Ryan was a Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race contestant as a member of The Daters with Stephanie.


Ryan is a part-time college student and part-time fitness model. He and his girlfriend Stephanie are dreamy, happy-go-lucky lovebirds who have already decided they want to spend the rest of their lives together. Despite starting off strong, he soon grows tired of Stephanie's overly competitive attitude, which leads to their break up. He often is the voice of reason due to Stephanie's aggressive attitude and tries to play it cool later in the game, most prominently in How Deep is Your Love. In Darjeel With It, he shows to be a very supportive boyfriend to Stephanie when she was struggling under the heat, which caused her to feel bad for mistreating Ryan and causes them to reconcile, becoming a couple again. Generally, Ryan can keep a calm mind through Stephanie's raging tantrums, and is not afraid to branch out and befriend others, who consider him a very kind and good person.

Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race


The Daters are introduced.

Ryan makes his debut in None Down, Eighteen to Go - Part 1, along with his partner and girlfriend Stephanie, with who he seems to have a lot of affection. In the Either/Or challenge, they pick the Stairs and complete it with ease. They are later seen reaching the top and on the zip line, and are one of the six teams that get on the first flight to Morocco. Then in Part 2, he carries Stephanie on her shoulder to the Don Box. He compliments his girlfriend on her knowledge of spices and the two proceed to make out. He rides the camel to the restaurant with Stephanie. In the "Botch or Watch", he's the one to eat the stew while Stephanie cheers him on. They run and finish to the Chill Zone in fifth place.

Stephanie Annoyed at Ryan

Stephanie glares at Ryan for dropping both of their oars.

Following in French is an Eiffel Language, he and Stephanie make it onto the first flight to Paris. In the "Botch or Watch", Stephanie draws his caricature. While making their way through the catacombs, Ryan states how he'd like to die with her together if she has the plague, making Stephanie happy and making out with him. They get their cheese and make it down the river but couldn't go faster as Ryan drops both of their oars into the water. Stephanie gets upset but forgives Ryan. They finish in eighth place.

Stephanie and ryan beach

The Daters enjoy each other's company as they build a sandcastle.

In Mediterranean Homesick Blues, Ryan and Stephanie are first seen making out in the train station with group 2. When Ryan has to do the "Botch or Watch", Stephanie motivates him. The two work together to build a sand castle for the "All-in". The Daters make it to the Chill Zone in sixth place. In Bjorken Telephone, Ryan runs into the first shuttle bus to the "All-In" with Stephanie and the other first five teams. He carries his girlfriend through the geyser field as they reach to the Icelandic local girl, the tip giver. Ryan states he memorized the first half while Stephanie says she memorized the second half. Stephanie claims they share everything except fries which causes her to threaten and scare Ryan. When Stephanie messes up, Ryan tries to reassure her she's doing fine, only to get snapped at and be told that their love can't have mistakes. The two are behind in fourteenth place as Stephanie cheers aggressively when she gets it right, hurting Ryan's hand by the fist bump. They move on to the "Either/Or", as Ryan and Stephanie choose to eat the feast. The two finish the challenge and finish in sixth place.

Then in Brazilian Pain Forest, Ryan and Stephanie end up on the first plane but thanks to the plane's tire going flat, they end up being delayed. When the flight finally arrived, he and Stephanie rushed to do the "Botch or Watch". Thanks to a bridge that someone made, Ryan and Stephanie were crossing over the gap until it snapped and broke. Ryan got an earful as Stephanie scolds him for not listening to her as he carries her up the cliff. Ryan then cheers when Stephanie finds the correct coconut with the tip and the two move on. The two complete the all-in and get tenth.

Daters clue romania

The Daters are the first team to get the Travel Tip.

Leading into the next episode, Ryan, with Stephanie and the rest of the teams, gets onto the bus to the airport so they can get to Transylvania. However, Stephanie and Ryan are in the back of the line of the fourteen teams and this frustrates Stephanie who makes Ryan really uncomfortable with her competitive attitude, being forced to throw Stephanie to the front of the line. In a confessional, Ryan expressed concerns to Stephanie only to be made to admit that he's slacking and needs to work harder, albeit possibly due to the intimidation Stephanie made him feel.. This snags the Daters a spot on the first plane. Once landed, Ryan looks nervous when he sees the castle, holding the scared Stephanie. The two manage to find their way into first thanks to a spat between two rivals and another team missing in the castle. When Stephanie pulls the tip from the Don Box, Stephanie, in a confessional, expresses glee at the "All-In" which causes Ryan to be somewhat concerned possibly from Stephanie's competitiveness. Ryan ends up having to be in the coffin while Stephanie carries him to the graveyard.
Ryan faaail

Ryan's poor performance causes them to end up in the bottom two.

When Ryan confesses it took the two in a while, Stephanie snaps at him. He reminds her they're still ahead of most teams which calms his girlfriend a bit. He takes the tip from the gravedigger, afraid. During the gymnastics challenge, Ryan keeps messing up a lot as he is yelled at and constantly berated by his girlfriend, even told that a 12-year-old girl can do it better than him. Finally finished, after many fails, he and Stephanie race to the Chill Zone against Tom and Jen. The Daters beat Tom and Jen and grab thirteenth place, which he is happy they're still in. However, Ryan's positive outlook upsets Stephanie as she walks off.

The Daters break up.

Following their near elimination last episode, Ryan is first seen with Stephanie in Hawaiian Honeyruin driving a donkey cart. Stephanie is getting upset, Ryan just trying to calm her. He's seen getting a bit more irritated when the two are in Hawaii. During the "Botch or Watch", he tries to motivate her as she jabs at the fact he messed up over and over in the gymnastics and is yelled at by Stephanie for being unable to help. The two get into a bigger fight as Stephanie snaps at him over the fact there's no more rings. The two stay stuck at the challenge as Ryan is done with Stephanie's rage. Eventually, he and his girlfriend finish the "All-In" and finish in last. Thinking he and Stephanie is eliminated, he then breaks up with her. After finding out it's not an elimination, he just glares at her as the episode is over.

Then in Hello and Dubai, he gives Stephanie the silent treatment which angers her. He laughs at her attempt to hit the tennis ball during the Either/Or and stops her from insulting him by reminding her that she was giving him the silent treatment. After completing the challenge on their second try, he and Stephanie get fifth place.

Starting with New Beijinging, Ryan enjoys being given the task of choosing what to put on the skewer for Stephanie to eat. Ryan continues to irritate Stephanie by purposely hitting bumps in the road so that her head would hit the roof in an attempt to make her puke. This begins annoying Stephanie by enjoying the eating challenge and hitting bumps in the road to make her. Then, he gets so fed up she decides to carry her all the way to the Chill Zone. This causes the Haters to win first place.

Ryan mad jumps

Ryan's rage completes the challenge for the Daters.

Following their victory, the two start first in I Love Ridonc & Roll. Ryan gets pushed into into the semi-frozen river by Stephanie before he drags her in as well. Then, in the Botch or Watch air guitar challenge, Ryan tries to impress the crowd by flexing his muscles but that doesn't work and he is get hit with a tomato. After he fails yet again, Stephanie comments that he couldn't do the challenge. This causes him to become angry as he rages, causing the crowd to cheer. 

Following that, in My Way or Zimbabwe, MacArthur takes advantage of their aggressiveness towards one another due to their recent breakup which results in Ryan driving off-road after having enough of Stephanie's complaining. This plan backfires however, as the Daters end up taking a shortcut and they are the second team to reach the Don Box. After getting fed up with Ryan's behavior, Stephanie attacks him with an oar, sending him onto the waterfall. She then rides off the waterfall herself and manages to take a selfie. A lost Junior tags along with them as both he and the Daters help one another take pictures. Ryan seems afraid of the rhino which results in Stephanie getting it to stand still so that she can take a picture with it instead. They end up in third place with Stephanie believing that the hating strategy was working for them.

Then in Shawshank Ridonc-tion, the Daters manage to break out of prison due to Ryan's aggressive behavior resulting in them finding an escape route through some loose bars. They then build a raft which they ride to the Chill Zone, getting sixth place. Still in Australia during Down and Outback, Stephanie ridicules Ryan over the fact that he is unable to catch the bunnies but this does not seem to be a problem as the two bunnies they catch have children. Stephanie refuses to talk to Ryan on the way to the Chill Zone, believing on focusing on the competition. During the next leg of the race during Maori or Less, Stephanie tricks Ryan into bungee jumping off the platform. Although he does not manage to catch the fish, the Police Cadets grab the harness before Stephanie can get a try and she respects them for this. Ryan tricks Stephanie into attaching the harness onto herself but she too is unable to catch a fish. After finally managing to get a fish, they arrive in fifth place.

Continuing through the race during Little Bull on the Prairie, Stephanie believes that the surfers have an advantage in the challenge due to them being able to stomach down anything. She then freaks out after realizing that they have to eat beans and refuses to do so, making Ryan do all the work. Ryan tries to convince her to eat some but this does not work at first. He takes a new approach by making Stephanie believe she couldn't do the challenge and she eats the beans just to prove him wrong only to puke soon afterwards. They both fight for the tip in order to ride the bull and it ends up being Stephanie who does so. Ryan almost kisses her but Stephanie snaps him out of it.

Ryan continues on with Stephanie through Lord of the Ring Toss in which they gain an early lead due to Ryan managing to ring a narwhal on his first try. Despite this, Stephanie finally has enough of their bickering and boomerangs her own team resulting in them getting sent back. After numerous failures, Stephanie finally manages to ring a narwhal and after building an igloo, they come in eighth place. However, they get to stay since it is a non-elimination round.

In Got Venom, Stephanie continues blaming Ryan for all their troubles, all to which Ryan just responds, "Yes, Stephanie". He does this as a way to one-up her: by constantly agreeing with her on everything. He also laughs at her misery when she is attacked by the komodo dragon. They place 3rd in the challenge.

Stephanie and Ryan struggle considerably during the magic show challenge in Dude Buggies, to which Ryan is forced to be the assistant by his girlfriend. He is taunted repeatedly throughout the episode, but despite that, they switch roles and end up completing the challenge successfully. They place 2nd, and their conflict eases a little, making Ryan happy that they finally shared something in common - placing high.

In El Bunny Supremo, things start out fine between Stephanie and Ryan. Stephanie claimed that things are good between her and Ryan as long as they placed in the top 3. On the bus, she compares Ryan to a toilet seat cover while she's sitting on his lap, which irritates Ryan slightly. In the first part of the challenge, Stephanie takes on the role of eater and Ryan takes on the role of climber. To spite her boyfriend for dumping her on live TV, she eats the mildest pepper, much to the shock of an unamused Ryan. Ryan becomes terrified at being forced to jump off the cliff, but thanks to the support of Carrie, whom he becomes fast friends with, they jump down together and make it out alive. In return, Ryan helps Carrie through her travels, which makes Stephanie become impatient with him. Luckily, they, along with the best friends, tie for 4th, rendering them safe from elimination for the time being.

In Ca-Noodling, the two join the Axis of Evil with the Ice Dancers and the Cadets. Ryan and Carrie continue to bond, which makes Stephanie very jealous. Despite that, Ryan helps Stephanie with the first part of the challenge, which makes her attracted to him once again. They end up tying for first place in the challenge after successfully getting the Zip-It ticket. Ryan also feels bad about not being on the same boat with the best friends, but regardless, he and Carrie are still in good terms.

In How Deep is Your Love, Stephanie is not very happy about Ryan and Carrie's friendship and she is irritated that Ryan is not sabotaging the Best Friends. Ryan also offers to help Kitty see through the dark tunnel in the second part of the challenge, which Stephanie also does not approve of. He continues agreeing with everything Stephanie says, despite his girlfriend's immense anger, as he was told by his father that the best way to put up with situations like this is to remain passive and calm. They place 2nd in the challenge, and the two proceed to make out.

In Darjeel With It, the two reconcile when Stephanie shows her true weakness by struggling under the heat. Ryan shows that he's very supportive of her, as well as helping her to keep going, which makes Stephanie feel bad about mistreating him throughout the race. Despite coming in last place and getting eliminated, they leave on a good note. The Daters are mentioned by Sanders in Last Tango in Buenos Aires, when Carrie and Devin are forced to bring back a previously eliminated team to the race due to Devin's injury. Sanders alleges that they might pick the Daters, or as she puts it: "The Hater Daters".

Ryan and Stephanie are last seen in A Million Ways to Lose a Million Dollars, along with the other eliminated pairs watching the outcome of the finale. He and Stephanie are later seen during the group shot at the end of the episode.





  • Ryan, along with Stephanie, are the members of the only team to receive a team name change from The Daters to The Haters, and later back to The Daters.


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