The shark is one of the many animals that appears throughout the Total Drama franchise. Sharks are one of the most feared creatures on the show, and have been responsible for numerous injuries including the deaths of several interns. The sharks are occasionally shown to be able to breathe on dry land, even though they are usually seen in water.

Total Drama Island


The sharks swarming during Not So Happy Campers - Part 2.

In the opening sequence, a shark is seen jumping out of the water chasing a trout and leaps over a seagull.

In Not So Happy Campers - Part 2, the contestants have to jump off a cliff and dive into Lake Wawanakwa. The lake is infested with sharks that would attack anyone that landed outside a circular area called the "safe zone." A flashback shows Chef running away from a shark, after he tested the challenge. During the challenge, the only contestant who lands outside of the safety spot is Justin, who is spared by the sharks, due to their attraction towards him, and is even carried to the shore by them. They are also shown cringing sympathetically when Harold lands on the water in a painful split. 


A shark, about to eat an eagle, that has caught a snake, that has eaten Bunny.

In Who Can You Trust?, a snake eats DJ's pet bunny, then the snake is grabbed by an eagle, and finally, a shark jumps out of the water and eats the eagle, taking a large chunk of the dock with it.

In Haute Camp-ture, the sharks are seen having seaweed mud wraps with Beth. After Izzy bites Sadie, she asks one of the sharks if they like to bite objects, and one of the sharks shrugs after she asked. In Camp Castaways, the sharks are seen swimming around some of the campers, after a flood.

The sharks are featured briefly in I Triple Dog Dare You! in a dare from Leshawna, where Gwen has to tightrope walk across a chasm where three sharks are swimming below, while carrying a long pole covered in giant steaks and wearing a steak necklace as well. She is able to complete this dare, and earns a freebie for doing so.

In The Very Last Episode, Really!, the sharks appear again in a lake over which two beams are suspended, the challenge involves the contestants having to walk across the beams without falling into the shark-infested lake. During the testing of this challenge, the intern then falls into the lake and is eaten by one of the sharks.

In Total Drama, Drama, Drama, Drama Island, fourteen of the contestants end up in the water with the case, but a shark suddenly rises up and eats it, abruptly ending the challenge and forcing the contestants into a tie.

Total Drama Action

Beth and the sharks

Beth and the sharks relaxing on a beach in the Total Drama Action opening sequence.

In the second season's opening sequence, a shark is seen chasing Owen below the water in a shark tank, that would later be seen in Beach Blanket Bogus, until Owen passes gas into the shark's mouth, making it choke. On the beach set, two more sharks are seen receiving spa treatments with Beth, while relaxing on beach chairs and wearing sunglasses.

In the recap of Monster Cash, Chris says that the fourteen contestants will be competing for another million dollars. He then chuckles and says that it's actually the same money the shark had eaten. This implies that they either managed to somehow retrieve the case from the shark, or they intended for the shark to eat the case from the start so that season two could happen in the first place.


The sharks fall in love with Justin.

The sharks appear in Beach Blanket Bogus in a challenge where the contestants need to stay on a surfboard simulation above water. The sharks are still in love with Justin, so when he falls into the water, one of the sharks rescues him and gives him mouth to mouth resuscitation. After he revives, the shark hugs him, pushing Beth and Lindsay away when they rush over, showing its "affection" towards Justin. Chris then gives the sharks a break due to union rules.

In Masters of Disasters, the sharks makes a brief appearance when the challenge requires the teams to escape from a submarine being filled with water, Justin and Izzy open a hatch and a shark's head emerges and tries to bite Justin, only to have the hatch door slammed in its face.

A shark is seen once again in Crouching Courtney, Hidden Owen as one of seven dangerous ingredients that Beth and Courtney had to cook to prepare kung fu noodle soup, until it was caught by a giant squid.

A shark is chosen as Courtney's "animal buddy" during Top Dog's challenge. The shark aggravates Courtney throughout the entire episode and she constantly fights with it. While punching the shark's stomach, the shark's lunch comes out and Courtney prepares sashimi out of it, giving the meal to Chris and Chef. A pack of sharks fight her in the second part of the challenge, with her nearly beating them as she knocks out two of the three. She is thwarted when the last one grabs her personal digital assistant, makes calls with it, and throws the PDA over a waterfall, making her dive after it.

Total Drama World Tour

HP - Sierra

Sierra tries to get a shark to regurgitate Cody.

In Jamaica Me Sweat, the first challenge involves swimming in shark-infested waters. One of the sharks repeatedly punches Cody in the face while gripping his neck after he dives in the water. Later, the same shark chases Gwen after she dives in, however, Gwen is able to escape from it. In Niagara Brawls, the sharks commandeering a boat in the lake below the falls. When the contestants fall off the tight rope, the sharks are seen waiting at the bottom.

In Hawaiian Punch, the sharks are used for the tie-breaker challenge between Alejandro and Cody to make it more dangerous. After Alejandro defeats Cody, he knocks him off the platform that they were competing on and one of the sharks swallows Cody whole. A protective Sierra wheels herself into the ocean, grabs the shark, brings it to the beach, and slams it against the sand multiple times, ordering the shark to spit out Cody, which it eventually does.

Total Drama: Revenge of the Island

Truth or Laser Shark (2)

The shark, now mutated, threatening the contestants.

View this page to see the mutant shark in the fourth season.

The only shark to be seen in Total Drama: Revenge of the Island is a mutated shark named Fang. Compared to the sharks from the previous three seasons, Fang is larger, a lighter gray, has much larger teeth, arms, legs, extra fins, and is far more intelligent, making it seem like a mix between a human and a shark. It is unknown if any of the other sharks on the island have been affected in a similar way.

Total Drama All-Stars

In Heroes vs. Villains, the sharks, along with Fang, appear in the first part of the challenge, with Chris calling them "fan favorites." They unsuccessfully try to eat the contestants as they dive into the water. The most notable instance is when the Drama Machine accidentally falls into the lake. The sharks each start to chew on its limbs until it short circuits. Upon exploding, it releases the long imprisoned Alejandro.

Total Drama: Pahkitew Island

Shasmine shark

A shark attacks Jasmine and Shawn in Scarlett Fever.

In Scarlett Fever, Shawn states that he has a fear of sharks, while Jasmine believes that a punch on the nose will scare them off. However, she had only seen this happen on television, and punching the enraged shark does nothing to stop the impending attack. The shark does leave them alone, however, after Shawn urinates in the water. In Pahk'd With Talent, the sharks make an appearance. They were disgusted by Sugar's performance to the point were they left.

Total Drama Presents: The Ridonculous Race

Don shark food

A shark attacks Don as he explains the challenge.

In Mediterranean Homesick Blues, sharks serve as a major part of the challenge where contestants must swim into shark-infested waters and snatch a Travel Tip attached to their fins. Several sharks are scared off by either the intimidation of Crimson or the science of Mary, while other contestants have major struggles battling them.

A shark appears in Hawaiian Honeyruin, attempting to attack Kitty and Stephanie; however, the latter viciously punches the shark in the nose, causing it to swim off in fear.



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