Scuba Bear is a recurring robotic bear living on Pahkitew Island and wearing diving gear. Throughout the season, Scuba Bear takes on other gimmicks such as "Bling Bear" and "Pasta Bear" and with each gimmick keeping all previous outfits on, resulting in it wearing several accessories in its current gimmick.

Total Drama: Pahkitew Island

Scuba Bear is briefly seen in the opening sequence next to a frog.

Scuba Bear makes its first appearance in A Blast from the Past where Chris calls upon him to attack Sugar and Samey. It attacks Sugar while she is beating up Samey. After it pushes Sugar into the lake, Samey quickly runs back to her team before she suffers the same fate as Sugar. Before diving back into the lake, Scuba Bear gives threatening looks to both teams. It later returns to attack Max and throws him into the water. However, when it is about to attack Ella, she manages to serenade him with a song. From afar, Chris is frustrated with Ella's singing and orders Scuba Bear to eat her after throwing his coconut drink at him. However, this backfires on Chris, making Scuba Bear attack him instead. Chris quickly climbs to the top of his beach umbrella in fear as Scuba Bear approaches. He ceases his attack however, once Chef returns with the zombie-paranoid Shawn.


Scuba Bear as Bling Bear, the keeper of the cave's jewels.

In This Is The Pits!, Scuba Bear, now known as Bling Bear, appears in the Gem Cave where the Waneyihtam Maskwak are. Chris warns them that it will leave them alone unless they steal something from the cave. However, Shawn took one of the crystals, causing it to go on a rampage. The team quickly run away until Bling Bear stops chasing them when they dived into a pool. Unbeknownst to them then, the pool they dived into is actually the outhouse confessional waste.

In Three Zones and A Baby, Bling Bear, who is now known as Pasta Bear, appears at the second zone of the challenge. Any contestant fired by Chef's meatball bazooka will be stuck on a surface which will attract Pasta Bear. When Jasmine and Scarlett attempts to frighten it using the same method they used on a lion previously, Pasta Bear simply ignore them as it is blind folded. Later, Dave was stuck on a tree until Shawn saves him from the meatball and threw it at Max instead. Pasta Bear then changes its direction and when it is about to attack Max, Sugar punches it under the impression that it is trying to steal her food.


The original Scuba Bear meets its end at Shawn's hands.

Scuba Bear makes another appearance in Scarlett Fever, still wearing its Pasta Bear accessories. It was sent by Scarlett to attack Max to prevent him from foiling her plans to blackmail Chris into surrendering the million dollars to her. Like all animals on the island, Scuba Bear is revealed to be a robot after it removes its fake skin. It was later destroyed by Shawn after he threw a broken robot arm at it, which lodges into its head.

Scuba Bear appears again in Pahk'd With Talent, rebuilt as "Scuba Bear 2.0" after being destroyed by Shawn. He appears as a judge for Sugar's talent contest. He harasses an intern who was serving as judge by knocking away the case of money he was holding, as well as scaring a second intern. He was impressed by Sky and Shawn's talents, but hated Sugar's talent. When Sugar sings a falsetto for her final line, her voice is so intense that it causes Scuba Bear's head to explode.

Scuba Bear was again rebuilt, now known as the "3.0 Model" and was used in the finale to hinder the advancement of the final two. This time, Scuba Bear is equipped with a large jet pack, replacing its diving gear. It appeared flying in the sky and tried to tackle the finalists and their helpers, who were all crossing a swamp of mud, but it only crashes into the mud and throws the contestants out of it. After the winner is declared, Scuba Bear is seen preparing to attack Dave, who was left behind on the island, just before the credit rolls.


  • As a running gag, every time someone notices that Scuba Bear 1.0 has changed gimmicks, their sentence is cut off.
  • Despite it being a robot, it is affected by Ella's singing, cringes in pain after being punched by Sugar, and has a sense of smell.


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