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With the island's secret leading it to potential meltdown, the host forces the remaining contestants to stop its destruction. While two unlikely partners work together and another fawns over her helper, one finally reveals her true nature and takes over in order to gain the prize for herself, turning on her partner in the process. In the end, she is caught red-handed and eliminated, but not without the host also removing her henchman.


The contestants are neither convinced, nor amused by Chris trying to pass the island off as normal.

The episode picks up from where the previous one left off, the island being revealed to be artificial and all its mechanical parts continuing to go haywire. The remaining contestants demand to know what's going on. Chris continues to pretend to not have any clue and that everything is functioning normally. When several trees pop out and retract behind him, he gives in and confesses the truth. He explains that Pahkitew Island is artificial, complete with robotic animals. He is unfazed by the chaos and denies there is anything wrong. A monitor then appears out of the ground and signals that the island will self-destruct in one hour. Chris announces the next challenge, for the contestants to travel to the control room and cancel the self-destruct sequence. He shows a display depicting the location of the control room, which Scarlett excitedly snatches.

TDPI Scarlett.png


The fool. He just handed me the key to the island! It's all mine! [evil laughter]

Chris explains that there are three possible entrances, so they will each be divided into three teams of two. He then has Chef pick him up in a helicopter, ignoring Shawn's suggestion of using it so everyone escapes.

TDPI Sky.png


This is crazy. I'm kinda freaking out. I wish Dave were here 'cause he always made me feel— [gasps] Pull it together. Being doughy-eyed for Dave almost got you eliminated! Huh. But then he eliminated himself. Did he do that to save me? Ugh, focus! I'm really losing it here.

Jasmine and Shawn form a team, as well as Max and Scarlett, which leaves Sky, to her dismay, with Sugar.

Jasmine and Shawn head towards an entrance hidden in a lake.

TDPI Jasmine.png


Shawn's great. We have everything in common. Except the zombie thing, which could be a dealbreaker. But once he gets over it, he'll be perfect.

TDPI Shawn.png


Yeah, Jasmine rules. Once she developes a healthy fear of the undead, she'll be perfect!

Along the way, they have to dodge many obstacles, such as mountain formations bursting out of the ground or flame streams. When they finally reach the lake, Shawn sees sharks and becomes hesitant; however, Jasmine reassures him that she knows, based on a technique she once saw on TV, that she needs to punch them in the nose. Shawn reluctantly follows Jasmine into the lake, where they come across the entrance hatch sealed with a wheel. As Jasmine loosens the wheel, a shark approaches and, just like she said, she punches it in the nose and knocks it back. Contrary to her belief, her tactic is not very reliable, as the shark immediately swims back. Shawn wets himself in fear, and the smell repulses the shark so much that it swims away.

TDPI Shawn.png


I'm glad peeing in your pants while underwater goes totally unnoticed. What happens in the pond stays in the pond.

The two finally enter through the hatch, and enter a metal corridor.

Jasmine and Shawn share their first kiss.

Chris then appears on a monitor hanging on the wall. He states to his delight that he will be able to salvage footage for an episode, which angers Jasmine. He also explains that the corridors are patrolled by robotic animals, and that Jasmine and Shawn must maneuver through an assortment of motion-detecting lasers. If they fail to do so, the security protocol will be triggered all over the island. Jasmine and Shawn initially both skillfully weave through the motion sensors, but they get distracted by each other and kiss.

TDPI Jasmine.png


He's a work in progress. Okay, the zombie thing's bad, but the man's got some sweet moves!

No longer evading the lasers, they get set off, causing the island's defenses to send several robotic animals to attack them.

TDPI Shawn.png


I gotta be honest. I didn't even notice the alarms. But the killer robots got my attention.

The two of them flee in the opposite direction, only to discover a mechanical door closing shut. Shawn and Jasmine slide under the door, however, Jasmine notices that she dropped her hat. She reaches under the door to retrieve it, but one of the robot animals' heads manages to bite onto it. As Jasmine pulls her hat out, Shawn alerts her of the robotic head attached to her hat, which she replies by punching it away.

Sky and Sugar have trouble getting down the hole.

Sugar and Sky journey towards their designated entrance. They discover some holes in the ground, and assume they lead inside the island. Trees continuously rise and fall from the holes, halting their progress. Both girls attempt to jump down a hole, but end up getting stuck. Scarlett and Max have also made it to their entrance point, which is supposed to be a rock. To their frustration, they discover there are countless identical-looking rocks scattered in the area. As Max begins to pester Scarlett, she suggests he ask the rocks which one of them is the real one. Max loves the idea, telling Scarlett she isn't "completely useless." He begins to demand the rocks direct them in the right path, but when he kicks a rock it slips open and reveals the secret opening, to which he falls down. Scarlett grins smugly and states that perhaps Max isn't completely useless either before jumping down.

Back to Sky and Sugar, the girls finally manage to descend down the hole after being pushed up by a tree, then riding it down. In the cavern underground, they notice a room full of gears and wheels which cause the trees to rise and descend. Sugar sees a bird's nest in one of the trees and eats the eggs, burping a live bird out of her mouth.

TDPI Sky.png


I gotta say, for all her many, many faults, Sugar's really good at staying positive.

Chris then appears on the screen and gives them updates about the situation, including how Shawn and Jasmine set off security measures and caused robotic animals to roam the halls. A door opens and a seemingly adorable cat comes through. Both Sky and Sugar become focused on its harmless appearance, but Chris warns them in time for the cat to open up its mouth and shoot a flame. Given the choice between the cat-bot and the gear chamber, Sky and Sugar choose the latter option. They continuously run and pause to avoid getting crushed by the constantly moving gears.

"The island is mine! Mine!"

- Scarlett

Max and Scarlett are the last to reach the island's interior, but land closest to the control room. Chris congratulates them but also informs them that the door is sealed by a keypad which is set to give an electrical shock each time an incorrect combination is inputted. Unfortunately for them, the combination is kept inside the control room. Max tries a few combinations and gets shocked repeatedly, even putting in one he has already entered. Scarlett watches in satisfaction and encourages him to keep on trying.

TDPI Scarlett.png


He will. That door can only dish out so many shocks before they short out. He'll open it or die trying. It's a win either way.

Her deduction is correct and she is granted access to the control room. Scarlett approaches the computer and it greets her as "Chris McLean." Scarlett undergoes a change in nature, proclaiming that the island is now hers, and laughs evilly.

Scarlett unveils her true colors.

Max approaches, unaware of Scarlett's declaration and believes she is going to pass on the control to him. However, she turns around and takes off her glasses while letting her hair down, revealing a much scarier-looking Scarlett. Although Max is initially not phased, simply stating she "looks different," he quickly becomes terrified as Scarlett picks him up and declares who is in front of him is her "real" self. Max is then shown huddling in the confessional sucking his thumb. She then sends Scuba Bear to get rid of Max, who pulls off its exo-skin and reveals itself to be a robot. Scarlett gets into contact with Chris, who is also surprised by Scarlett's change in appearance. She proceeds to threaten him by telling him she has control of the island and will let it explode if he does not give her the million dollars. Chris doesn't comply and feels she is bluffing, but when Scarlett fires several of the tree rockets at his helicopter, he begins to think otherwise. Although Chris is scared now, he still refuses to hand over the money, telling Scarlett the other contestants will arrive soon. Scarlett is unconcerned, having already planned for this.

Just at that moment, Shawn and Jasmine walk along a hallway in time to see Sugar and Sky fall from a hatch in the roof. All are happy to be reunited, especially Sugar who is unable to contain her excitement, eagerly telling Jasmine of the adventures they just had. Right on cue, Scarlett delivers a message to the contestants, informing them that Chris lied. She tricks them into going to another room, under the guise that it is the true location to shut off the self-destruct sequence. The contestants arrive only to find it filled with hundreds of robots that look identical to Chris. Scarlett remotely shuts the door and gives one final taunt that they are all going to die before signing off. The Chris robots activate and trundle towards the contestants with their arms outstretched while chanting "Total Drama." All of the contestants huddle together in fear while awaiting their demise. Sugar compares the situation to when her "uncle built a robot army by taping photos of his face to donkeys wrapped in tinfoil."

TDPI Shawn.png


This is hard to admit, but I really wanna meet Sugar's family.

Shawn uses his zombie-slaying skills to destroy the Chris Promo-Bots.

With Jasmine commenting it is just like a horde of zombies. Hearing the word "zombie" sends Shawn into a combat mindset, and he fearlessly charges forward and massacres all of the Chris robots, to everyone's surprise.

TDPI Sky.png


I should be scared, but something about watching Chris getting demolished over and over is so... therapeutic.

TDPI Jasmine.png


There comes a time in every girl's life when she has to stop whining about her boyfriend's zombie obsession and accept that she has odd taste in men. This is that time.

Jasmine then accepts in the confessional that she needs to stop complaining about her boyfriend's phobia. Scuba Bear then shows up, but Shawn throws one of the robot legs and it lodges into Scuba Bear's head and it explodes, to which Jasmine sighs at. Chris finally decides to contact the contestants and isn't happy about what Shawn did to his "Promo Bots." He explains that Scarlett has gone rogue and tells them what she has planned, and that he still refuses to accept her terms.

The contestants trick Scarlett with a "Chris promo-bot."

The contestants make their way to the control room, where Sky attempts to reason with Scarlett, however, the latter shows up on the monitor and informs them of their impending demise due to Chris's continual refusal. Sky then devises a plan to trick her into opening the door. Scarlett sees a message that is seemingly Chris accepting her terms. Satisfied that she has won, Scarlett opens it only to be shocked in discovering it is actually Max holding one of the destroyed Promo Bots. He gloats that he tricked her and that he is eviler, but this only infuriates Scarlett, who nearly attacks him in anger. Max is saved by Sugar, who tackles Scarlett to the ground and ties her up using her own hair. Despite this minor victory, the danger has not yet subsided as the countdown to the island's self-destruction continues with only seconds left on the timer. Sky frantically tries to shut it down, until Jasmine suggests pressing "Ctrl-Alt-Delete," which proves to be the correct strategy. Chris, who wants to say goodbye before they die, shows up and is shocked to find out they defeated Scarlett. Max progresses to taunt Chris in saying his ugly looks helped them out for once, holding up a severed robot head, only for him to get electrocuted again. Despite the self-destruct being averted, Scarlett's tampering still is shown to have major alterations, leaving one side of the island on fire while the other half is frozen solid.

The "evil duo" are eliminated.

At the elimination ceremony, Chris states a change in the usual process. Instead of handing marshmallows to those who are safe, he proceeds to pelt them at Scarlett's face, who is tied up and ready to be fired in the Cannon of Shame. Max proclaims that with Scarlett eliminated, he is now the "one true evil" and he will take over from where Scarlett left off. Chris has had enough of evil and orders Chef to snatch up Max and shove him in the Cannon as well, to Scarlett's dismay, to the point where she is begging Chris to put anyone but Max in the cannon with her. Chris then fires the two off together before signing off the episode.


Voice actor Role(s)
Christian Potenza Chris/Promo Bots
Katie Bergin Jasmine/Computer
Bruce Dow Max
Kristi Friday Scarlett
Zachary Bennett Shawn
Sarah Podemski Sky
Rochelle Wilson Sugar

Elimination Ceremony

Elimination Ceremony 9
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TDPI Max bw.png

, Max

Still in the running

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TDPI Samey bw.png
TDPI Ella bw.png
TDPI Topher bw.png
TDPI Dave bw.png
TDPI Max bw.png
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  • The episode's title is a play on the disease Scarlet Fever.
  • The scene and the music that plays when Shawn and Jasmine dodge through the lasers is a reference to the Mission Impossible franchise.
  • The tablet that Chris has and gives to Scarlett has a banana on the back of it, a reference to Apple.
  • The robotic animals and Chrises having red LED eyes and partially exposed metal endoskeletons underneath damaged exo-skins is a reference to the Terminator franchise.
  • Shawn mentions that he previously planted landmines in his yard for zombie protection, which is likely a reference to the video game Plants vs. Zombies.
  • The way Jasmine slides under a door and retrieves her hat that has fallen off before the door slams shut is a reference to Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom.
  • The scene where Sky and Sugar travel through the gear chambers is similar to a scene from Galaxy Quest.
  • There are several references to the Resident Evil franchise in this episode:
    • The presence of a secret underground base on the island is a reference to a recurring theme of the Resident Evil video games, as many of the games' climax takes place in a secret laboratory hidden from plain sight from an already hidden location. This includes the self destruct sequence that usually occurs near the game-ending.
    • Some of the moves Jasmine and Shawn did while dodging lasers are similar to Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine's in Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles.
    • Also from Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles, the island's main computer addresses Scarlett the same way the Red Queen addresses Albert Wesker.
      • Furthermore, Scarlett and the Red Queen both have names that refer to a similar color.
    • Scarlett being the antagonist after initially posing as one of the nicer characters is similar to Albert Wesker, one of the main antagonists of Resident Evil, who is initially an ally to the protagonists before revealing his true motives.
      • Also, Scarlett's eyes turn red when she removes her glasses, a habit shared by Wesker in order to frighten his foes after his resurrection.
    • The contestants finding an entire room filled with Chris robots is a reference to a similar scene in Resident Evil: Afterlife where Alice enter a room filled with human clones including her own.
    • Shawn repeatedly shouts "headshot" while destroying the Chris robots, a reference that zombies can only be killed by destroying the brain in Resident Evil or most zombie-related media in general.


The comparison of Dave's face from the last episode and this episode's recap.

  • In the recap, when Dave is sitting in the Cannon of Shame his facial expressions are different from the previous episode.
  • When Shawn does a flying jump kick towards one of the Promo-bots, the foot he kicks with seems to be on the wrong side.
  • Shawn has two mouths when he bangs one of the Promo-bots with his head.
  • When Sky is running through the woods with Sugar, she has two of each earring on her ears.


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