Pete was a Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race contestant as a member of The Tennis Rivals with Gerry.


A tennis master in the '60's, Gerry was Pete's fiercest competitor and the two have had an ongoing rivalry ever since. Pete's agent decided it would be a brilliant idea to pair them on The Ridonculous Race, regardless of the fact that time has made them a lot older and less fit. The two men commonly mock each other for fun. Pete and Gerry don't take themselves or anything too seriously and hope they might be able to pick up new sponsorship contracts from their appearance on the show.

Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race

Gerry and pete int

Pete is introduced alongside his partner.

Gerry and Pete had been tennis rivals for several years or even decades as Gerry once pointed out about an incident that Pete caused during the 70s. Their rivalry has attracted the attention of sports deals, sponsorships, and has even resulted in appearances on several television shows. Despite their competitiveness towards each other, Gerry and Pete have become close friends over the years and often crack jokes with one another.

As their last sponsorship deal ended many years ago, Gerry and Pete join the race in hopes of getting offered another. As a running gag, they often make reference to being elderly and not as active as the other racers. In None Down, Eighteen to Go - Part 1, they have great difficulty circling the tower because of the fierce winds. Upon making the return journey, Pete's artificial knee gives out. Subsequently, the two of them then talk about how they aren't fit for the show. While ziplining, Gerry pushes Pete off the T-bar as payback for his loss in a tennis match but upon grabbing the ticket, he too plummets into the water below, having not thought this through. Despite this setback, the two of them arrive in fourth place in None Down, Eighteen to Go - Part 2, after taking a quick nap on the plane ride.

A bit sad

The Tennis Rivals are eliminated.

Pete's age catches up with him in French is an Eiffel Language, when the two of them fall asleep in their taxi, forget to tell the driver where to go, and fall behind. Because of this, they are among the last few teams to reach the location of the first challenge. Seeing their disadvantage, the Tennis Rivals decide to follow the Vegans, hoping that they will lead them to the cheese but this takes longer than they expected. The Tennis Rivals are shocked that the Vegans have caught up with them. During the final moments of the Race, the Tennis Rivals decide to carry their cheese to the Chill Zone rather than roll it, costing them valuable time. As they near the finish line, the penalty for the Reality TV Pros ends and both teams leap onto the Chill Zone together. Gerry believes that both teams tied for last place until Don points out that Gerry's leg are not in the Chill Zone and thus, the Tennis Rivals are eliminated. Nevertheless, both of them accept their defeat and float away on their giant cheese raft, while making one final joke, which they both laugh at as the episode ends.

Gerry and Pete reappear in A Million Ways to Lose a Million Dollars with the other eliminated teams. As per their usual routine, they joke about about the Surfers and the Cadets and don't seem to be excited about the outcome. At the end of the episode, he joins the rest of the cast, along with his partner for a final group shot.





  • Having been both confirmed to be in their sixties, Pete and Gerry are the oldest competing contestants in the Total Drama franchise to date.
  • In the scale photo released by Fresh TV, Pete's cleft chin is bigger.



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