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Playa Des Losers was a luxurious five-star resort on an island near Camp Wawanakwa.


An outside night view of the pool at Playa Des Losers.

Playa Des Losers is where the campers from Total Drama Island are taken after their elimination, via the Boat of Losers. Despite its geographical location, Playa Des Losers appears to be in a tropical area and consists of what one would expect of a high-class resort, including a pool, a hot tub, and a spa. The tropical appearance is simply made up of props, as stated by Courtney in Haute Camp-ture, most likely as a way to increase the flamboyant appearance of the island. The food served at the resort is assumed to be considerably better than Chef's standard cooking.

Total Drama Island

A rough draft of the Playa Des Losers resort, with Camp Wawanakwa and the Cliff in the background.

The resort first appears in Haute Camp-ture, where the eliminated campers speak about their experiences on the show, thoughts on the remaining campers, and how things have been going for them since their elimination. It appears again towards the end of I Triple Dog Dare You!, when Heather's scream is heard throughout the surrounding area, specifically at Playa Des Losers, where everyone is gathered around the pool listening to Trent play his guitar. It also appears in the promotional clip of the special episode Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island, where Gwen and Eva are having a conversation while relaxing at the dock. Its last appearance of the season is in the finale, where all of the campers have congregated for what seems to be one final party before they all leave.

Total Drama All-Stars

Playa Des Losers, as it appears in Total Drama All-Stars.

Playa Des Losers appears to have been converted into a "cottage" for Chris by the time the fifth season begins. Despite Chris being insistent on it being a cottage, others identify it as his "mansion" instead. It first appears in Suckers Punched, where Chris is seen lounging in one of the lawn chairs on its main deck during the recap. It reappears in the next episode, where the contestants spot it during the boat race and recognize it as Chris's cottage (even though Courtney insists that it is a mansion). With everyone thinking Duncan has turned soft, in an attempt to prove that he is still a "bad boy", he rigs the area with explosives stolen from Chef, annihilating the cottage in the process. He is later arrested because of this and eliminated from the competition. Playa Des Losers makes its last appearance in The Bold and the Booty-ful, in which Gwen's task is to return an intact piece of artwork from the cottage to Chris. However, Mal sabotages her by knocking over a platform, causing several large pieces of rubble to fall on her. She then manages to climb out and finds a painting among the rubble.

Total DramaRama

Playa Des Losers appears in Leshawna's dream sequence in the episode Total Eclipse of the Fart. In said dream sequence, Leshawna accidentally drives her speedboat up a rock and crashes into the cottage, causing it to explode.


  • Hot tub
  • Outdoor swimming pool, including a diving board
  • Swim-up tiki bar
  • Spa
  • Buffet table and grill
  • Gym
  • A dock


  • Playa Des Losers is most likely the resort that Chris originally promises in the brochure that the campers had read about when they first signed up. As he says in the first episode, "We told them they'd be staying at some five-star resort". In addition, upon arriving on the island and seeing the state of Camp Wawanakwa, DJ comments that the place "looked a lot different on the application form", implying that images of Playa Des Losers were used as well.
  • Oddly enough, Playa Des Losers is accessible only via boat in Haute Camp-ture due to being a separate island, but Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island contradicts this multiple times. First, the giant million dollar check is seen crossing the campgrounds when being presented to the respective finalist; and secondly, as soon as the campers leave the resort, they don't need the boat to arrive at the camp. In The Bold and the Booty-ful, Gwen is also seemingly able to transport there without a boat.
    • It is possible that they were simply misled into believing the resort was on a separate island and are given a longer route to reach it. 
  • Playa Des Losers could be based on Ponderosa, the island Survivor contestants are sequestered for the rest of the 39 days of the game after they are voted out.
  • In Spanish, Playa Des Losers translates to "Beach of the Losers" or "Losers Beach".