As one team suffers dysfunction after a particular gamer feels as if he's lacking in the macho department, the other team shows problems with the over-macho nature of another and a persistent conflict of two others. When a certain girl is captured by a dangerous monster, a contestant suffering from withdrawal has a chance to prove himself, but loses the game. However, he wins the heart of the girl of his dreams. Later, in a shocking surprise twist, the host forces two contestants to switch teams.


Runaway Model (2)

Anne Maria makes fun of Zoey's hair.

At the beginning of the episode, Cameron and Mike are waiting to go to the bathroom that has been occupied by Jo, Zoey, and Anne Maria. Anne Maria makes fun of Zoey's hair style and then demonstrates how to get a good look with spraying her hair. Anne Maria mocks Zoey by relating her hair to Princess Leia, to which an annoyed Zoey responds by saying that is it more like Queen Amidala. However, Jo isn't interested in hair as much as them and then pulls out a razor. The camera then pans over to Zoey and Anne Maria both looking disgusted, though it is not shown what exactly Jo was shaving.

In the Rats' cabin, having only four men left, they decide to destroy the Maggots with their "manly abilities". They all put their hands together until Sam puts his in which freaks out the other members due to Sam's thumb looking different, as the result of ten years of gaming. The rest of the "men" make fun of Sam for not being as great as them. He then shows that gamers are just as great as them by grabbing a piece of cheese off a mouse trap, without setting it off. The guys are amazed by his trick, until he gets closer and steps on the mouse trap, then backs up into a whole pile of them. He then makes a confessional about how he's off track because his last hand-held was taken by Chris yesterday, and starts to cry.

Chris then announces the next challenge, where the campers arrive at an auditorium. Mike tries to win back Zoey by complimenting her hair, after his other personality hurt their relationship. However she snaps back by saying that his "character" Vito likes Anne Maria's hair, which the camera then pans to see how stiff her hair was, when a wood pecker is unable to peck through it. Chris finally appears on his jetpack and announces the next challenge will be a fashion challenge. Jo then comments that fashion is a waste of time, until Anne Maria comments back by making fun of her by wearing sweat pants. Jo then says that she is still a girl, which Lightning is still clueless on. Chris then blows an air horn and says they won't be the ones walking down the runway, and continues by saying the judges are him, Chef, and surprise guest, Lindsay who pops out of a suitcase wearing her new, blue cowgirl boots. Zoey is excited about dressing a model, until Chris says that it has to be a mutated animal out on the island. The campers then set off into the woods.

Runaway Model (20)

Cameron realizes that the "normal" beaver is actually the end of a mutated anglerfish.

The first attempt of catching an animal was done by Mike, trying to catch a mutated frog. After catching it, the frog starts teleporting itself and Mike off a tree, before disappearing and leaving Mike to fall to the ground. Lightning tries to kick a turtle shell, until a tail grabs him, angering the turtle who punches Lightning away. Cameron then finds a seemingly normal beaver, which he grabs, only to discover it is the end of a mutated angler fish.

Scott encounters a slice of pizza with a rope around it. Scott is confused, but spots Fang, who is trying to catch him. Scott walks away saying he would eat the pizza if it didn't have pepperoni. Fang goes to remove the pepperoni slices and Scott walks behind him and activates the trap, which traps Fang. Scott grabs the pizza and leaves, angering Fang. The Maggots have problems finding a non-dangerous creature when Chris announces that are only five minutes left. Cameron encounters a maggot and suggests using it for the challenge. The team decides to use it and Anne Maria offers dressing it. Meanwhile, the Rats also have problems finding an animal and encounter Sasquatchanakwa walking into his cave. Having only three minutes, they decide to use it, but are afraid due to it's size. Brick says that he has a way to catch it.

Meanwhile, Anne Maria dresses the maggot like a rapper, which the team and the maggot dislike, so Zoey offers to dress it with another outfit. Meanwhile, Brick fabricates a bomb that would dress up Sasquatchanakwa when it explodes. However, Sam finds that Brick filled it with military clothes and discards them saying that it's a fashion show and they need style, so he runs to Dakota. She tells him that stripes are what's "in" right now, and that no one has ever asked her for advice before. Sam runs back and tells them, and Brick detonates the bomb, which landed in Sasquatchanakwa's lap. At the fashion show, the Maggots bring out their maggot, which has a wig and 60's dress on, which Anne Maria half-heartedly describes. Chris gives an "8.5", Chef gives an "8.0", and Lindsay gives a "1.8", which was meant to be an "8.1", The maggot vomits on Chef, who then changes his score to "0.8". The Rats bring out Sasquatchanakwa, who proceeds to angrily run on stage and beat up team Rat as Sam rapidly describes the outfit. Dakota then tells Sam that she meant vertical stripes (since the Rats used horizontal). The paparazzi then arrive, and start shooting pictures of Sasquatchanakwa, much to Dakota's dismay. The camera flashes anger Sasquatchanakwa, who then kidnaps Lindsay and uses Chris' jet pack to take her to Boney Island. Chris then cuts for commercial break after asking the audience if he would be legally responsible in Lindsay doesn't survive.

Runaway Model (56)

Lindsay comforting her kidnapper.

When the show comes back on, Chris is seen talking on the phone, after realizing that he would be liable if Lindsay got eaten. He hangs up, and tells the two teams that the next challenge was to rescue Lindsay. Along the way, Sam begins hallucinating everything as an 8-bit world, including the wildlife, such as ducks with targets on them. On the island, Scott lies to Zoey about how he's upset that the Rats are at a disadvantage without Dawn. They find Lindsay comforting Sasquatchanakwa on top some scaffolding about his "hairy body issues". Jo says she feels his pain, then quickly covers it up. Scott asks about the scaffolding, and Chris says he had some workers sent in to build a resort, which wasn't suitable for life, but Chris sent them in anyway, wondering what happened to them. The screen cuts to woolly beavers eating the bones of the workers, wearing their hardhats, even one of them drinking their coffee.

Anne Marie applying Jo's

Anne Maria applying makeup on Jo.

Brick throws another clothes bomb up the scaffolding, only to have it explode into a little kid outfit. Brick makes a confessional stating he'll stay away from fashion, then starts crying. Scott, Lightning, and Brick decide to attack Sasquatchanakwa from all angles, leaving Sam dazed in his own 8-bit universe. The three ultimately fail when Sasquatchanakwa throws barrels on them. Meanwhile, the Maggots get busy making Jo look pretty. However when it takes too long, Mike turns into Chester who ends the finishes off by "just adding a bit of rouge". Jo, believing she looks beautiful, starts off. Cameron attempts to warn her, but she doesn't listen. Then Sam begins to hallucinate a Donkey Kong-like version of the situation, with only one life left. He begins charging up the scaffolding, jumping over barrels and breaking them with a conveniently placed hammer. He makes it to the top, but he "needs an energy pack". After some encouragement from Dakota, he charges Sasquatchanakwa, who throws him off the scaffolding. Jo makes it up, and tries to flirt with Sasquatchanakwa, only to be laughed at by him and Lindsay. Jo gets angry and punches Sasquatchanakwa off the scaffolding and across the island. Chris then announces the Maggots' victory, and the Jo swipes Lindsay's mirror. Seeing how ugly she looks, she starts throwing barrels at "Chester", who by now is Mike.

Runaway Model (75)

Dakota gives Sam her phone number before he is launched.

At the elimination ceremony, Chris taunts Sam and Brick about their mistakes, but in the end, Sam is eliminated at ninth place. Chris then asks for two volunteers, which then is answered to by Jo and Scott. The two switch teams. Scott greets Zoey with Mike looking at them. Brick welcomes Jo to his team, which Jo responds to by saying "No, welcome to my team", and hurting his hand. Lightning begins cheering about how the Rats are still an all-male team, only to get poked in the eyes by Jo and told to get and eye check. At the Hurl of Shame, Sam asks for his handhelds back, which Chef shakes his head no to, who is playing one of the games. Dakota runs up to Sam, and gives him her phone-number, telling him to call her. Sam begins to talk about how in the end he got the girl of his dreams, but gets hurled off the island mid-sentence, dropping the slip of paper in the process. Lindsay is then seen asking the woolly beavers, who ate the construction workers, for directions back to Camp Wawanakwa, who in turn, begin growling hungrily at her.


Voice actor Role(s)
Christian Potenza Chris
Athena Karkanis Anne Maria
Jon Cor Brick
Kevin Duhaney Cameron
Carleigh Beverly Dakota
Laurie Elliott Jo
Tyrone Savage Lightning
Stephanie Anne Mills Lindsay
Cory Doran Mike
Brian Froud Sam
James Wallis Scott
Barbara Mamabolo Zoey
  • Chef appears, but he does not speak. However, he is heard screaming.

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  • Unlike the other animals on the island, Sasquatchanakwa was not mutated by the toxic waste. This is because he went on a tour around the world in the last season instead of staying on the island.
  • With Jo moving to the Toxic Rats, the team is once again composed of two genders.
  • When Sasquatchanakwa was watching television, music similar to Sea Shanty Mix can be heard.
  • This is the first time the second generation contestants visit Boney Island.



  • The shot where each member of the Toxic Rats are displayed on a TV screen in their own squares is vaguely similar to the intro of The Brady Bunch.
  • This is the second episode to feature fashion as part of the challenge, as well as the second where the challenge references Project Runway. The first is Can't Help Falling in Louvre.
    • Coincidentally, Lindsay, who is eliminated in that episode, makes a cameo appearance.
    • Chris is dressed up like Project Runway's host, Tim Gunn.
  • One of the Mike's alternate personalities, Chester, mentions the Sistine Chapel in this episode as the Mutant Maggots give Jo a makeover.
  • Many aspects of the Sasquatchanakwa subplot is a homage to the 1933 film, King Kong:
    • The capture of Lindsay by the beast is akin to the beast's consistent capturing and obsession with the beautiful blonde actress Anne Darrow.
    • The agitation of Sasquatchanakwa by Dakota's paparazzi leading to its rampage is similar to Kong being agitated by photographers with flash bulbs, which makes it escape captivity and break loose into New York.
    • Sasquatchanakwa taking Lindsay to Boney Island is reminiscent of Skull Island, the original island home of King Kong.
    • The capture of Sasquatchanakwa with a "clothes bomb" is similar to Kong being captured by Carl Denham's party with gas bombs.
    • At the end, Sasquatchanakwa was defeated after being punched by Jo causing him to fall from the scaffolding similar how Kong falls to his death after being shot by airplanes.
  • The entire climax, with the Sasquatchanakwa throwing barrels at Sam while he runs up a series of slanted boards, attempting to defeat the ape and save the girl, is a reference to the 1981 arcade game, Donkey Kong.
    • Sam using a hammer to smash the oncoming barrels is also a reference to the same game.
    • During moments where Sam slowly realizes the Donkey Kong concept, musical cues similar to the original game can be heard.
    • The way Sasquatchanakwa damages the scaffolding by stomping from right to left is also similar to the first level of said game.
  • The ducks with the targets that Sam hallucinates about are a reference to the video game, Duck Hunt.
  • Anne Maria and Zoey reference Star Wars characters Princess Leia, and her mother, Queen Amidala.
  • Chris' costume appearance is very similar to German fashion designer, Karl Lagerfeld.
  • The monster turtle that attacks Lightning resembles the Japanese kaiju, Gamera.
  • Sam imagining himself in a game-like world while inspired by his dream girl is akin to the Scott Pilgrim graphic novel series, created by fellow Canadian, Bryan Lee O'Malley.


  • When Sasquatchanakwa kidnaps Lindsay and flies off, her vest is missing.
  • When Zoey raises her hands in the confessional, her bracelets disappear.
  • When Sasquatchanakwa is stomping on the scaffolding, the beanie he is wearing is missing even though he is still wearing the rest of the costume.
  • Initially, the barrels are not present until the Toxic Rats starts climbing the scaffolding.
    • Similarly, the hammer isn't present until Sam starts climbing.
  • The maggot that the Mutant Maggots use for the challenge becomes noticeably smaller when presented to Chris.
  • Jo's lips are not prominent when she punches Sasquatchanakwa.


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