Gophers to reach the merge in Total Drama Island.
  • In both of Trent's eliminations, Owen is given the final symbol of invincibility.

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