Save This Show is the fourteenth song featured in Total Drama World Tour. It is sung in Aftermath: Revenge of the Telethon by Bridgette and Geoff, with The Drama Brothers playing the instrumental. It is sung to persuade the viewers into donating five hundred thousand dollars to get the show back up and running, after an unfortunate accident in the previous episode.


Bridgette: This show you need to save.
This show, you gotta tell,
This show,
That you care.
Geoff: Jamaica, they're trapped down in.
Jamaica, they can't even,
It's so unfair.
Bridgette: You've gotta help now, we're on the brink.
Geoff: The crew gets fired, if this ship sinks.
Bridgette: So make a difference, in their lives.
Bridgette and Geoff: Give us cash or this show dies!
Bridgette: Saaave this show,
Total Drama.
Geoff: Saaave this show,
You know you wanna.
Bridgette and Geoff: Save the show that you love!
Bridgette: Saaave this show, Total Drama.
Geoff: Saaave this show, so call the numbah!
Bridgette and Geoff: Save the show with love, and five hundred thousand dollars!
Geoff: Save the show baby, just give it some dough. Give it some love and some dough.



  • This is the first song in Total Drama World Tour that Geoff sings in.
    • This marks the second time that someone who didn't get to compete in Total Drama World Tour sings in one of the songs. The first time was when Justin and Trent sung in Baby.
  • This is the second time The Drama Brothers played and the second time Cody is replaced by Sasquatchanakwa.
  • Clips of all the episodes in Total Drama World Tour that aired before this aftermath (except Super Happy Crazy Fun Time Japan) are displayed in the background, showing all the contestants excluding Ezekiel.
  • Bridgette and Geoff break the fourth wall by putting their hands on the numbers displayed on the screen.
  • This is the third main song that Bridgette starts, the others being Stuck to a Pole and I'm Sorry.
  • This is the second duet of Total Drama World Tour, with the first being Oh My Izzy.



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