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Rain of Terror is a Total Drama All-Stars game, produced by Cartoon Network and developed by Sun-Studios. The game was released on August 26, 2013. Badges were added to the game nearly a month later on September 16, 2013, though they are only available in some regions. Badges were eventually removed.


The player can either select the Heroic Hamsters or Villainous Vultures to play within the game. They have two lives and must move around the dock, dodge falling items, and pick up coins.


Chef's got a dangerous catapult and an endless supply of garbage. Dodge the dangerous debris for as long as you can.


  • Use the arrow keys or W, A, S, and D keys to run.
  • Use the space bar or the up arrow key or the W key to jump.
  • Dodge the falling debris.
  • Collect coins.

Team select

You can select either the Heroic Hamsters, featuring Sam, Sierra, Mike, and Zoey, or the Villainous Vultures, featuring Heather, Duncan, Scott, and Gwen. Which character you use from the team is chosen at random.


The goal of the game is to avoid the debris as long as possible. As the game advances, the difficulty rises. A larger quantity of objects and will start to fall, to the point where only sharks and giant rocks will fall. The dock will also split in two eventually, causing a gap to appear in the middle.

Coins will appear after any debris falls on the dock. These coins will add to the final score and allow you to upgrade and purchase utilities.

You start the game with two lives. If you are nearly hit by debris, you get bonus points for a near-miss; a lot of near-misses will result in an extra life. Extra lives can also be obtained by getting a marshmallow.

The top of the screen features your score, how many coins you have collected, and how many lives you have left. Once you run out of lives (either by being hit by debris or falling off the dock), your score and coins are multiplied together for your total score. Your time and near-miss total are also factored in.


You can get three items to use throughout the game using the 1, 2 and 3 buttons. These items are available from the shop. You can spend the coins that you collected during games to unlock new items or upgrade ones you have.


There are nine items in the shop that are available to use during each game.

  • Marshmallow
    • Extra life!
    • Available from the start of the game.
    • Equip: 80 coins.
    • Chance to appear (x5):
      • Upgrade: 25 coins.
  • Chris Head
    • Immunity! 
    • Unlock? 650 coins.
    • Equip: 150 coins.
    • Chance to appear (x5):
      • Upgrade: 100 coins.
    • Effectiveness (x5):
      • Upgrade: 100 coins.
  • Super Shoes
    • Faster speed
    • Unlock? 150 coins.
    • Equip: 120 coins.
    • Chance to appear (x5):
      • Upgrade: 50 coins.
    • Effectiveness (x5):
      • Upgrade: 50 coins.
  • Shield
    • Protects against shark bites
    • Unlock? 190 coins.
    • Equip: 80 coins.
    • Chance to appear (x5):
      • Upgrade: 50 coins.
    • Effectiveness (x5):
      • Upgrade: 30 coins.
  • Bees
    • Creates a defensive bee swarm
    • Unlock? 190 coins.
    • Equip: 100 coins.
    • Chance to appear (x5):
      • Upgrade: 50 coins.
    • Effectiveness (x3):
      • Upgrade: 75 coins.
  • Wrench
    • Fix the broken dock
    • Unlock? 350 coins.
    • Equip: 75 coins.
    • Chance to appear (x5):
      • Upgrade: 75 coins.
  • Lightning
    • Destroy everything
    • Unlock? 700 coins.
    • Equip: 750 coins.
    • Chance to appear (x5):
      • Upgrade: 100 coins.
    • Effectiveness (x5):
      • Upgrade: 100 coins.
  • Helmet
    • Protects from falling debris
    • Unlock? 500 coins.
    • Equip: 100 coins.
    • Chance to appear (x5):
      • Upgrade: 50 coins.
    • Effectiveness (x3):
      • Upgrade: 100 coins.
  • Seagull
    • Jump to fly higher
    • Unlock? 400 coins.
    • Equip: 50 coins.
    • Chance to appear (x5):
      • Upgrade: 50 coins.
    • Effectiveness (x3):
      • Upgrade: 100 coins.

Equipped counter

  • First slot
    • Available from the start of the game.
  • Second slot
    • Unlock? 500 coins.
  • Third slot
    • Unlock? 500 coins.


  • The name of the game is a play on the period of French history known as the "Reign of Terror."
  • Falling debris include:
    • Basketball
    • Wooden log
    • Glass container
    • Paint bucket
    • Giant rock
    • Violin
    • Viking hat
    • Camera
    • Microphone
    • Maggot
    • Flashlight
    • Wheel
    • Megaphone
    • Blue egg
    • Giant shark (that bites and crawls across the dock, leaving a trail of coins) and a bomb (that explodes when it hits the ground, leaving three coins).
  • You can hold the up arrow/space button to make the character jump higher and longer into the air.
  • Despite there only being a maximum of four lives shown at the top of the screen, it is possible to have more. Gaining or losing these extra lives are not visible to the player, however.
  • If selecting the Heroes, Sierra is the most frequent character given and is almost always first.
  • Duncan's life icon features him wearing a helmet.
  • You can double jump by pressing the up arrow or space bar twice.
  • The final four contestants of the season are playable in this game.
  • Sam is the only playable character who did not reach the final four at any point in the series.
  • Heather, Duncan, and Zoey's movements while inactive mimic scenes from the show.
  • Sierra and Heather are the fastest characters, but difficult to maneuver because of their height.
  • Sam is the slowest and heaviest character, jumping the lowest.
  • The boys like Duncan and Scott are heavier and sturdier than the girls when they run.
  • This game bears many similarities to the game Key Caboodle from Total Drama Island: Totally Interactive! as that game features falling objects being dropped upon the playable character (Heather) they must either avoid or throw keys at.
  • Duncan is the only playable character who has been a member of both teams.


  • Mike's mouth doesn't move when he is used.
  • Whenever debris hits the character, and you lose a life, it still counts the hit as a "NEAR MISS +1."
  • When Sierra is running, she has her long ponytail. However, when she stands still, she has her short one.
  • When Sam gets hit from the debris, he is wearing the glasses from Truth or Laser Shark instead of his normal ones.
  • When Mike is selected, you can see that his head and body are slightly shrunken.
  • When Zoey runs, her flower switches sides of her head.
  • The "Cash Grabber" badge shows Sierra wearing a blouse instead of her tube top.
  • In the shop, marshmallow is incorrectly spelled "marshmallo."
  • Duncan's wristband is missing in the "Jump the Shark" badge.


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