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The two teams compete in a paintball competition, with members of each team divided into "hunters" and "deer." One member of an alliance stands up against the Queen Bee leader, which causes her team to lose. Additionally, one camper is voted off after being viciously mauled by a bear.


The episode opens with the campers being rudely awakened from their sleep by the sound of Chris flying over the camp in a helicopter. In the girls' cabin, Heather asks Beth and Lindsay to warm up a shower for her, to which they reluctantly comply.

Since Heather is still getting her shower, a long line of girls can be seen outside the communal washroom a short time later. Gwen decides to go "lumberjack style" due to the long wait and walks into the forest to do so.

Chris demonstrates the challenge, involving paintball guns.

Chris is heard over the loudspeakers shortly after, telling the campers to gather at the campfire pit. Heather then requests that her back be lotioned. When Beth turns around, she discovers that the other girls have left the scene, leaving her to complete the difficult task alone. At the campfire pit, Chris informs them that the day's challenge is about survival, and that the teams will go on a paintball deer hunt; he then reveals an arsenal of paintball guns. Chris states that the hunters for the Killer Bass will be Harold, Geoff, and Bridgette, who will be using blue paintballs; for the Screaming Gophers, the hunters are Owen, Beth, Leshawna, and Lindsay, who will be using orange paintballs. Everyone else will be dressed as "deer," with antler headgear and deer tails, and will be the "hunters' prey." Duncan is very disappointed in being a deer, and Owen decides to target him, calling him "Bambi."

Out in the woods, the members of the Screaming Gophers who were selected as "deer" are unhappy about their roles, except for Cody.

TDI Cody.png

(filmed afterwards, in a wheelchair and heavily bandaged) I was so psyched to be a deer. I’m small, but I’m quick. Lots of practice from dodging spitballs in math class.

Heather declares that she will have Beth and Lindsay defend her in the game, dismissing Gwen's suggestion that this would be illegal. The scene moves to the Killer Bass' hunters, where Harold attempts to reassure Bridgette, who believes hunting is incorrect, by pointing out that Heather is one of the deer, which significantly enhances Bridgette's perspective on the matter.

Owen masks his scent with his own urine.

Just after Chris announces the hunt has started, Owen splashes urine from a jar on himself to mask his scent, which repulses the other hunters on his team. Beth and Lindsay are snarled at by Heather, who orders Lindsay to get her berries and Beth to get a bag of chips from the dining hall.

TDI Beth.png

Okay, Heather can be so bossy. And in nature, hunters would never go find food for the deer! Heather won’t hear this, right?

Owen continues his search through the woods and comes across DJ, on whom he makes an attempt to creep up. Beth, on the other hand, sneaks into the main lodge, past Chef's watchful gaze, to get the chips Heather requested. Back with Owen, the hunter is suddenly startled by a snake and DJ, alerted to his presence, runs off, being followed by Owen. Back at the main lodge, Beth barely manages to get out with the bag of chips without being seen by Chef.

TDI Beth.png

So, I'm running for my life from this psycho chef when all of a sudden it hits me: I'm doing this for Heather?! I don't even like her!

Owen maintains his chase of DJ, but only succeeds in hurting himself in the process. After risking her life for a bag of chips, Beth speaks with Cody and tells him she's had it with the game. Heather is mad that Beth ate the majority of the chips and tells Beth to go get her some, but Beth declines. Moments later, Heather is shot by Harold and Bridgette. Owen climbs the cliff, shooting at DJ, but when they reach the top, Owen is out of paintballs, causing DJ to angrily hurl Owen over the edge.

Beth decides to go against Heather, and starts to eat the chips Heather requested on her way back.

Elsewhere, Heather calls an alliance meeting with Lindsay and interrupts Beth shooting at a "deer" to tell her she can stay in the alliance if she apologizes for her earlier actions, but Beth refuses. The two argue back and forth with Beth stating that Heather is more concerned with bossing people around than winning challenges. At another location, Owen, soaking wet, is determined to get a deer and spotting Duncan walking by, quickly finds a new target. The fighting between Heather and Beth continues on with Leshawna overhearing the argument and stopping to watch. Leshawna accidentally shoots Heather by mistake, and when Heather turns to angrily berate Leshawna, Beth shoots Heather as well.

Meanwhile, Owen is perched high in a tree, preparing to shoot Duncan, who is drinking from a nearby pond. Duncan is alerted to his presence by Owen's loud fart, and he flees.

TDI Cody.png

I thought it was a cinch to win. I almost made it all the way through without being hit by a single paintball!

Heather shoots paintballs at Leshawna and Beth, who return the favor. Courtney and Duncan argue over which way the camp is situated in another area, and as a result, their "antlers" become locked.

TDI Duncan.png

Sure, we could've taken those lame-o-antler hats off, but miss counselor-in-training would probably go blab to Chris and have us disqualified. But, hey! I kinda liked it!

After that, Courtney becomes enraged and asks, "Now what?" Duncan answers by asking Courtney if she wants to make out with him, to which Courtney just gives a blank look.

Cody and Heather are shocked to be in the bottom two.

The paintball battle between Leshawna, Heather, and Beth is noticed by Harold, Geoff, and Bridgette. They begin shooting at them for amusement just as the hunt is announced to be over. Chris surveys the campers and informs them of Cody's bear mauling. Courtney and Duncan, still stuck together, come to the camp grounds. When Owen and Gwen both joke about the two being stuck together, Duncan responds, "The girl can't keep her antlers off me." Courtney responds violently by kicking Duncan in the groin, prompting Bridgette and Geoff to untangle them. Since the Killer Bass are coated in far less paint, Chris declares them the winners of the challenge.

At the campfire ceremony, Heather declares that, if she could, she would vote for Beth and one other camper. In the confessional, a mauled Cody is assured that he is safe because he is a fast healer and everyone despises Heather. At the campfire ceremony, Chris gives the marshmallows to Trent, Lindsay, Owen, Gwen, Leshawna and, to Heather's surprise, Beth. Heather and Cody are in the bottom two, and Heather gets the last marshmallow, claiming that her teammates are very fortunate not to have voted her off. In the end, Cody is voted off the island. Since Cody is unable to travel on his own, Chris allows someone to wheel him down to the Dock of Shame, which Beth quickly volunteers to do. The gophers bid farewell to Cody as Beth wheels him away. Upon reaching the end of the dock, Beth shows Cody the tiki idol she took from Boney Island in the previous challenge. Cody, realizing the truth about the idol and their number of losses, frantically tries to tell Beth the truth, but Beth doesn't seem to realize he's trying to tell her anything important. She then kisses Cody on the cheek before saying farewell, causing his wheelchair to roll off the Dock of Shame and into the water, almost drowning him.


Voice actor Role(s)
Christian Potenza Chris
Sarah Gadon Beth
Kristin Fairlie Bridgette
Peter Oldring Cody
Emilie-Claire Barlow Courtney
Clé Bennett DJ
Drew Nelson Duncan
Megan Fahlenbock Gwen
Brian Froud Harold
Rachel Wilson Heather
Novie Edwards Leshawna
Stephanie Anne Mills Lindsay
Scott McCord Owen

Elimination Ceremony

8th Elimination Ceremony:
Screaming Gophers
Stauts Contestant
TDI Trent.png

TDI Lindsay.png

TDI Owen.png

TDI Gwen.png

TDI Leshawna.png

TDI Beth.png

Bottom Two
TDI Cody.png

TDI Heather.png

TDI Cody bw.png


Voting Confessionals

TDI Cody.png

(chuckles) Okay, I know I got mauled by a bear, but I'm feeling good about this. I'm a quick healer, and besides, Heather's as mean as a snake, dude! Her own team shot her like 18 times! They'll never kick me off.
TDI Leshawna.png

(voting against Cody) Who did I vote for? Well, Heather's been a pain in my butt from day one. But I gotta say, Cody.
TDI Owen.png

(voting against Cody) Yeah, that Cody . . . Not so useful in challenges anymore.
TDI Lindsay.png

I totally admire Belle for standing up to Heather, but she's so dead now!

Still in the running

TDI Ezekiel bw.png
TDI Eva bw.png
TDI Noah bw.png
TDI Justin bw.png
TDI Katie bw.png
TDI Tyler bw.png
TDI Izzy bw.png
TDI Cody bw.png
TDI Beth.png
TDI Killer Bass.png
TDI DJ.png
TDI Duncan.png
TDI Geoff.png
TDI Gwen.png
TDI Harold.png
TDI Owen.png
TDI Sadie.png
TDI Trent.png



  • As of Cody's elimination, all three campers voiced by Peter Oldring have been eliminated from the season.
  • Cody has multiple bandages and cuts on his body as he speaks in the confessional, but he has not yet been mauled by the bear as these confessionals are seen, implying that these were taken after the challenge had finished.
  • The Gophers have red guns, similar to the Bass' color, while the Bass have green guns, similar to the Gophers' color.
  • Leshawna's nearsightedness is revealed in this episode, as she had a hard time seeing Heather and the others from a distance. This disability, on the other hand, is never mentioned in any other episode.
  • DJ appears to develop animal instincts in this episode, as he trotted around on all fours, was scared of Owen when he was about to shoot, and then threw Owen off the ledge as if he wanted to avenge himself for almost shooting him; then, he kicked rocks and dirt over the edge after him. This is the first episode in which he is seen using his strength in frustration.
  • Gwen and Trent were the only Screaming Gophers who came out of the challenge unscathed, while none of the Killer Bass did.



  • This episode's title could be a reference to the war-drama film, The Deer Hunter.
  • Owen's song about beans is a reference to "Beans, Beans, the Musical Fruit."
  • Owen calls Duncan "Bambi" in the episode. The word is a reference to the 1942 Disney animated movie, Bambi.
  • When Chris is flying the helicopter, he is wearing a Rebel Flight Suit from Star Wars.


  • In the recap, where Chris explains "the final marshmallow was set to go to Izzy or Lindsay," it pans from Izzy to Lindsay. In "Up the Creek," however, it panned from Lindsay to Izzy. At the same part of the recap, Lindsay is shown with a worried look on her face, when she was actually not paying attention and playing with her hair in the real episode.
    • In the remastered version of the episode, however, besides the fact that the recap is missing half of its sequences, Lindsay is seen sitting in the same position as she was in the previous episode.
  • Harold is missing from the rest of the cast when Chris explains the challenge.

The scene where part of Heather's head, including her face, is missing.

  • Part of Heather's head is cut when Chris explains the challenge.
  • When Chris reaches for the paintball guns, he reaches for a red one, but throws green ones to Harold, Geoff, and Bridgette.
  • When Owen throws the urine on his face, the glass jar is empty, but when he threw it to Lindsay, Beth, and Leshawna, it is full.
  • When Owen is first stalking DJ, his paintball gun is green, though the gun color for the Screaming Gophers' was red.
  • When Bridgette shoots Heather, the paint on her shoulder is the color of the Screaming Gophers paint.
  • When Cody eats from the bag of chips, it is full. However, when he snatches it up off the ground earlier, it is nearly empty.
  • When Beth tells off Heather, she takes off her deer nose and throws it at her. But in the next scene, where she and Beth are having a stare-down, her deer nose is back on.
  • When Heather is sitting on the tree stump, she is hit by two orange paintballs shot by Bridgette and Harold, but the Killer Bass's paintballs are blue.
  • When Owen is thrown off the cliff, his paintball gun disappears, but he is seen later with it again.
  • When Owen spots Duncan he doesn't have his goggles.
  • After Owen is hunting DJ, he is out of paintballs. However, when he starts hunting Duncan, he says that he has at least one paintball.
  • When Cody is mauled by the bear and covered in bandages, he is able to speak before he gets to the campfire ceremony (saying that he is confident that he wouldn't be eliminated). After he is eliminated, he is unable to speak due to bandages covering his mouth that he obviously did not have or need before that time.
  • After Chris announces that the final marshmallow goes to Heather, the marshmallow plate that he is holding is full of marshmallows.
  • When Beth takes Cody to the dock and pulls out her statue, it is small to the point where she can hold it with two fingers. In all the other episodes with the statue, it is much bigger to the point that she needs her whole hand to hold it.


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