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Up, Up And Away In My Pitiful Balloon (19)

Scott is pushed aside by an angry Zoey.

Initially, Zoey believes Scott has a sensitive side after seeing him cry over Dawn's departure, not realizing he is just faking it in order to gain her trust. They become teammates in Runaway Model after Scott switches teams with Jo. For a few episodes, Zoey protects Scott each time Mike and Cameron insult him. However, it is not until Grand Chef Auto that Zoey eventually finds out Scott's true nature after he eliminates Mike, causing her to hate him. She finally gets even with him in Eat, Puke and Be Wary after she manages to cause Scott's elimination in a painful way. Despite the two being in the final three, they have little interaction in Total Drama All-Stars, and the two seemingly no longer have a conflict. However, it is Zoey who chooses to eliminate him over Mike, making him finish in third place.

Total Drama: Revenge of the Island

Opening sequence

Mike and Zoey's combined weight causes the log Lightning is standing on to break, sending them all tumbling down the waterfall. Scott is shown laughing at their misfortune.

Runaway Model

Scott knows that the teams will eventually come to a merge and starts to work on manipulating the Maggots. While looking for Lindsay, Scott fakes crying in order to get sympathy from Zoey, telling her that his team voted off Dawn behind his back in the previous episode, and she is the only one who could have helped them by talking to Sasquatchanakwa. Zoey falls for it and comforts him, thinking he has a sensitive side. When Scott and Jo switch teams, Scott immediately sits next to Zoey and greets her, to which she and Mike are noticeably nervous.

A Mine Is a Terrible Thing to Waste

Scott gets in the back of the mine cart with Anne Maria and Zoey, announcing that he will protect them. The cart separates when the tracks start to go in different directions, sending the three into a pool of water. Zoey holds Anne Maria back from attacking Scott when he lands on her. She states in the process that she is certain it was an accident.

The Treasure Island of Dr. McLean

The Treasure Island of Dr. McLean (49)

Scott reveals to Zoey that he had found the immunity idol.

Every time Cameron and Mike show their mistrust towards Scott, Zoey defends him, claiming she knows "he has a heart." Before the elimination ceremony, Mike asks Zoey to vote to send Scott home. She ends up going against this, voting for Dakota instead. However, even if she had complied, it wouldn't have mattered due to Scott holding the McLean-Brand Chris Head.

Grand Chef Auto


Scott chooses Mike to be eliminated, to Zoey's distress.

Scott blackmails Mike into helping him in the challenge, the consequences of him not helping being that Scott would reveal his disorder to Zoey. When Zoey is the first to reach the totem pole target of the graffiti-tagging challenge and is about to tag it, Scott knocks her aside and forces her to hang on the pole while he tags it (ultimately winning the challenge with the move since this is the actual final target prior to Chef's intervention). When Mike decides to save her, Scott immediately turns him into Vito to prevent Zoey from being rescued. At the campfire ceremony, Chris formally declares Scott the winner of the episode's challenge, earning the right to eliminate any player of his choosing. He decides to vote off Mike, to which Zoey gives a shocked sigh, thus making her rivalry with Scott begin.

Up, Up And Away In My Pitiful Balloon

Zoey is mad at Scott for voting Mike off, revealing in the confessional that he "needs to pay." Scott insults her by telling her she'll never win the prize money, to which Zoey shoves him, telling him, "Just watch me." Later in the challenge, when Zoey completes her airplane, the propeller's spinning inadvertently sabotages Scott's attempt at building a "bird", as several of his feathers fly away and stick to him. Later, Zoey and Scott trade insults, with Zoey stating she hopes that he can flap his wings as fast as his jaw, with Scott rebutting by saying he will be flying high while she takes a swan dive. Zoey then starts her plane to sabotage Scott's feather wings, and he retaliates by sticking a pipe in her plane's spinning propeller, causing the fuselage to spin around. During the second part, Scott jumps on Zoey's plane causing it to spin in the air. After Zoey's plane breaks and she falls onto a mutant goat, she struggles to gain control of it but manages to do so and attacks Scott with its fiery breath, shouting that it was for Mike. Scott tries to fly out of the fire's path, but he and his feathers are burned in the process.

Eat, Puke and Be Wary

XD alliance

Zoey laughs at Scott's offer of an alliance, mistaking it as a joke.

Zoey and Cameron meet privately high up in a tree to discuss voting Scott off, agreeing that he is the biggest threat to them. Zoey declares that it is Scott's turn to "feel the pain" for having sabotaged so many contestants. Scott overhears this while setting up traps for Fang and retaliates by disposing of Cameron and catching Zoey following her fall from the tree, and fakes a friendly attitude in order to convince Zoey to help him vote off Lightning. Zoey laughs hysterically at this idea, and rebuffs Scott saying that she'd rather put up with a "mega-jock" like Lightning than a "mega-jerk" like Scott. After Lightning shows up out of nowhere displaying his athletic prowess, Scott mockingly leaves Zoey to mull over her earlier remark. Scott then approaches Lightning and offers to form an alliance with him to vote off Zoey. Lightning absentmindedly says yes, but in reality, shut out Scott completely while shooting hoops; yet Scott feels assured of Zoey's defeat.


Scott adds poison ivy to Zoey's dish after distracting her.

During the first challenge when the contestants cook meals using food from the toxic island, Scott sabotages Zoey by lacing her salad with poison ivy, causing her to vomit violently when Chef forces them to eat their own food. Scott wins the challenge and thus does not have to wear a tracking collar during the hunting challenge. Later, Zoey (after having finally been pushed to her breaking point by Chef) sets off one of her traps and sends a massive boulder hurling at Scott, crushing him painfully and rolling him away from the finish line, costing him an easy victory. At the Campfire Ceremony, Scott has been put in a full-body cast and wheelchair thanks to Zoey, who glares at him fiercely as she hears the votes. Scott is successfully voted off, and Zoey smiles maliciously as the Marshmallow of Toxic Loserdom burns in his lap. In the confessional, Scott is outraged to find that Zoey outsmarted him, but ultimately is amused to find that he must have "rubbed off on her." Zoey declares victory over Scott saying, "Sorry, pal. Better luck next life." Zoey watches in satisfaction as Scott is flung from the Hurl of Shame, with Fang in tow.

Brain vs. Brawn: The Ultimate Showdown

After Chris mentions that actually no one really cares for Scott's current state, Zoey laughs along with the other eliminated contestants, which makes Scott shed a tear.

Total Drama All-Stars

You Regatta Be Kidding Me


Scott hitches Zoey's raft.

Scott and Zoey have to ride the same raft together (along with Duncan and Cameron) as it is the only available vehicle left. Despite their conflict in the previous season, Zoey is reluctant about using Scott as bait to use Fang as a motor, and shows concern. After hearing his helpless screams, she asks him to hang on. Later, Zoey urges Mike to turn around his boat to help Cameron and Scott, but fails.

Sundae Muddy Sundae

After taking a cherry from the swamp, Zoey mockingly bids farewell to Scott, who is in last place.

The Bold and the Booty-ful

Zoey wins the challenge and the ability to choose who to bring to the finale with her, where she has a choice between Scott or "Mike". Zoey is now fully aware Mal is disguised as Mike, and apologizes to Scott as she chooses Mal so she may help Mike come back. Right before Scott gets flushed, he warns Zoey about Mike and his devious actions. Zoey assures him she knows what she is doing and who it is that she is up against.


  • Scott and Zoey have the highest amount of participation among the second generation contestants.
  • Both, along with Duncan, are the only contestants in the series to reach the final four two seasons in a row without returning to the competition.
  • Both have been eliminated in twelfth episode of a season, where they are also ranked third.
  • Both won the reward of choosing who to eliminate and were eliminated by someone with that reward.
    • Additionally, both placed third at the time they were eliminated by someone with that reward.
  • Counting Mike's ending of Total Drama All-Stars:
  • Zoey played a part in both of Scott's eliminations.

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