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Sanders was a Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race contestant and finalist as a member of The Police Cadets with MacArthur.


Sanders plays the "good cop" of the duo. While she is reasonably competitive, she prefers to strictly abide by the rules, unlike her partner. Being the more logical one of the duo, Sanders often has to put up with MacArthur's crazy schemes. Sanders also shows that she can keep a level head, even when her partner cannot. However, Sanders is not above in following MacArthur's examples and would often go along with her partner's schemes, especially if it involved beating their mortal enemies, the Ice Dancers. After breaking her arm due to MacArthur's actions of dropping her down the hole, Sanders takes up a much stricter personality to keep MacArthur under control. Despite their constant bickering, the two police cadets prove themselves the best of allies in the race, often backing each other up.

Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race

The Police Cadets are introduced.

Sanders debuts in None Down, Eighteen to Go - Part 1, along with her partner MacArthur. Sanders immediately shows her disapproval of MacArthur's willingness to break the rules. After Dwayne accidentally presses all the buttons on the elevator, MacArthur suggests taking the stairs, although Sanders is reluctant. As the Police Cadets climb the stairs, Sanders begins to fall behind, prompting MacArthur to carry her the rest of the way. They perform exceptionally well and are one of the first six teams to board the first flight to Morocco. They continue their strong performance in None Down, Eighteen to Go - Part 2, where they are one of the first teams to pick out their spice for the Botch or Watch, despite some trouble communicating with the merchant. Sanders volunteers to drink the stew, but quickly annoys an impatient MacArthur when she takes too long due to slowly sipping it and constantly wiping her face. However, Sanders gets a cramp from eating too fast, forcing MacArthur to carry her. Thanks to MacArthur's efforts and after some tense moments with the Ice Dancers, the Cadets are the second team to arrive at the Chill Zone.

Sanders poses for her caricature in the challenge.

In French is an Eiffel Language, the Police Cadets begin to notice the Ice Dancers as their main competition, although Sanders doesn't share MacArthur's intense hostility to them. For the caricature challenge, Sanders poses while MacArthur draws. The Cadets can quickly get in the lead due to MacArthur's exceptional sense of smell allowing them to find the cheese. At the cheese rafts, they once again meet the Ice Dancers, where both teams fiercely compete with each other to come in first, with the Cadets being victorious. This hostility continues into Mediterranean Homesick Blues, where the Ice Dancers try to leave first despite the Cadets' victory last episode. In a bid to get ahead, MacArthur uses her badge to hijack a cab and proceeds to drive recklessly. Sanders displays disapproval of MacArthur's actions, resulting in MacArthur giving her a ticket for "excessive complaining." They complete the challenges with little difficulty, with Sanders retrieving the tip from the shark, and they finish their sand castle thinking they should build it big. The Police Cadets finish in third place.

Sanders cracks open a coconut with a mallet to get their next travel tip.

In Bjorken Telephone, the Cadets perform the first challenge exceptionally well, having no problem with the geysers and getting the Icelandic sentence right in one go. However, MacArthur's recklessness causes trouble in the second challenge, where she ends up breaking several fossils, to Sanders's chagrin. They finally complete the challenge in eleventh place. In Brazilian Pain Forest, Sanders tries to convince a stubborn MacArthur to accept her help in breaking the coconuts and uses a hammer to crack one open and find their Travel Tip. When they finish their costume, they at first get turned down by the local for only making a headdress. When they finally get it passed, they end up placing thirteenth. Their low finishes in Iceland and Brazil prompted them to focus even harder in Romania. In A Tisket, a Casket, I'm Gonna Blow a Gasket, animosity once again heats up between the Cadets and Ice Dancers when Josee pushes Sanders down a hill, prompting MacArthur to tackle the Ice Dancers. Sanders watches impatiently as MacArthur and Josee waste a lot of time fighting.

In Hawaiian Honeyruin, while riding in a donkey pulled cart, MacArthur is eager to engage in a farting challenge which amuses everyone except Sanders. MacArthur performs the diving challenge, while Sanders waits for her. Sanders is also the one to be carried during the wedding challenge. The Cadets finish the challenge in 8th place.

The Police Cadets do not appear much onscreen in Hello and Dubai, though they were seen choosing the "Serve" challenge in the "Either/Or." In New Beijinging, they temporarily ally with the Surfer Dudes, mainly due to Brody's crush on MacArthur. In I Love Ridonc & Roll, the Police Cadets share a cab when Spud offers other teams a ride. Sanders remains silent throughout the episode while MacArthur performs the Botch or Watch.

In My Way or Zimbabwe, Sanders drives the jeep while MacArthur makes fun of the Daters for being unable to work together. After taking a selfie while falling off the waterfall, Sanders is annoyed when MacArthur refuses to help with the raft. Sanders is skeptical of MacArthur's theory that rhinos are like dogs, which leads to the rhino getting angry and chasing MacArthur. However, MacArthur outruns the rhino and eventually exhausts it, allowing Sanders to take a picture.

Sanders and Josee glare off at each other.

In Shawshank Ridonc-tion, the Police Cadets find out about Boomerangs. MacArthur is determined to use it on the Ice Dancers, while Sanders wants to think things through. After the contestants are told the winners can call someone, Sanders wishes to call her sick grandmother, but MacArthur declares she would call her cat. Sanders points out her cat can't speak back, but MacArthur suggests they should flip for it. Shortly after the Cadets get locked in prison, Sanders sees the Ice Dancers have managed to escape and tries to get them to help free the Cadets in exchange for a favor. Josee agrees to help on the condition that MacArthur compliments ice dancing, which she very reluctantly does so. However, despite this, Josee does not keep her word and leaves the Police Cadets trapped. This finally changes Sanders's view on them and makes her thoroughly hate the Ice Dancers too. Despite this, MacArthur can break them out of jail by tearing off a chunk of the wall with her enormous strength. Soon, the Cadets find themselves confronting the Ice Dancers again. With both teams having found boomerangs, they use them on each other, and both get boomeranged to the same prison cell. The two rival teams decide to form a temporary truce to break out of jail. After escaping and riding rafts down the river, Josee knocks the Cadets into the water. The Police Cadets come in last place, but fortunately for them, it's a non-elimination round.

In Down and Outback, Josee has become obsessed with getting revenge on the Police Cadets for what happened last episode. During the challenge, MacArthur and Sanders manage to make a fair bit of progress with collecting rabbits. However, Josee uses Ennui's make up to disguise one rabbit as an albino, which allowed teams to skip the challenge. Upon seeing this, MacArthur abandons all the other rabbits and spends much of the time chasing the one rabbit, with Brody joining in to help. Upon finally discovering it is a fake, the Police Cadets and the Surfers have significantly fallen behind. So, MacArthur wears a carrot suit to attract many rabbits at once and makes up for lost time for both teams, coming in ninth place.

Sanders partakes in the bungee jumping challenge and catches a fish.

In Maori or Less, the Police Cadets decide to do "Jump Down" challenge of the Either/Or, with MacArthur forcing Sanders to dive. Sanders succeeds in getting a fish, but it ends up biring on her head, causing MacArthur to laugh at her. The Police Cadets place third but discover the Ice Dancers came in first again, which Sanders is very annoyed by. In Little Bull on the Prairie, while driving to the challenge, the Ice Dancers get into some road rage with the Police Cadets by ramming into their truck before overtaking them. A furious MacArthur speeds up and drives into the Ice Dancers' truck and sends both trucks plummeting off a cliff. At the challenge where teams must eat an entire pot of pork and beans, MacArthur hogs all the beans to herself and doesn't let Sanders have any at first, but Sanders manages to trick MacArthur by pretending someone is steaking from the cash register, impressing her partner. They end up placing fifth overall.

In Lord of the Ring Toss, the Police Cadets fall behind the other teams due to Sanders having difficulty ringing a narwhal. After finally succeeding, the Police Cadets celebrate, only to discover the ice block they are standing on has broken off and floated away. Luckily a narwhal pushes their ice block along, and they are finally able to start the igloo building challenge. Despite their major setback, the Cadets are still able to beat the Daters for second-to-last place and come in seventh.

The Police Cadets confide their secrets to each other.

In Got Venom, during the All-In challenge of collecting Komodo dragon spit, MacArthur tries to use the same strategy of collecting rabbits in Australia. This backfires big time and ends up with the Cadets getting chased up a tree. Believing this may be their last chance, both Sanders and MacArthur confess secrets to one another. Sanders biggest regret is that she did not pay for her fries when she wasn't charged for it. However, Sanders is quite shocked to hear MacArthur list off a long string of shady deeds that would get her fired from the academy. Finally tired of waiting, the Police Cadets call for help, with their saviors being the Surfer Dudes. However, the Surfers meet the same fate and also get stuck in the tree. The teams finally manage to get down after Brody uses a ponytail made from MacArthur's pit hair. Brody also helps to trap a Komodo dragon in a taxi, allowing both teams to collect the venom. Once they find their rugs, the Cadets and Surfers place sixth and seventh respectively.

In Dude Buggies, the Police Cadets choose to do the dune-buggy riding challenge with Sanders in the buggy and MacArthur on the controls. However, MacArthur becomes competitive with Kitty, leaving Sanders at the mercy of MacArthur's ruthless driving skills where she and Emma's buggy repeatedly slam into each other. After carrying on for a long time, the Police Cadets finally finish the challenge, getting fifth place.

In El Bunny Supremo, MacArthur is confident in her ability to eat hot food, even boasting that she was given the nickname "The Volcano" for this. However, Sanders suggests she nicknamed for other reasons, like her explosive personality. Nonetheless, MacArthur chooses the spiciest pepper, so Sanders only needed to jump from the lowest height. After Sanders retrieves some milk to neutralize the spice in MacArthur's mouth, the Cadets move onto the burro riding, only to discover MacArthur's burro refuses to budge. Sanders becomes concerned when the Ice Dancers get a lead on them and rides ahead to wait for MacArthur. However, Sanders is delighted to discover the Ice Dancers got penalized for losing their burro, which gives MacArthur enough time to carry her burro to the Chill Zone, allowing the Police Cadets to be victorious over their rivals.

In Ca-Noodling, the Police Cadets are shocked to discover they will be in a superteam, which means having to work together with their archenemies, the Ice Dancers. Despite this, Sanders is willing to put aside their rivalry and work together. MacArthur has more difficulty and keeps on bickering and fighting with Josee. Finally fed-up, Sanders points out how well the other superteam is doing, and they should try channeling their hatred towards the other team. Josee and MacArthur eventually find some common ground in their love for sabotaging, and try to set Devin up, leading Sanders to comment she created an "Axis of Evil." Although their sabotage backfires and the other superteam ends up in the lead, Jacques accidentally finds the special carp holding the Zip It Ticket, allowing the Axis of Evil to skip straight to the Chill Zone and come in first place. In the end, all of the members of the Axis of Evil decide that keeping the alliance is in the best interest of all the teams.

MacArthur lets Sanders free-fall in order to try to make up time, resulting in Sanders breaking her arm.

In How Deep is Your Love, the alliance between the Axis of Evil does not last for long, as Josee is quick to betray the Police Cadets at the first given a chance. In Siberia, Josee pushes MacArthur over, causing her tongue to be stuck on a trashcan. This delay causes the Police Cadets to be severely behind the other teams. Upon reaching the cave diving part of the challenge, MacArthur lets Sanders free fall in an attempt to make up for lost time. However, MacArthur misjudges the seconds, and Sanders crashes to the bottom and breaks her arm. A disheartened MacArthur carries Sanders so she can receive medical attention, and her arm gets a cast. They end up coming in last place, but it turns out to be a non-elimination round. Sanders is given a choice whether to keep competing or not, and she chooses to go on despite her major injury. However, Sanders affirms that she will be the one calling the shots from now.

In Darjeel With It, the Police Cadets are approached by the Ice Dancers who suggest they team up to take down the Sisters. However, Sanders wants no part of it and flatly refuses, not wanting to risk a penalty. Later on, when the contestants ride the train, the Ice Dancers separate the carriages in an attempt to sabotage the teams. As the Cadets arrive to see what's happening, they see Devin holding the lever and believe him to be the one responsible for the sabotage. Falling behind, MacArthur gets an idea to ride a bull that they found earlier. The Cadets ride on the bull's back, trampling on Devin along the way.

In Last Tango in Buenos Aires, the Cadets are in their taxi and Sanders comments on how the Sisters are strong competitors, though all she wants to do is get rid of the Ice Dancers. MacArthur then adds to leave them to her, as she knows "how to make people hurt," though Sanders holds up her broken arm as a reminder that MacArthur had caused her injury. The Police Cadets partake in the tango challenge but struggle at first due to their unorthodox dance moves. However, they finally succeed after Sanders manages to catch her partner and complete the tango dip. During the emu challenge, when MacArthur is having a hard time motivating the horse, Sanders steps in and soothes it. She then questions why that kind of talk never works on MacArthur. At the end of the episode, she and MacArthur finish in second place alongside the Ice Dancers.

In a change of roles, Sanders is the one to carry MacArthur.

In Bahamarama, the Police Cadets are first to get their travel tip and discover the treasure hunting challenge. While seeking a treasure map, the Police Cadets and Ice Dancers come into conflict again as they fight over a map. Sanders cleverly lets go of the map, causing the Ice Dancers to fall back from the momentum, giving the Cadets a lead over their rivals. However, they fall behind while traveling to the next challenge location on a jet ski, due to Sanders's poor jet-ski driving skills, leading MacArthur to take over and make up for lost time. MacArthur participates in the Botch or Watch, where she must scuba dive for treasure, while Sanders remains on the dock and keeps in radio contact with her partner. Sanders pities Jacques after hearing he had to put up with Josee for fourteen years and is surprised to find out MacArthur saved the life of her arch-nemesis. As the Ice Dancers and Police Cadets race to the Chill Zone, Josee hinders the Cadets by throwing a coconut at MacArthur, knocking her over. Unable to run, Sanders carries her partner for a change, and they reach the Chill Zone in third place.

Sanders uses her broken arm to get the tip back.

In A Million Ways to Lose a Million Dollars, the Police Cadets fiercely compete against their rivals the Ice Dancers, continuously fighting hard to overtake each other in the New York traffic. This time, Sanders takes the wheel, and to MacArthur's delight has adopted her partner's reckless driving habits, with Sanders saying she "learned from the master." After getting caught in a traffic jam, Sanders perfectly impersonates a police siren to clear out the cars. The Police Cadets are the last team to arrive at the Empire State Building, and after acquiring their tip, they discover their taxi has been stolen by the Ice Dancers. To catch up, MacArthur once again uses her police badge to hijack a vehicle: a hot dog van. They then chase after the Ice Dancers and collide with them, tipping their taxi over.

The Police Cadets arrive at the midpoint Chill Zone second; a breeze blows their Travel Tip down a drain. Unable to reach it, Sanders resorts to taking off her cast and ends up dislocating her broken arm to pick it up. The Cadets manage to reacquire their tip and reach the Chill Zone before the Ice Dancers and secure a place as finalists. Having finally defeated the Ice Dancers, the Police Cadets face off against the Surfer Dudes, and they both race to find the right combination. The two teams race to the final Chill Zone. In the Police Cadets' ending, they manage to beat the Surfers to the Chill Zone, while in the other ending, the Surfers arrive first. They are last seen during the final group shot with everyone else, throwing their money in the air in their ending.


Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race



  • Sanders is one of eight contestants who have freckles, along with Courtney, Harold, Laurie, Leonard, Miles, Rodney, and Scott.
  • Sanders is known by her surname, with her forename being unknown.
    • This makes her one of two characters in the Total Drama franchise to not have her forename revealed, the other being Chef Hatchet.
    • If one considers Norbert to be Chef's forename, then Sanders is the only character in the franchise to not have her forename confirmed.
  • Sanders is one of the three female winners in Canada.



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