Scruffy was Duncan's pet tarantula. He is sent to Duncan as a package from home in 2008: A Space Owen, along with the other contestants' packages. However, Scruffy is accidentally killed in the same episode by Harold, who smashes him while riding the Vomit Comet.

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Duncan holding Scruffy.

In 2008: A Space Owen, the final five castmates are given presents sent from home. Duncan receives Scruffy, his pet tarantula, which makes him very happy. He makes it obvious that he has affection for Scruffy by using baby talk and making kissing sounds at him. Scruffy jumps on Harold after hearing a loud noise and Duncan tells him that he goes into kill mode when frightened. In the zero gravity chamber, Duncan gives Scruffy his pillow, because he believes zero gravity takes a toll on him. Courtney protests him making her "play second fiddle to a tarantula." Scruffy, much like DJ's bunny and his old pet dog, Petey, has been shown to have the ability to tap into Duncan's softer side.


Scruffy is accidentally killed by Harold in The Vomit Comet.

Later, the contestants have to ride in Vomit Comet space ride for the second challenge. Harold is the first to enter the ride, and as he does so, Duncan notices Scruffy has gone missing. At the last moment, Scruffy climbs up Harold's face, terrifying him. Harold gets out of the ride because of the spider's presence after lasting a mere 5.6 seconds. Afterwards, Duncan demands to know what happened to Scruffy. Harold shrugs and turns around, where Duncan discovers Scruffy crushed on Harold's back. This causes Duncan to scream in horror, before threatening to beat Harold up. Courtney reassures Duncan that Scruffy is in a better place. However, Courtney says in the confessional that she's glad Scruffy is gone, so that Duncan will start paying attention to her again. Duncan also states that while he is sad that Scruffy is gone, he no longer needs to sleep with a bat under his pillow for fear of being attacked in his sleep. Later in the episode, Duncan votes for Harold at the elimination ceremony as payback for him "messing" with Scruffy. Duncan is noticeably pleased to see Harold going home for killing his pet.

In Top Dog, when the castmates choose the animals they want to train, Duncan chooses the chameleon as his animal friend. He says he chose it as a dedication to his deceased "reptilian" friend, Scruffy. Owen reminds him that Scruffy was a bug, but Duncan responds by warning Owen that nobody talks about Scruffy like that.


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