The final four contestants are on their way to Easter Island to compete in an egg hunt themed challenge, as two contestants maneuver to become closer to the end through manipulating others. In the end, one contestant wins the challenge, but when somebody is spared, the frustrated winner of the challenge picks another person to stay in first class, so that they may be with another.


RP - Cody

Alejandro manages to secure Cody's loyalty by offering him candy.

The episode opens with Cody waking up in first class. Surprised, but very relieved that for the first time this season, he managed to spend the entire night without Sierra bothering him. Alejandro explains that she did try to enter first class seven times, but he sleeps with one eye open, which helped keep her away from Cody. Cody responds by hopping onto his lap and hugging him tightly, much to Alejandro's disdain and embarrassment. In the confessional, Alejandro explains that the real reason he brought Cody to first class with him was to gain his loyalty and to convince Cody to vote off Heather with him. Alejandro then brings out his reward from the last challenge, a whole cart of candy. After Alejandro explains that he doesn't eat sweets because they will ruin his body, he gives them to Cody in exchange for a favor. Cody excitedly agrees. Meanwhile, in economy class, Sierra asks Heather for advice about how to deal with her relationship with Cody. Heather advises her that boys come and go, but girls stay together forever, in an effort to balance Alejandro's attempted alliance with Cody. When they are about to land, Chris and Chef fight over who should fly the plane, resulting in the jet crashing into an Easter Island rock head.

IMG 0952

Heather examines Courtney's carved head, searching for eggs.

On Rapa Nui, Chris explains the challenge for the contestants. Rocks have been shaped to look like the heads of past contestants who have been eliminated, with eggs hidden among them. The contestants need to get three of their specifically colored egg (based on the color of the feathered headset they are given) and go through the underground cave to reach the highest point of the mountain. Sierra starts to gush over Cody, and unlike what normally happens, Cody seemed happy to see Sierra due to all the candy he ate. Sierra is the first to find an egg, but it's Alejandro's color, so she drops it on the ground, causing it to break in order to prevent him from getting it. When Sierra does find her colored egg, she weaves a basket from grass to carry her eggs in. Sierra finds more and even helps Cody collect his. Cody thanks Sierra and admits in the confessional that if Sierra wanted to help him get the million dollars, he wouldn't stop her. Heather struggles to hold her eggs, so Sierra also weaves her a basket, stating that girls stick together. Cody uses his basket full of candy to carry his eggs, and Alejandro asks to share it since there is plenty of room. When Sierra sees this, she gets angry and claims this isn't healthy for their new family of eggs. Alejandro, however, counters this by offering more candy.


Cody Jr. takes a liking to Heather, much to her dismay.

While walking through the cave, Cody and Alejandro see a giant boulder coming towards them. Cody flees into a corner, leaving Alejandro with the eggs, who promptly gets squashed by it, along with his egg. They lose one egg each thanks to this hazard and they are forced to go back. While there, they realize they are carrying condor eggs and the father is chasing them. While the girls are in the cave they agree at the next elimination to vote for Alejandro since the worst case would be a tie, and best case scenario being Alejandro voted off. One of Sierra's eggs hatches and shows a bird chick with a striking resemblance to Cody, hence it being named Cody Jr., which shows a fondness of Heather and keeps nesting on top of her head. When the boys are seen running through the cave, they realize that a giant bird is chasing them. The contestants make it out in the order of Alejandro, Cody, Sierra, and Heather. Luckily, the bird's path is blocked by a giant Chef rock.

Easter island condor heather

The condor snatches Heather from her nest.

The second part of the challenge is to climb up a huge rock pillar and return the eggs to the nest on top. To make it worse, the female condor is there now, being twice the size of the male one before. Since Alejandro made it out of the cave first, he gets a catcher's mask, protecting his eyes from the condor's talons. During Condor, Alejandro manages to put two of his three eggs into the nest, but the last one cracks on the ground. Cody is next and doesn't manage to put any of his eggs into the nest, but thanks to his basket, none of his breaks, allowing him another shot at it when the girls are done. Sierra puts one of her eggs in the nest before being distracted by Cody Jr. going to see "Auntie Heather". When Heather's turn comes up the female condor flies away with Cody Jr., allowing Heather to put all her eggs in the nest and win the challenge. But Cody Jr. flies back to Heather and the condor grabs Heather and flings her to the ground, which causes a domino effect on the eliminated contestants' rock-formed heads, resulting in them crashing into each other and collapsing.

Why heather why

Sierra is happy that it was a reward challenge, and hugs Cody after Heather them to be in economy class together.

During the Barf Bag Ceremony, Sierra gets three votes against her, Cody's reason being he saw her weave a nest out of his underwear, and that her stalking has to stop. As Sierra says goodbye, Chris reveals that it was a reward challenge, meaning Sierra is safe for the night, which angers Heather. Chris then tells her that she is able to bring someone to first class. Heather invites Alejandro, saying she will let Sierra and Cody be with each other for the night, but Heather blushes when Alejandro thanks her. Chris then signs off the episode.

Exclusive clip

Sierra show

Sierra presenting herself.

Sierra records a post for her blog. During the recording, she fantasizes over Cody and films him as he sleeps in economy class.


Voice actor Role(s)
Christian Potenza Chris
Marco Grazzini Alejandro
Clé Bennett Chef Hatchet
Peter Oldring Cody
Rachel Wilson Heather
Annick Obonsawin Sierra
  • Ezekiel makes a cameo appearance, but he does not speak.

Still in the running

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  • Like the past two seasons, the final four of this season involves:
  • Several moai heads had gags about the contestant they portrayed:
    • Izzy's head was full of bats, a joke on her being "batty".
    • Lindsay's head was completely empty, a joke on her being an "airhead".
    • Owen's head had various food items stored in its mouth, a reference to Owen's over-eating. It also gives Alejandro his egg through burping.
    • Ezekiel's head had an egg stored up its nose, a reference to his habit of nose picking in season one.
    • After Cody found an egg in DJ's head, an angry condor appeared, which is a reference to the Curse of the Mummified Dog.
    • Heather's egg breaks on the head of Leshawna's moai, a reference to their conflict.
  • Out of the eliminated contestants, only Gwen, Bridgette, and Blaineley do not get a rock carving of their heads.
  • Lindsay and Izzy's carvings are the only ones to feature more than just the head. Lindsay's contains part of her torso and one of her arms. Izzy's also contains part of her torso.


  • This is the second episode in Total Drama history where the heads of eliminated contestants are part of the challenge. The first is Trial by Tri-Armed Triathlon.
  • This is the first and only reward challenge since the merge this season.
  • Due to the events of this episode, South America is the only continent visited this season in which no one is eliminated, despite two episodes taking place here.
  • This is the first individual challenge Heather has won since That's Off the Chain!



  • When Sierra hides in the hole, to avoid the boulders thrown by Chris and Chef, she only has two eggs: one in her basket and the one Heather is shown holding. However, she should have had three eggs at that point.
    • Sierra only ends up bringing two eggs to Chris later, due to the fact one of them hatched into a chick.
  • When the moai of the eliminated contestants are first shown, they aren't lined up in a row, but when they are knocked over, they are.
  • After Heather accidentally crashes into the first moai that Chef put upright several times, the moai creates a domino effect with the moai resembling the former contestants. However, excluding the original moai, fifteen crashing sounds are heard when there were only fourteen former contestants.
  • When Cody is about to hug Alejandro, for one frame, he has two heads instead of one, and one floats in the air. 
    Cody.. stop it

    Cody has two heads for one frame.

  • When coming out of the underground path, Cody only has two eggs in his basket, but when he is climbing the rock tower, he has three eggs.
  • When Lindsay's moai is shown, her ear is a solid piece, but when Alejandro checks her ear, there's an opening on it.
  • When Heather complains to Sierra about Cody Jr. getting into her hair, Sierra's hat is missing. But when she runs out of the cave, it's back.
  • Alejandro's eggs disappear as he climbs the cliff while singing Condor.
  • When Sierra realizes that the moai are of everyone who has been voted out, Harold's moai is shown to have empty ears, yet when Sierra is climbing the statue, you can clearly see an egg in his ear.
  • When Cody Jr. flies back to Heather, her hair is messed up, yet moments before when she claimed her victory, her hair was normal.
  • When Chris is explaining the second challenge, Cody Jr.'s top hair is black instead of pink.
  • If one looks closely at any scenes with Heather and Sierra with their eggs, Heather has one egg with spots.
  • When Heather "shoots daggers" at Alejandro, Cody Jr.'s face is darker than usual.
  • After the mother condor attacks Heather after Cody Jr. perches himself on her head, she flies past her nest when knocking off Heather, but seconds later, after Sierra says that she will miss Cody Jr., the mother condor is already perched on her nest feeding the baby condor.
  • When Alejandro and Cody are running away from the condor, they pass the statues of Owen, DJ, Noah, and Izzy, which are placed after Lindsay's statue. However, when the moai knock each other over, Lindsay's statue falls down before Owen, DJ, Noah, and Izzy's statues.
  • Chris says that female condors are bigger than male ones, but in reality, male condors are bigger than females.


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