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After the previous episode's elimination, a discussion of fears evolves into a fear-facing challenge, thanks to some eavesdroppers. Most of the campers conquer their fears, but a few others don't fare as well. Another camper is voted off for being too afraid to face his fear.


The episode picks up immediately after Katie's elimination, as it did in the previous episode. Due to the elimination of her best friend, Sadie is depressed and now sobbing uncontrollably at the Dock of Shame, with only Bridgette offering her consolation and support. Bridgette insists that Katie would want her to be strong and move on without her, something Sadie refuses to accept. Bridgette eventually pulls Sadie away, who clings to the dock and manages to break off a plank of wood in the process before laments about missing Katie.

When Bridgette and Sadie return to the Killer Bass by the campfire, they are surprisingly joined by the Screaming Gophers, who bring some leftovers from their tuck shop party. Although they try to convince the Killer Bass that they are joining them out of kindness, Gwen finally admits that they are there because they can't go back to their cabin since Owen farted in it and they need to air it out. Beth offers Courtney a green jelly dessert with a gummy worm inside, which she refuses out of fear. Duncan wants to know about whether Courtney is on a diet, and Courtney responds that she actually dislikes green jelly. Beth then brings it to DJ, who looks at the jelly and sees the gummy worm in it, then frantically knocks it out of Beth's grasp, mistaking the gummy worm for a snake. DJ apologizes for making a scene when Cody shows him it's just a gummy worm and advises him to relax, adding that he's terrified of snakes and suffers from ophidiophobia — the fear of snakes.

TDI Gwen.png


So, suddenly everyone's having this big share fest by the fire. Like, Beth went on and on about how her mortal fear is being covered by bugs; Harold's afraid of ninjas; even Heather admitted she's afraid of sumo wrestlers.

Tyler sympathizes with him, revealing that he's scared of chickens — or alektorophobia. Everyone then starts talking about their greatest fears: Beth is scared of being covered in bugs; Harold is afraid of ninjas; and Heather is scared of sumo wrestlers. Gwen says her fear is being buried alive — having taphophobia or claustrophobia, which is the fear of being trapped in an enclosed space — while Lindsay says her fear is walking through a minefield in high heels. Owen expresses his fear of flight, and Izzy reveals that she, too, suffers from aviophobia (fear of flying). Geoff then goes on to describe his fear of hail, also known as grandophobia. Bridgette expresses her fear of being alone in the woods after Geoff shares his. Sadie mentions that she is scared of bad haircuts as she grips the plank of wood. Lindsay agrees, and then changes her mind, claiming that this fear is even more terrifying. Cody then expresses his fear about defusing a time bomb under pressure. Courtney claims she isn't really afraid of anything, which is met with suspicion by many. Duncan gives the most obscure fear of all: Céline Dion music store standees. After Trent admits to having a fear of mimes, or metamfiezomaiophobia, he insists that Courtney share her phobia, but Courtney firmly asserts that she has none. Duncan reminds her of how scared she was when he told his scary story in the last episode, causing her to get snippy with him.

Tyler is horrified to see his worst fear.

Chris reveals the next challenge at breakfast the next morning: the campers will face their worst fears in a game he calls "Phobia Factor." Leshawna questions if it could be worse than the breakfast they were eating. Heather spits her drink in Trent's face as Chris calls her to the theater for sumo. Gwen is then told by Chris that she has a date with a few tons of sand at the beach. Lindsay asks how they knew what their fears were, and Gwen attempts in vain to explain the essence of a "reality show" to the ditzy blonde. Chris asks Chef about a special order for Tyler, and Chef hands Tyler a piece of deep-fried chicken. Tyler bites the head off the chicken-shaped food nervously, only to be startled when the head of a real live chicken pops out.

Lindsay and Sadie are forced to wear repulsive wigs for the challenge.

The campers gather outside near a worm-infested swimming pool, and it's Beth's turn to face her fear in order to complete the challenge. Beth shrugs and jumps into the pool, burying herself in the worms, even eating some of them. The Gophers lead 1-0. Lindsay and Sadie are taken to the main lodge after revealing that their greatest fear is bad haircuts, and Chris brings two wigs for them to wear. Owen grabs one and puts it on, doing a ballet dance before tripping and collapsing. Chris returns the wigs to the girls and places them on their heads. Izzy and Owen are taken to a yellow airplane, that looks like it's on the verge of falling apart, piloted by flight attendant Hatchet; when the plane flies haphazardly over the island, they both scream in horror.

Harold opens the stall door in the washroom to find himself surrounded by three ninjas. He pulls out a pair of nunchucks and begins expertly spinning them around, but he hits himself in the head and falls unconscious into the toilet, which counts as a failure. Back outside, Leshawna comes face to face with her greatest fear: a spider, or more accurately, Chef dressed as a huge spider, but she flees screaming in horror as he follows her. Meanwhile, Heather is pitted against a sumo wrestler in the theater. Heather crouches into a ball in panic, tripping the sumo wrestler and causing him to bounce into the distance, striking a tree in the process. The Gophers lead 2-0.

Bridgette starts her six-hour-long seclusion in the woods around the camp, and while she acts like she can take it, she panics at the sight of a chipmunk at her feet looking up to her, and kicks it all the way to the lake. The camera pans up to the beach, where Gwen is in a Plexiglass box, being buried in sand; she only needs to stay there for five minutes, and Trent promises he'll stay right there with her, talking to her with a walkie-talkie. The cover of the box closes, and she starts getting buried, beginning with sand blocking her face. Back at the theater, DJ is confronted with a small snake and he's terrified of it, especially when it blinks. The other Bass try to cheer him on, especially Courtney, whose bossy demeanor has her demanding that DJ just pick up the snake. Eventually, DJ reaches down and picks up the snake, conquering his fear. Bass are down 1-2.

Trent comes face to face with his worst fear: mimes.

With three minutes to go, Gwen is handling her challenge well enough, particularly with Trent talking to her. To kill time, she asks questions as to why he is so afraid of mimes. Trent states that, when he was four years old, he and his mother went to the circus to see the elephants, and he became so immersed in the spectacle that he lost track of his mother in the mob and a pale-faced mime came out of nowhere and began imitating him; he ran, but the mime followed him and wouldn't stop performing his routine. Trent is suddenly forced to confront his fear when a mime approaches from behind and taps him on the back. Trent, terrified, flees screaming and losing his walkie-talkie. Gwen has no idea what happened, but she is now alone in the face of her greatest fear.

Chris then takes Cody to his challenge, defusing a time bomb, which in this case is made out of several garbage cans; before fleeing, Chris informs him he has 10 minutes to defuse the bomb and hands him a set of blueprints. Trent continues to face his own fear of mimes. As the mime chases him, they both stop for a moment. Trent tries to explain to the mime that there is no wall he is touching, and he spots the dock. Back at camp, Duncan is faced with a life-sized cardboard cut-out of Céline Dion. Courtney tries to gently reassure him, inspiring Duncan to run towards the standee and hug it. The Gophers and the Bass are now tied at 2-2. Courtney gives Duncan a congratulatory hug, but quickly recoils when the heat of the moment wears off.

Trent is still being chased by the mime, acting as if he is trapped in a box. Trent dashes to the Dock of Shame and dives into the water; when the mime attempts to chase him down, Trent assures him that his makeup will run, so he gives up and walks away, leaving the score at 3-2, with the Gophers leading. Back on the beach, Geoff is napping in a chair when a tiny dark cloud emerges overhead and begins pelting him with his worst fear: hail. When the hail begins to fall, Geoff flees screaming, and the miniature hail cloud follows him around; Lindsay notices the cloud and thinks it's adorable, so she asks if she can have her own. Trent is watching Chris control the cloud by remote and asks if it can go lower and pelt him harder. Chris calls Trent sick, but he gladly agrees. Trent then goes on to ask Chris if he ever feels like he's missing something, to which Chris responds that he does all of the time. It's not until Chris says he's going to bury Geoff in hail that Trent is reminded that he forgot about Gwen.

Out in the woods, Bridgette is holding her own, but she still has over four hours to go when she hears an explosion. While digging up Gwen, Chris and Trent hear the explosion, too, and Chris deduces that the explosion was Cody blowing himself up, thereby failing his challenge. Cody, who is injured and covered in trash, wanders through the woods in search of help, finally coming across Bridgette, who is scared away, making her fail her challenge.

TDI Bridgette.png


Actually, I'd like to thank the producers for making me face my fear. I'm proud of myself. There's really nothing to be afraid of.

At the beach, Gwen is alright and throws the walkie-talkie at Trent out of anger for abandoning her. The score is now 4-2, with the Gophers leading. Elsewhere, the plane lands, and Izzy and Owen exit just as the wings begin to fall off; despite having overcome their apprehension, they are relieved to be back on land. The score is now 6-2, with the Gophers leading. Lindsay and Sadie are in the washroom after wearing the wigs all day, and take them off. They then compliment each other on how cute they both look. The score is now 7-3, with the Gophers still leading.

Tyler is unable to face his fear of chickens, much to Courtney's anger.

Tyler is put in a chicken pen for three minutes outside, giving him another chance to face his fear. Tyler enters, but soon collapses into a fetal position in a corner. Courtney tells him to stop acting so girly, but Cody points out that the Bass are still too far behind to win. Chris then sweetens the deal by stating that the Bass have one more challenge remaining, which he will make worth three times their current score. The last challenge is Courtney's, and although she didn't say what she was afraid of, the tape clearly shows her aversion to green gelatin, or Green Zelatiniphobia, which she characterized as smelling like snot. Courtney is lead to a green jelly pool with a diving board, and she is given the task of diving in for tripled points. Courtney scales the unusually high diving board, and the Killer Bass try to persuade her to jump, while the Screaming Gophers, especially Gwen, try to scare her away. Courtney decides she can't go through with it when looking down, and she backs out, losing the challenge for the Bass. Owen lies in the green jelly, loving it, while Courtney beats herself up for losing the challenge.

TDI Courtney.png


I'm so embarrassed. How could I be so weak?! I deserve to go home! (shakes head) Ugh, okay, stop it! You're pathetic! Show some confidence, Courtney! (crying, slaps herself)

Tyler finds out that his worst fear has been placed on the Boat of Losers with him.

At the campfire ceremony, Chris is down to the last two marshmallows and the campers who are up for elimination all failed to complete their challenges: Courtney, Bridgette, and Tyler. The next marshmallow is given to Bridgette, and the last is given to Courtney after a few seconds of drama. Tyler is relegated to the Dock of Shame, where his former teammates and Chris (with the exception of Courtney) taunt him with numerous bird-related puns before being reprimanded by Courtney. Tyler is humiliated while weeping on the Boat of Losers as he is surrounded by numerous chickens, which causes him to scream.

TDI Lindsay.png


Awh! I'll never forget our time together, Taylor! Uh, Tyler! Bye! (blows kiss)


Voice actor Role(s)
Christian Potenza Chris
Kristin Fairlie Bridgette
Peter Oldring Cody/Tyler
Emilie-Claire Barlow Courtney
Clé Bennett DJ
Drew Nelson Duncan
Dan Petronijevic Geoff
Megan Fahlenbock Gwen
Katie Crown Izzy
Novie Edwards Leshawna
Stephanie Anne Mills Lindsay
Scott McCord Owen/Trent
Lauren Lipson Sadie
  • Beth, Chef, Harold, and Heather appear, but they do not speak. However, Heather is heard gasping when Gwen talks about the green jelly pool. Beth gasped when Heather spits out her drink by Chris mentioning her fear.

Challenge Results

Killer Bass
Contestant Fear Challenge Overcame fear?
TDI Harold.png
Harold Ninjas Fight 3 ninjas No
TDI DJ.png
DJ Snakes Touching a snake Yes
TDI Duncan.png
Duncan Céline Dion music store standees Hug a Céline Dion standee Yes
TDI Geoff.png
Geoff Hail A cloud of hail following him No
TDI Bridgette.png
Bridgette Being alone in the woods No
TDI Sadie.png
Sadie Bad haircuts Wearing a repulsive wig Yes
TDI Tyler.png
Tyler Alektorophobia Get in a pen with chickens for 3 minutes No
TDI Courtney.png
Courtney Green jelly Jump into a pool filled with green jelly No
Screaming Gophers
Contestant Fear Challenge Overcame fear?
TDI Beth.png
Beth Being covered by bugs Getting into a bathtub full of worms Yes
TDI Leshawna.png
Leshawna Spiders Being with a giant spider No
TDI Heather.png
Heather Sumo wrestlers Fighting a sumo wrestler Yes
TDI Trent.png
Trent Mimes A mime mimicking him Yes
TDI Cody.png
Cody Deactivating a bomb Successfully defusing a trash bomb No
TDI Gwen.png
Gwen Claustrophobia Being buried alive Yes
TDI Izzy.png
Izzy Aviophobia Flying in an old airplane Yes
TDI Owen.png
Owen Yes
TDI Lindsay.png
Lindsay Bad haircuts Wearing a repulsive wig Yes

Elimination Ceremony

Elimination Ceremony 6:
Killer Bass
Status Contestant
Not Shown Safe
TDI Duncan.png
TDI DJ.png

TDI Geoff.png
TDI Harold.png
TDI Sadie.png

Duncan, DJ, Geoff, Harold, Sadie
TDI Bridgette.png

TDI Courtney.png
TDI Tyler.png

Courtney, Tyler
TDI Tyler bw.png


Still in the running

TDI Ezekiel bw.png
TDI Eva bw.png
TDI Noah bw.png
TDI Justin bw.png
TDI Katie bw.png
TDI Tyler bw.png
TDI DJ.png



  • The Killer Bass had an unfair disadvantage during this challenge. The scores were counted on how many people could conquer their fear, but the Killer Bass had only eight people, while the Screaming Gophers had nine, which means they had higher chances of winning.
  • Leshawna is the only camper whose greatest fear was never exposed at the campfire, but she is terrified of spiders or arachnophobia, which she revealed the next day.
  • There are a few technicalities in this episode:
    • Heather technically does not conquer her fear because she tries to avoid the wrestler.
    • Trent also avoids his fear and merely tells the mime that he can't get wet, thus driving it away.
    • Tyler technically completes his challenge, as he was asked to stay in the chicken pen for three minutes, which he does.
    • Harold technically does conquer his fear of ninjas, but his efforts are not counted due to knocking himself out.
    • Cody also technically does conquer his fear of defusing a time bomb under pressure as he doesn't run away and is there at the time of the explosion, but his efforts are not counted simply because he failed to defuse the time bomb.
  • When faced with his phobia, Harold is the only camper who does not display any obvious fear on his face. This indicates he may have been aware of the challenge's nature and used his real fear as a ruse.
  • The final two of the season, Gwen and Owen, will eventually face their fears again in the future in which they have yet to overcome despite successfully facing it in this episode.
  • This is the only episode in the series in which Heather competes in, but has no lines.



  • The title and content of this episode spoof a similar reality television show called Fear Factor.
  • This episode is one of the three episodes of Total Drama Island to reference a real life person, in this case, Céline Dion.


  • In the recap, Chris claims that neither team slept the night before, but both teams did.
  • Courtney was seated in the last seat to the right at the start of the show, but when Bridgette and Sadie arrive, there are two more seats available to Courtney's right.
  • Heather will be the first to endure a fear-based challenge, according to Chris in the main lodge, followed by Gwen. They aren't the first to take on the challenges, though; Beth is.
  • Even though Izzy and Owen are still on the plane, they can be seen during Heather and Leshawna's challenges.
    • Likewise, Leshawna faces off against Chef in a spider costume, when he is supposed to be piloting the plane.
  • When Gwen is first being buried, Lindsay is watching her with the "bad haircut" wig on, but when Chris says "As long as we decide to dig you up", the wig disappears from Lindsay's head.
  • Originally, Gwen said in the confessional, "Beth went on and on about how her mortal fears being covered by bugs." Later in the flashback, her line is "Beth went on about..." with only one "on."
  • Duncan's nose piercing is missing briefly at the beginning of the episode when all the campers are seated around the bonfire.
  • When Owen is on the airplane, two sections of his hair are the same color as his skin.
  • Beth, Izzy, and Tyler are not present with the cast when Courtney attempts to face her fear.
  • Lindsay and Sadie's challenge was meant to last for a whole day (or at the very least the whole daytime), but it ended even before the sunset.
  • Harold was not seen at the Campfire Ceremony.


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