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The Screaming Gaffers is one of the two opposing teams in Total Drama Action. Their symbol is a light green circle containing a green lightbulb with crossbones, surrounded by a green circular outline. The team members were chosen by the team captain, Gwen.


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Total Drama Action

The Screaming Gaffers are formed by Gwen.

The Screaming Gaffers are formed in "Riot On Set." The team members were decided through selection by Gwen. She picks her friends Duncan, Leshawna, and DJ, chooses Heather under Leshawna's advice, and accepts the boasting Harold "if for no other reason but to shut him up." Duncan wins the acting challenge after his tearful performance, making the Screaming Gaffers the first team to win a challenge in Total Drama Action.

In "Beach Blanket Bogus," the Gaffers win a beached-themed party after Trent begins to throw challenges for Gwen. Trent continues his cheating in 3:10 to Crazytown, and he is later voted out after Justin discovers what he is doing.

The Gaffers discussing who should be put up in the challenge.

Justin and the other Grips convince Gwen to even the score with them and Gwen ends up keeping her end of the deal in "The Chefshank Redemption," where she tries to slow her team down through any means possible such as convincing them she has cramps, and telling DJ and Leshawna not to work so hard. She tops it off by breaking a golden shovel over Harold's head, snapping it in two. This is one of the reasons Leshawna, Harold, and Heather voted Gwen off, removing her from the competition.

With Gwen and Trent gone, the competition returns to normal, as the Gaffers win again in "One Flu Over the Cuckoos." Leshawna then fake cries to get the team to vote for her to win the reward: a trip to a spa with a close friend. Leshawna also tries to start an alliance with Duncan and Harold against Heather, though this doesn't work out until "Dial M for Merger" when Heather is already out of the game.

The Screaming Gaffers are shocked to find out that DJ was cheating.

By "The Sand Witch Project," DJ's illegal alliance with Chef starts to wear on his conscience. After Chef helps the Gaffers win the first challenge, they must scare the Grips out of the craft services tent to win invincibility. After Duncan and Harold's plans fail, DJ cooks one up that wins the Gaffers invincibility. Even though they win, DJ's conscience gets the better of him, and he quits the game for his pride, setting the Gaffers one member back behind the Grips.

Conflicts begin to rise in "Masters of Disasters" when it is revealed that Leshawna fake cried to win the spa trip. Leshawna is disliked for many future episodes. By "Full Metal Drama," Duncan states he considers Leshawna already off the team. The team manages to win invincibility again after Duncan and Harold put their conflict aside to prevent the Grips from stealing the Trunk of Mind Blowing Secrets.

The Gaffers in their get-away kart.

The Screaming Gaffers are once again on even footing with the Grips, with four members each in "Ocean's Eight - Or Nine." During the challenge, Leshawna ends up being locked in a vault, and the rest of the team has to get her out. They eventually decide not to let Leshawna out of the vault and instead go on to complete the challenge without her. Duncan is shocked to learn that Courtney will be returning to the game, and will be put on the Killer Grips. Thanks to Duncan, the Gaffers easily construct their getaway car and begin down the hill. The Grips almost pass them when they run out of gas, but the Gaffers still manage to win invincibility by pushing their cart towards the finish line.

The Gaffers at their second and last elimination ceremony before the merge.

When Leshawna is released from the vault and Courtney appoints herself as the leader of the Grips, the Gaffers have to work harder during the challenges to keep up, especially in "One Million Bucks, B.C." Even though Duncan built his fire first, it is revealed he used a lighter, which was not a prehistoric tool, the Grips get bigger bones during the duel challenge. Leshawna defeats Lindsay, Heather loses to Beth, and Harold and Justin tie. In the tiebreaker, Courtney tricks Duncan, and he falls into the tar, making the Grips the winners.

The Gaffers lose again in "Million Dollar Babies," and although Leshawna is caught trash-talking the other contestants during her spa night, it is Heather who is sent home because Harold and Duncan accept Leshawna's apologetic cheer.

The Screaming Gaffers, along with the Killer Grips, are broken up in "Dial M for Merger," with Leshawna, Duncan, and Harold progressing to the merge.


Castmates Team Status Rank Episode Reason for Elimination
Overall Team
TDA Gwen.png
The Loner
Pre-merge 12th 6th 5th eliminated
in "The Chefshank Redemption"
She threw the challenge and voted herself off in order to repay the other team for when Trent was throwing challenges for her.
TDA DJ.png
The Brickhouse with Heart
11th 5th 6th eliminated (Quit)
in "The Sand Witch Project"
Quit the competition and confessed his illegal alliance with Chef, due to guilt.
TDA Heather.png
The Queen Bee
9th 4th 9th eliminated
in "Million Dollar Babies"
Leshawna's cheerleading convinced Duncan and Harold to vote against Heather.
TDA Leshawna.png
The Sister with 'Tude
Merge 8th 3rd 10th eliminated
in "Super Hero-ld"
Courtney convinced Harold to vote her off along with Duncan and Justin, forming a majority vote of 4-3.
TDA Harold.png
The Dweeb
5th 2nd 13th eliminated
in "2008: A Space Owen"
Owen voted for him to keep himself covered, since he had been caught by Harold. Duncan also voted for him after he squished Scruffy.
TDA Duncan.png
The Delinquent
1st/2nd 1st Finalist
in "The Aftermath: IV"
Duncan got more votes than Beth.



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