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Shawn and Sky are the final two of Total Drama: Pahkitew Island.

Shawn and Sky generally get along quite well, due to the two of them being natural-born leaders and will often cooperate in holding their team together. They become closer when Shawn attempts to help out with her relationship with Dave, due to being friends with the latter. Near the end of the season, the two of them develop a competitive rivalry as they become the final two. Despite the outcome in the finale, the two of them depart the season on friendly terms without any sort of resentment from the runner-up to the winner.

Total Drama: Pahkitew Island

So, Uh This Is My Team?

When Shawn grabs soup for their team, Sky is impressed by his skills.

I Love You, Grease Pig!

Sky praises Shawn for collecting so many berries for the team. During the challenge, Shawn yells out words of encouragement to Sky when she has trouble pushing their team's grease pig up the slide, before cheering for her when she succeeds. After the challenge is over, Sky and the rest of the team thank Shawn for finding them a place to stay since they had been sleeping uncomfortably in the open the previous night.

Twinning Isn't Everything


Sky brings Shawn a pail of water.

Sky thanks Shawn for being able to get rid of Ella before she could start singing again, along with finding food for the team. She (along with Dave) offers to help Shawn forage for food, but he is reluctant to accept due to believing too many people in the open would attract zombies.

I Love You, I Love You Knots


Shawn helps Sky with the challenge, by dousing her with mineral water.

For her dare, Sky is required to drink an entire jug of mineral water in thirty seconds. When Sky has trouble drinking it in time, Shawn helps her out using a method called "Thirst Thrashing" (which allows a person to drink water quickly during a zombie apocalypse). This method involves Shawn rigorously shaking the jug, before dousing Sky with the water, so it rushes into her mouth. Shawn's actions allow Sky to win the point for the team.

A Blast from the Past

Shawn loves Sky's arm

Shawn inspects Sky's arm for bite marks, right after she scolds him.

Sky is quick to notice that Shawn is missing for the challenge. Once Chef brings him back to his team, Sky scolds him for being late and almost costing them the challenge. However, Shawn immediately grabs her arms and examines them for bite marks.

Mo Monkey Mo Problems

Shawn meets up with Dave who has prepared a romantic picnic for Sky. Shawn, seeing his friend's intention, tries to alert him to the fact that Sky is competitive and isn't interested in a relationship, only the million dollars.

Sky and Shawn

Sky runs off before Shawn can inform her about Dave's picnic.

However, Dave then asks Shawn if he would pay a million dollars to go out with the girl of his dreams. Shawn (who had just hit rocky moments in his relationship with Jasmine) gets inspired and goes to find Sky for Dave. An emotional Shawn eventually finds Sky and attempts to inform her of what Dave has planned for her, but he muddles up his words in his excitement. Before he can finish he is interrupted by Chris on the intercom who announces the next challenge. Sky excitedly runs off for the challenge to Shawn's dismay.

Three Zones and A Baby

Shawn tells Dave not to give up on Sky, indicating he supports his relationship with Sky.

Sky Fall

Sky realizes that if she is to have any chance at making the finale, she needs to counter Shawn's relationship with Jasmine.

Pahk'd With Talent

Shawn Sky stare down

Shawn and Sky glare at each other before the challenge.

When Chris announces all the contestants would be each making a part of the challenge, Sky and Shawn (along with Sugar) all state they would be targeting each other's weaknesses. At the beginning of Sky's hurdles challenge, Shawn, Sky and Sugar all intensely glare at each other. During Shawn's tree crossing challenge, Shawn and Sky continuously exchange taunts as they pass each other. Sky reasons that Shawn is skilled at the task and resorts to following his lead before making a final dash to the finish. The two of them continue mocking one another as they leap from tree to tree. When Shawn is dangling on a tree branch after being attacked by a monkey, Sky acrobatically jumps to the next tree, scaring the monkey in the process and causing Shawn to fall and restart from the beginning. Now that she is in the lead, Sky mockingly thanks Shawn for setting up an easy challenge for her, to which Shawn angrily glares at her in reply. After Sugar reaches the finish line first and Sky has to start again, Shawn mockingly tells her she doesn't have too, as he has already taken second place, putting Sky in last. In the end, Sugar is eliminated and Chris declares the two of them the final two of the season.

Lies, Cries and One Big Prize


Sky makes fun of Shawn's grammatical error.

Before the challenge begins, Sky mocks Shawn when he muddles up his grammar when he speaks, asking him "English much?". In addition, Shawn laughs at Sky when she is forced to be partnered with Dave, who he and Jasmine believe to be physically and mentally incompetent ever since Sky rejected him several episodes ago. The two fiercely compete for the duration of the episode, with Shawn and Sky laughing at each other whenever one passes the other.

Be careful what you say Shawn

Sky mocks Shawn for blabbing in the confessional.

When Chris shows Shawn's confessional where he badmouths Jasmine, Sky taunts Shawn saying she's careful with what she speaks in the confessional. Nearing the end of the challenge, after Dave had summoned a pillar to slow Sky down, Shawn accepts his defeat and is happy for Jasmine, though Sky doesn't share his opinion. Shawn watches as Sky stomps her feet in anger and causes the pillar they're standing on to crack and collapse. Regardless of who wins, the runner up holds no visible resentment towards the winner and the both of them leave the island on peaceful terms with Chris and Jasmine.


  • They are the first two contestants from the third generation cast to receive a marshmallow.
  • Not counting Sky transferring teams, this is the third finalist pair to be on the same team, the others being Gwen and Owen and Mike and Zoey.
  • They are the only members of the third generation cast to not have their full audition tapes shown.
    • However, a part of Sky's audition tape is shown in the finale.

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