Scarlett was a contestant and one of two main antagonists of Total Drama: Pahkitew Island as a member of the Pimâpotew Kinosewak.


Scarlett is a highly intelligent individual, with a quiet, yet enigmatic behavior. When she does speak, she tends to transcend into being very talkative. Her extensive and advanced vocabulary has a habit of confusing her teammates, and she usually is required to simplify her suggestions, much to her chagrin. Although she has an initially polite exterior, Scarlett's true nature is actually psychopathic and quite wicked, so much so that she has gone as far as threatening to kill the other contestants just for the million dollars. She has been shown to be very crafty, and can easily manipulate other people with her superior brain power. This is best displayed through her relationship with Max, whom she uses to carry out various "evil" deeds (most of which she suggests) in order to cover her true nature while Max takes the blame. Scarlett is very annoyed by Max's ways and despises him referring to her as his "sidekick," showing that she is against being second place to anyone.

Total Drama: Pahkitew Island

Scarlett is introduced in So, Uh This Is My Team? as one of the new contestants and is placed on Pimâpotew Kinosewak. She is considered one of the smartest contestants of this season, frequently coming up with ideas and plans for challenges. For most of the season, she finds herself partnered with Max, whose "evil" deeds intrigue her. During their partnership, Scarlett often helps Max out with his inventions, as well as advising him on how to be a proper villain. Unfortunately for her, she also has to put up with his dullness. Max shows little respect for Scarlett, and views her as his inferior minion, but nonetheless finds use for her over time. After helping him during the challenge in A Blast from the Past, Max openly acknowledges that Scarlett has proven herself "un-useless" and allows her to become his sidekick. Though Scarlett does not take this news well, and growls angrily in the confessional.


Scarlett fixes Max's helmet contraption.

Annoyed at Max for his horrible treatment towards her, Scarlett formulates a plan to get Max eliminated in Mo Monkey Mo Problems. Scarlett observes how Max is humiliated by Jasmine after he insults her, and goads Max into earning Jasmine's respect by tricking him into setting up a trap. Scarlett's hope is that Max will be deemed responsible for their team's loss, and will be voted off that night. The plan almost backfires when the entire team is caught in the trap. Luckily for Scarlett, Max foolishly reveals that he was responsible for setting it up, putting a target on him. Although Max receives the most votes that night, he is saved after Ella is caught disobeying Chris's warning from the previous episode for singing and is disqualified.


Scarlett becomes frustrated when Max calls her "sidekick."

Max continues to be an annoyance to Scarlett in This Is The Pits!, who confesses that she wants him gone as soon as possible. When the two of them are separated from their team, Scarlett tries to get rid of Max so her team will lose and he will be voted off. While traversing in the cave, she realizes that its odd structure is due to the presence of stalagmites without any water. Very soon, they are attacked by a crocodile, which they discover is a robot after a stalagmite falls on it. Scarlett uses components from the broken robot to construct a universal remote and with it, she discovers a hidden elevator. Just as they are about to take the elevator and leave, Max snatches the remote and throws it away. In the confessional, Scarlett confesses her hatred for Max and how her patience is at an end. That night, Max is transferred to the opposing team, as Chris wanted to keep him and Scarlett separate, with Sky taking his place. With Max's absence, Scarlett finds she can finally relax in Three Zones and A Baby, though another team member begins to annoy, in the form of Topher. It isn't long before Scarlett loses her patience and intimidates Topher with a threat, showing that she is more than just a pretty face. Nevertheless, Topher costs them the challenge and the team votes him off.

Looks like their partnership is over

Max and Scarlett are separated in This Is The Pits!.

The teams are merged in Hurl and Go Seek and Scarlett finds herself having trouble during the pre-challenge, as she admits that eating challenges are "not her thing." When the actual challenge begins, Scarlett teams up with Max again, who keeps annoying her with his stomach ache. Scarlett admits in the confessional that while she can abandon Max anytime she wants, she decides to stay with him until Sugar finds them. Only then she will abandon him while Max is captured. At one point, she discovers a hidden panel behind a tree and realizes that the entire island is artificial and there is a main computer controlling everything on it. She tries to hack the control, but she begins to suffer from food poisoning from the Juggy Chunk that they drank during the pre-challenge. To make matters worse, Max vomits on it, causing everything on the island to go berserk. With no other reason to stay, Scarlett grabs Max and continues with the challenge only for them to trip over Sugar, who had already captured Sky and Dave.

Scary Scarlett

Scarlett reveals her true colors in Scarlett Fever.

Chris finally reveals the truth about the island in the next episode and sends everyone to the control center to disable the self destruct sequence. After acquiring a map from Chris, Scarlett and Max find a hidden entrance that leads directly in front of the control room. Once Max short circuits the control panel, Scarlett enters the control room and proclaims that the island is now under her control. With the power she now wields, Scarlett removes her glasses and lets her hair down, appearing much more sinister. Scarlett reveals that the Scarlett everyone knows is just a facade and that she is actually an evil genius waiting for the opportunity to strike. After sending Scuba Bear to get rid of Max, Scarlett contacts Chris and blackmails him into giving her the million dollars or she will let the island explode with everyone on it.

Chris, at first, is not afraid of her threat until she tells him that she'll give him 'an example of the power I now have', and launches several "tree missiles" at his helicopter. Nevertheless, he still refuses to give up the money, believing that the other contestants will foil her evil plot. Scarlett expected this and lures them to a room filled with Chris' Promo Bots to dispose of them. Shawn, however, manages to destroy every single robot in the room, including Scuba Bear. The contestants are able to lure Scarlett out of the control room using one of the broken robot heads. Sugar immediately tackles Scarlett once she opens the door, and is hogtied with her own hair. After the island is safe, Chris disqualifies Scarlett and declares her the "most eliminated contestant in the series" while pelting her with marshmallows. Before she is launched away, Max immediately joins her in the cannon after Chris disqualifies him as well. Scarlett begs Chris not to fire her with Max, but Chris activates the cannon anyway, sending the duo far away from the island.


Audition tape

View this video for Scarlett's audition tape.

In her audition tape, Scarlett talks about the meaning of her name and why she wants to win Total Drama.

Scarlett is sitting in what appears to be a laboratory, full of test-tubes, flasks, and Bunsen burners, as well as a globe that has been stabbed by knives. She explains that her parents named her "Scarlett", a name derived from an English surname with an occupational meaning: someone who sells cloth. However, she states that she has higher expectations for her career, and that if she won the million dollars it would ensure that she could attend a university of her choice, aware of her massive potential. She also states her belief that Total Drama's popularity is responsible for today's troubled youth. She thanks the selection committee for their time before ending the video.



  • Scarlett is one of the few contestants who wears glasses, with the others being Harold, Beth, Cameron, Sam, Ellody, Mary, Miles, and Tom.
    • Scarlett is the only member of the third generation cast to wear glasses.
    • Scarlett is one of three contestants to wear glasses who don't have dotted eyes, the others being Cameron and Ellody. However, this is likely because Scarlett does not need her glasses to see, as shown in Scarlett Fever.
    • Scarlett is the only contestant to wear glasses whose eye color is not black.
  • Scarlett is one of several characters who possess more than one main design, with her regular design, and her Evil Scarlett form. Other characters include: Heather, Ezekiel, Mike, Dakota, Sierra and Lightning.
  • Scarlett and Sugar are the only antagonists who have not received punishment.
  • Scarlett is one of a few characters to have their name referenced in an episode title (Scarlett Fever), the others being Harold, Owen, Courtney, Bridgette, Chef Hatchet, Chris, Ezekiel, and Sky.



  • Scarlett and Jasmine are the only contestants to have known about Samey's plan to pretend to be Amy up until the former's elimination.
  • Prior to Scarlett Fever, Scarlett showed several signs that foreshadow her true nature:
    • In her audition tape, there is a globe with several knives embedded into it at the back of her room.
    • She takes interest in helping Max with his "evil" schemes.
    • She encourages Max to cheat by electrifying his jousting stick in A Blast from the Past. She also twitches when Max calls her his sidekick before screaming in the confessional.
    • In This Is The Pits!, she reveals that she programmed her brother's toys to attack him every night for six years as payback for pulling her hair. This traumatized her brother so much that he is still in therapy.
    • In Three Zones and A Baby, she gives Topher a deadly look to make him focus on the game.


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