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The Sasquatchanakwa is a wild beast with purple fur that roams many areas of the woods. His name is a pun between the words "Sasquatch" and "Wawanakwa". He is one of the most highly feared animals in Camp Wawanakwa and Pahkitew Island.

Total Drama Island

His first appearance was a brief one in The Big Sleep when a group of them threw Owen out of their cave after he passed gas at the end of the episode.

In Who Can You Trust?, Sasquatchanakwa is seen channel surfing (the opening sequence of Total Drama Island can be heard) before getting hit in the head with a crab apple shot by Sadie, when she was trying to clear the arrow off of Courtney's head. Sasquatchanakwa didn't react to the crab apple in any way. He was labeled as "Sasquatchanakwa" for the first time by Chris in No Pain, No Game when Eva had to fight him. His fur was torn off and used as a hat and a pair of boots by Eva for most of the episode. He later covered the bald patch with Geoff's "lucky" hat. A bear was shown also wearing an outfit similar to Katie and Sadie's and it appears the clothes were stolen out of a camper's suitcase. 

Sasquatchanakwa with Gwen on his shoulders.

His biggest role is in Are We There, Yeti?, where Chef warns the remaining campers about the Sasquatchanakwa. However, most of them disregard this as a myth used to scare them, but ultimately do run into Sasquatchanakwa and are chased throughout the woods by it before losing it in a cave full of bats. Sasquatchanakwa also appeared in the very end, appearing to drive the Boat of Losers after Duncan had boarded it, but this may have just been Chef in disguise. Chef continued to take his mask off, which scared Duncan repeatedly. 

Total Drama Action

In the Total Drama Action opening sequence, he is featured wearing a dress and a blond wig with pigtails running across the screen. He is also seen holding a camera and taking a picture towards the end of the opening sequence.

In The Aftermath: I, Chris dressed up in a costume that made him look very similar to Sasquatchanakwa in a video calling himself "Steve the Yeti".

Sasquatchanakwa makes his first appearance in Total Drama Action in the That's Gonna Leave A Mark! segment in The Aftermath: III. In the segment, he is shown in a golf cart and being hit by another golf cart driven by Chef. Sasquatchanakwa then gets angry, whacking Chef repeatedly with a golf club, and flipping him the finger. In Rock n' Rule, Chris tells Lindsay that, if you get shocked by the guitar, you may never be able to use a phone again. Lindsay of course screams, and Sasquatchanakwa is seen sitting in an actor's chair far away, wondering what the noise was. His hand was also shown holding a camera in the same episode, meaning he may have been one of the photographers in the crowd during the Red Carpet challenge.

Sasquatchanakwa using the confessional wearing a Raiden outfit.

In Crouching Courtney, Hidden Owen, Sasquatchanakwa plays the part of a wise samurai as part of the samurai challenge, during which the guys must deliver to him tea water in exchange for a bonsai tree he guards at the top of a cliff. For this challenge, Sasquatchanakwa wore a full samurai outfit. This was also the first episode in which he speaks English. After Harold dumped the tea water just to spite him, Sasquatchanakwa appeared in the confessional saying "Not cool!"

Sasquatchanakwa briefly appeared in Mutiny on the Soundstage, during the pirate challenge, when he stinks up the bathroom for Duncan. After Duncan finished cleaning the bathroom, Sasquatchanakwa went in bathroom for a second time and made the bathroom smell again.

The Sasquatchanakwa is present when The Drama Brothers go skinny dipping.

The animal's last Total Drama Action appearance was in the Celebrity Manhunt's Total Drama Action Reunion Special. Sasquatchanakwa is also seen in a picture of The Drama Brothers skinny dipping at their party, relaxing in the pool. He was apparently one of the cast members for Chris's fake reality show called Total Drama Dirtbags. He was probably the second most prominent cast member of this show in the special, along with Alejandro, as he was the only other "Dirtbag" cast member to appear later in the special after they were introduced. During the climactic bus chase, when the Total Drama cast was launching caramel-chocolate candies at the Dirtbag bus, the Sasquatchanakwa stuck his head out the window and angrily roared at them, only for his head to be covered in chocolate-caramel shortly afterwards.

Total Drama World Tour

The Sasquatchanakwa plays imaginary fetch with Noah.

Sasquatchanakwa is first seen in Aftermath: Bridgette Over Troubled Water joining The Drama Brothers in singing Baby, replacing Cody. Along with the rest of the Drama Brothers, the Sasquatchanakwa is later chased off by a yellow bus of school girls. When Bridgette sings her song, I'm Sorry, Sasquatchanakwa switches to piano in the beginning of the song and plays the electric guitar in the second half of the song.

Sasquatchanakwa appears in Can't Help Falling in Louvre, where Chris recruits it, a bear, and a baby seal to attack each of the three teams. He chases Team Chris Is Really Really Really Really Hot at first, but Noah pretends to throw a ball for him to fetch, saying that the trick works on his dog all the time. It works and he runs away, looking for the ball. Later, he is seen admiring the painting "Sunflowers" by Vincent Van Gogh, before being hit by a cart driven by DJ and getting a vase stuck on his head. He attacks DJ for this later.

He continues to be a member of the Drama Brothers in Aftermath Aftermayhem, as he is seen singing Her Real Name Isn't Blaineley. When Harold keeps making comment on Bridgette's situation in Siberia, Sasquatchanakwa flicks him in annoyance. In Awwwwww, Drumheller, Sasquatchanakwa is seem fleeing the Total Drama Jumbo Jet along with Ezekiel and several other animals right before Sierra causes the jet to explode.

In Planes, Trains, and Hot Air Mobiles, Sasquatchanakwa is being taken to the finale in a truck driven by some interns. Alejandro hides away in the back of the truck and sees him in a cage. He unexpectedly grabs Alejandro and kisses him which causes him to fall backwards into a crate. He later makes a kissing face toward Alejandro, causing him to shudder.

Total Drama: Revenge of the Island

Lindsay comforts Sasquatchanakwa about his unique beauty after he kidnaps her.

Sasquatchanakwa appears in the opening sequence, stealing Sam's handheld video game and playing it for himself while Sam tries to get it back. He also appears in the season's main promotional image, as a silhouetted figure running through the woods in the background, behind and to the left of the main cast.

In Runaway Model, the Toxic Rats attempt to capture Sasquatchanakwa and use him as their model for the fashion challenge, but it backfires on them when Sasquatchanakwa doesn't follow their orders and instead chases all the Rats' members and kidnaps Lindsay. He then steals Chris's jetpack and flies away to Boney Island. As a result of that, the campers' new challenge is to rescue Lindsay from Sasquatchanakwa. While under his captive, Lindsay consoles Sasquatchanakwa and tells him that others can't handle beauty like his. Although Sam is close to saving Lindsay, it is Jo who ultimately saves her when she uppercuts Sasquatchanakwa off the scaffolding after he laughed at her looks.

Total Drama All-Stars

Sasquatchanakwa using the Flush of Shame.

Sasquatchanakwa makes his first appearance of the season in The Bold and the Booty-ful where he was first seen using the Flush of Shame as a toilet while Chris is doing his recap. Sasquatchanakwa then appears later where Zoey had to bring him Chris. Zoey manages to steal Sasquatchanakwa's food which was a nest of eggs but ends up breaking them. Sasquatchanakwa attempts to get Zoey but they both start to slide off the hill and Sasquatchanakwa ends up crashing into a tree. For bringing Sasquatchanakwa back before the other contestants return with their item, Zoey won the challenge.

Sasquatchanakwa is seen briefly in The Final Wreck-ening where he attempted to use the Flush of Shame as a toilet again. However, he was quickly scared off when the toilet started to spout water and the entire island sank. Luckily, he and the other animals manage to escape the island using the Boat of Losers before it completely sink into the lake.

Total Drama: Pahkitew Island

Sasquatchanakwa is briefly seen at the end of Scarlett Fever, while Chris is signing off the episode. As a result of the change in weather pattern of Pahkitew Island, Sasquatchankwa becomes frozen in a block of ice and is seen floating in the water in the background.

In the beginning of Sky Fall, Sasquatchnakwa is seen briefly, still frozen, while two interns are attempting to thaw him out.

Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race

A Siberian Sasquatchanakwa in How Deep is Your Love.

In None Down, Eighteen to Go - Part 1, Sasquatchanakwa makes a cameo appearance among the pedestrians at the start of the episode.

In Bjorken Telephone, Sasquatchanakwa can be seen frozen in a wall of ice in the ice cave when Kitty takes a selfie.

In How Deep is Your Love, a new type of Sasquatchanakwa is featured living in Siberia with white fur, befitting its alternate name, Yeti. While Don is introducing Siberia, this Sasquatchanakwa is seen walking on a frozen lake before falling into it, ending up frozen in a block of ice. During the first challenge, Sasquatchanakwa is ice fishing when his fishing rod accidentally gets hooked onto the Best Friends' sail. He is then flung into the air, landing on the Daters' sail. After getting down, he helps push the Daters' sail faster and waves goodbye to them.

Total DramaRama

In the two-part special, Izzy and Jude befriend him., and in another episode Chef Hactchet is seen in a flashback to have gone skydiving with him


  • He is referred to as "Big Foot", "Yeti", and "Sasquatch" several times throughout the series.
  • He is the only animal to use the Total Drama Action confessional, and the third animal overall to use a confessional (the first being the loon, the second being the bear, the fourth being the panda bear, and the fifth being Fang).
  • He is the second animal to be dressed in a costume in the series. The first being the bear, which was wearing the same kind of clothes as Katie and Sadie.
  • Sasquatchanakwa is one of the few characters to appear in every season of Total Drama, including the spin-offs.
  • Sasquatchanakwa made a cameo appearance in the Cartoon Network video game, Drop of Shame.
  • He is a temporary member of The Drama Brothers, replacing Cody, who was still competing in Total Drama World Tour when the band needed to sing a song.
  • He is one of five characters to give the finger. The others are Leshawna, DuncanLindsay, and a beaver.