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Samantha "Samey"/"Sammy" was a contestant on Total Drama: Pahkitew Island as a member of the Pimâpotew Kinosewak.


Samey, who prefers being called "Sammy," is the twin sister of Amy. She is very kind, but also quite timid due to her sister's cruel treatment and intimidating nature greatly damaging her self-esteem. She is the strategist of the two and is more willing to help her team, but Amy continues taking credit for her accomplishments, leading many to believe Samey is actually the "inferior" twin. She has a hard time speaking up for herself as much as she wants to, but encouragement from Jasmine, who serves as her older sister figure, finally spurs her revenge in Twinning Isn't Everything when she switches places with Amy. This turn of events sparks Samey's quiet demeanor to become more courageous, calling Amy out for her behavior and fighting her back without hesitation, making her able to stand up to her and be more confident. Samey and her sister are both members of a cheerleading team, as evidenced by their uniforms. Despite Samey's nervous and anxious demeanor, she proves herself to be quick at making friends, seen by her experience with Jasmine.

Total Drama: Pahkitew Island

Amy and Samey debut in So, Uh This Is My Team?

Tired of living in the shadows of her popular, but mean sister, Samey signs up for Total Drama to get away from her and make new friends. To her dismay she discovers Amy signed up as well and being on the show is little different to her experiences back home; with Amy constantly bossing her around and making her look bad to her team. To make matters worse, Chris decides that she is to be referred to as "Samey" instead of her real name, thanks to Amy, in order to make her seem like the "lesser Amy". Over the next few days, Amy forces Samey to accompany Jasmine in foraging for food, while taking credit for efforts. However, Jasmine, knowing the truth, takes pity on Samey and helps her out, in the process becoming friends. She acts as a surrogate sister to her Samey, and the two bond during their morning food forages. She advises Samey to stand up for herself and not to let Amy dominate her life. Over time Samey finds courage and begins to lose her patience with Amy in I Love You, Grease Pig!.

Samey finally stands up to her sister, but at an inopportune time.

In Twinning Isn't Everything, heeding Jasmine's encouragement, Samey finally gains enough confidence to confront her sister during breakfast, but her bad choice in timing makes everyone believe Samey is the one who is being mean to Amy. Amy strengthens this further by feigning hurt and pretending to cry, while hugging Scarlett for comfort. The twins are partnered again during the challenge with Samey successfully eliminating Dave in one shot. Once again, Amy insists she was the one who took the shot, but Jasmine doesn't buy it as she is able to tell the two of them apart. With Shawn being the only person left from the opposing team, the twins and Jasmine sneak up to his hiding spot, where Jasmine wishes for Samey to take the shot, but an argument breaks out between them and Amy (who once again wanted to take credit). In the confusion, the balloon bursts, covering all three in paint, and giving the other team the win.

Samey gets a rash on her hand from the Manchineel fruit that she let Amy take from her.

Amy blames this on Samey and nearly convinces everyone to eliminate her; however, prior to the elimination ceremony Samey devises a plan. She remembers that Amy would always want whatever she had and take it from her. She tricks Amy into taking and eating a poisonous Manchineel fruit she learned about in the previous episode, which bears close resemblance to an apple. That night the twins are in the bottom two, and just as Chris announces who will be eliminated, the fruit's poison takes effect and Amy's face and throat starts to swell up. Taking advantage of her sister's inability to speak, Samey convinces everyone that she is Amy and her sister is eliminated in her place.

Samey fights with her sister, who unexpectedly returned.

With Amy gone, only Jasmine, Chris, and Scarlett know of her true identity, and that Amy was the one who got eliminated in her place. To secure her cover, Samey places a fake mole on her right cheek using a berry, to imitate Amy's mole. With some support and reminders from Jasmine, she also adopts her sister's rude and obnoxious personality. Despite Amy being gone, Samey isn't free from trouble. She is constantly irritated by everyone calling her "Amy", as well as badmouthing Samey, unaware of who she actually is. Samey continues to pose as her sister until A Blast from the Past when Amy returns to the island, and appears during the end of the challenge, exposing Samey's true identity. The sisters begin to fight, which costs their team the challenge.

At the elimination ceremony, Samey once again tries to convince Chris that she is Amy, leading to another fight between the two. However, Chris has something else in mind, and decides to eliminate both twins to prevent one from pretending to be the other.


Audition tape

View this video for Samey's audition tape.

Samey denies having a sister in her audition tape.

Samey starts by quickly saying her name is pronounced "Sammy" and not "Samey." She becomes nervous that saying this implies that someone pronounces her name "Samey" and quickly denies it. She also denies having a sister, and assures that she is a confident person because of it. From another room, Amy yells at her and refers to her as "Samey." Because of this, she quickly ends the audition and tells the producers to pick her for the show.



  • A staff member confirmed that her full name is Samantha.
    • Her preferred name in both spelling and pronunciation, is "Sammy", but she is called "Samey" due to being identical to her sister and due to being considered "the lesser Amy".
    • This makes her one of the six contestants to be known by their nickname, the others being DJ, Blaineley, Lightning, B, and MacArthur.



  • According to Amy, Samey is the younger twin by seventeen minutes.
  • Samey is the first contestant from the third generation cast to use the confessional.
  • Samey is the only contestant from the third generation cast to be seen wearing her nightwear.
  • On Cake Entertainment's promotional poster, Samey is incorrectly labelled as the bad twin.


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