The Pimâpotew Kinosewak (translates to Floating Salmon in English, and sometimes referred to as Team Kinosewak) is one of two opposing teams in Total Drama: Pahkitew Island. The team originally consists of Amy, Jasmine, Max, Rodney, Samey, Scarlett, and Topher. However, in This Is The Pits!, Max and Sky switched teams due to Chris wanting to split up budding relationships. The team logo is a green fish with a light green background.

Total Drama: Pahkitew Island


Team Kinosewak celebrate their first victory.

In So, Uh This Is My Team?, Amy, Jasmine, Max, Rodney, Samey, Scarlett, and Topher are put on the Pimâpotew Kinosewak team for having the only working parachutes. Jasmine appoints herself as team leader and successfully orders her fellow teammates to build a tree house. After their shelter proves stronger and sturdier compare the opposing team, they are declared the winner of the challenge. They also win the next challenge with little difficulty after Leonard's failed attempt to use magic slows him down, allowing Jasmine to easily overtake him


The entire team having breakfast.

Following this, Team Kinosewak lose all following challenges, due to internal issues within the team. In Twinning Isn't Everything, the team initially have the advantage; however, due to the twins' sibling rivalry, they accidentally eliminated themselves and Jasmine, failing the challenge. Amy attempts to shift the blame on Samey to get her eliminated, but Samey manages to trick Amy into eating a Manchineel fruit that Samey has learned about from the previous episode. Due to her sister being unable to talk, Samey claims she is Amy and vice versa, resulting in Amy being eliminated in Samey's place.

In I Love You, I Love You Knots, the team loses again, with Rodney failing in every challenge he was chosen, including the tie-breaker. Because of this, he is voted off. In A Blast from the Past, a vengeful Amy returns to the island during the final moments of the challenge, exposing Samey's identity. As the sisters fight each other, Sugar easily wins for Team Maskwak. To prevent any more confusion, Chris decides to eliminate both twins that night.

Advancing people

Team Kinosewak advance to the third area.

In Mo Monkey Mo Problems, animosity begins to emerge between Max and Scarlett, with the latter attempting to get Max eliminated. The team's inability to work together continue and only Jasmine is able to focus on the challenge while the others are too busy with their own business (Scarlett "helping" Max to become more evil and Topher stealing Chris's cell phone). After acquiring their coin, the team is caught in Max's trap, to which the self-proclaim evil genius admits it was his plan. Team Kinosewak eventually loss and Max is voted off but because Ella was caught singing, she is eliminated instead.

In This Is The Pits!, the team is separated into two groups, Jasmine with Topher and Scarlett with Max as usual. Using Chris's cell phone, Jasmine and Topher escapes the caves by digging their way out while Max and Scarlett use an elevator. That night, Max switches team with Sky as Chris wanted to prevent the development of any potential relationship. Despite the addition of a more physically skilled contestant than Max, the team still did not fare well in Three Zones and A Baby. Topher continues to wait for a reply from the producers while Sky is worried of Dave. Near the end of the challenge, Topher is excited that he is going to replace Chris as the host and causes and avalanche. Because of this, Topher is eliminated that night and he realizes that he is tricked by Chris.

In Hurl and Go Seek, Chris announces the merge, officially breaking up Team Kinosewak. Jasmine, Scarlett and Sky progress to the merge.


Original members

Additional member

In This Is The Pits!, Chris switches Sky to the Pimâpotew Kinosewak due to wanting to keep the teams even when splitting up Max and Scarlett.

Pimâpotew Kinosewak teammates
Amy | Jasmine | Max | Rodney | Samey | Scarlett | Sky | Topher


Contestant Gender Rank Team rank Episode Reason for elimination
Amy Female 12th 7th Twinning Isn't Everything She unknowingly ate a Manchineel Fruit she took from Samey, rendering her being unable to speak. Samey then tricked everyone into thinking that she was Amy, causing the real Amy to be eliminated in her place.
Rodney Male 11th 6th I Love You, I Love You Knots His inability to tell the truth about his feelings and insults toward the truth chicken caused his team to be shocked repeatedly and ultimately lose.
Samey Female 10th 5th A Blast from the Past Due to Amy's surprise return and their subsequent fighting, she ended up losing the challenge for her team. Also, to prevent anymore complications, Chris decides to eliminate the both of them.
Topher Male 8th 4th Three Zones and a Baby Topher received a call from Chris, tricking him into believing he was the new host. His excited yell caused an avalanche, costing his team the challenge.
Scarlett Female 6th 3rd Scarlett Fever She was disqualified by Chris after she tried to blow up the island and claim the million dollar prize money.
Jasmine Female 4th 2nd Sky Fall Sugar pushed a tree on Jasmine, causing her to come in last and be automatically eliminated.
Sky Female 1st/2nd 1st Lies, Cries and One Big Prize She crossed the finish line in the time limit and was retrieved from the show before Shawn, making her the winner. Runner-up in Shawn's ending.


  • This is so far the only team in the series considered to be "inferior" to win the first challenge.
  • This team has experienced the longest losing streak in the history of Total Drama, with six consecutive losses from Twinning Isn't Everything to Three Zones and A Baby (counting the fact that both teams lost in This Is The Pits!)
  • This team is tied with Team Victory and the Toxic Rats for the least challenges won in in the series, with only two.
  • This is the first team in the series in which its highest ranking member is not an original member.
    • This is also the third team whose highest ranking member is a female in either of the finale's endings, with the others being the Killer Grips and Team Amazon.

      Soaring Eagles logo.

  • Along with the Heroic Hamsters and the opposing Waneyihtam Maskwak, this is one of three teams known to have an in-show alternative name.
    • Chris had originally planned for them to be called the "Soaring Eagles" until Sky corrected Chef's translation.
    • This is also the only one of these teams to have its original logo shown, comprising of a purple eagle with a lilac background.
  • This is the fourth team to be reduced to a team of one gender, the others being Team Victory, Toxic Rats, and Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot.
    • This is also the only team to be reduced to only females.


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